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LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation 

1997 MAPLE 

AD 1906 


AD 1924 

U 1996 


1 University Drive 

Campbellsville, KY 42718 

Volume 69 

Enrollment 1,530 

Photo by Angela L. Geralds 



Campbellsville University 
'comes of age' 


We've 'come of age.' 
In 1996, Camp- 
bellsville College 
came of age as it 
was renamed Camp- 
bellsville University. The college 
had grown academically, spiritu- 
ally, physically and socially. 

The school's record enroll- 
ment of 1,530 included about 65 
students who participated in the 
Brazilian Partnership. The Part- 
nership was formed between 
Campbellsville University and 
Brazilian Baptist high schools. 

Bulldozers could be heard 
across campus as new construc- 
tion projects began. The Pres- 
ident's Home was completed 
and the new addition to The 
Qosser Fine Arts Center was well 
under way. 

Work began on the new tree- 
lined boulevard leading into the 
campus. Mew Campbellsville 
University signs appeared on 
Stapp Hall lawn and at the main 
entrance. College Street was re- 
named University Drive in honor 
of the school's new name. 

A newly-renovated Carter Hall 
opened in August with computer 
and physics labs, classrooms 
and offices. 

Students continued to out- 
grow residence hall space with 
women moving into north Hall, 
formerly a men's residence. The 
top floor of Druien Hall was con- 
verted into a men's residence. 
The former Green River Resi- 
dence was purchased for men 
and named Broadway Resi- 

The university continues to 
grow, with a diverse group of stu- 
dents from around the globe, 
and reaches new levels as it 
'comes of age.'' 

mLori Short 


Photo by Troy Costlsick 
A new President's Home was constructed on campus. Workers began building the 
house in February of 1996. The Winters moved into the house in April of 1997. 

Construction Area 

Authorized Personnel 

— Only., 

Photo by Billy Suratt 
Qosser Fine Arts Center's addition was under construction at the beginning of 
1997. The additions to Qosser will allow more space for offices and music, 
practice and drawing rooms in the fine arts building. 

Photo by Troy Costisick 
Eddie Krug looks at the new addition to the Campbellsville College entrance sign. Krug, along with Henry 
Phillips, reconstructed the university entranceway and added the bottom marker. The new marker 
denotes the college's name change to Campbellsville University in 1996. 

Table of Contents 



Coming of Age 


Fine Arts 


Faculty and Staff 



Student Body 




Clubs and Organizations 






Fomp and Circumstance 








Freshmen welcomed to campus 

Week packed with activities 

Photo by George Allen 
Top, Kristen Hendrix participates in the 
Freshman Auction Tuesday night of 
Freshman Week. Dave Walters was the 

host" for the Freshman Auction. 
Above, Samuel Yoder is crowned 

Queen" at the Male Review. The Male 
Review was Thursday night during 
1996 Freshman Week. From left, Leslie 
McCurry, Ginger Shely, and Tammy 
Kincade participate in events during 
Freshman Week. Various activities 
were on the Campbellsville University's 
campus during Freshman Week. 

Campbellsville Universi- 
ty's Freshman Week 
1996, Sept. 2-6, fea- 
tured activities to wel- 
come freshmen to the 

The week's activities began 
Monday, Sept. 2 with Hawaiian 
night. Several activities were 
planned for the evening includ- 
ing volleyball and a limbo con- 

Tuesday's activity was the 
Freshman Auction. Upper- 
classmen were given the chance 
to bid on their favorite freshmen, 
who were brave enough to get 
on the auction block. The fresh- 
men became the personal 
"property" of the upperclassmen 
for one day; the freshmen had to 
dress and do as ordered by their 

Country Line Dancing in the 
Student Center was on the agen- 

da Wednesday, Sept. 4. 

On Thursday, Sept. 5 fresh- 
men men who thought it would 
be fun to dress as women had 
that chance at the Male Review. 
This event was popular among 
many freshmen. 

Freshman Week ended with 
Freshman Movie night and 
Freshman Recognition Day Sept. 

Patty McDowell, office manag- 
er in the Montgomery Library, sa- 
id Freshman Week allows stu- 
dents to fellowship and learn 
where they fit into campus. She 
said Freshman Week helps the 
transition process for the fresh- 

McDowell also sees Freshman 
Week as "an opportunity for re- 
turning students and facul- 
ty/staff to welcome new students 
to campus.'' 

■Dana O'Daniel 

Photo by Billy Suratt 


Freshman Week 

Below, Nathan Qaddis waits for Dave 
Walters to auction him off to a lucky lady. 
The Freshman Auction was a chance for 
upperclassmen to buy the freshmen; the 
freshmen were the personal property of 
their buyer for the next day. 

Photo by George Allen 
From left are second runner-up Grant Dawson, Queen Samuel Yoder and first 
runner-up Matt Rodgers. These three young men were the top winners at the 1996 
Male Review. Bottom left, Margo Compton does the Macarena on Country Line 
Dancing night in the Student Center. 

Photo by Troy Costisick 

Photo by Troy Costisick 
Eva McCubbin instructs John Christer- 
son in country line dancing. Country 
Line Dancing night was on Wednesday 
of Freshman Week. 

Freshman Week 


Students return to campus 

w w jr elcome Week 1996 

I yi X was held on the 

IX IX Campbellsville Uni- 

W V versity campus 

during the week of 

Aug. 26-30. An array of events 

were schelduled for the week. 

On Monday, Blizzard of Bucks 
was held. This was an opportuni- 
ty for students to receive free 
money. Students were put in a 
booth, while money was whirl- 
winded around them; they could 
grab as much money as possi- 

On Tuesday evening, Baptist 
Student Union held a picnic at 
Green River Lake with the entire 
student body invited. The 
Campbellsville University Sing- 
ers, food and other various ac- 
tivities were held that evening. 

On Wednesday, Aug. 28, the 
Dating Game was held in the 
courtyard. Students had a chan- 
ce to meet new people and pos- 
sibly get a date later. 
The next day was the new Stu- 

dent Reception at the home of 
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Winters. 
This was an opportunity for stu- 
dents to get to know the pres- 
ident and the first lady of the 
University. After the reception, a 
Welcome Back Dance was held 
in the courtyard. This was an in- 
formal dance to kick off the year. 

Friday night was the Univer- 
sity's Largest Banana Split. Uni- 
versity students tried to create 
the largest and best banana split 
possible. After that, Movie night 
was held in the Little Auditorium. 
Students had a chance to sit 
back and relax, after a long first 

This year's Welcome Week 
was a time to start and renew old 
friendships. Old students were 
welcomed back, and new stu- 
dents were welcomed here. Stu- 
dents had a chance to meet oth- 
ers and find a place where they 
fit in. 

•Dana O Daniel 

Photo by Billy Suratt 
Above, Valerie Owens and Chavi Muniz 
play the Dating Game during Welcome 
Week. Welcome Week was held Aug. 
26-Aug.30 on Campbellsville Universi- 
ty's campus. Below, from left, Lisa Tap- 
scott, Margo Compton, Joy Rust, 
Mandy Underwood Bishop and Sumer 
Hatfield perform with the Campbell- 
sville University Singers at Green River 
Lake State Park. The Singers were only 
one of the many activities at the BSU 

Photo by George Allen 


Welcome Week 

Photo by George Allen 

From left, Anne Quarles, Kim Ward, Sarah Flewwellin and Cara Pelletier enjoy the Blizzard of Bucks. This was one of many 
events held during Welcome Week. An event was scheduled each night to welcome new and old students to campus. 

Photo by George Allen 
Middle left, Mike Ward, Rebecca Eich, 
Adam Lewis and Mike MacDonald en- 
joy the University's largest banana split 
Friday night of Welcome Week. Above, 
at the Blizzard of Bucks, Jeanne Taylor 
competes for more money. 

Photo by Troy Costisick 
? rom left, Ricky Simpson, Jessica McFarlin, David Eads and Deana Stewart pour 
>oft drinks at the ice cream social. Students had a chance for free ice cream and 
or meeting new people. 

Welcome Week 


Photo by Samantha Redmon 
Amie Johnson, left, and Anita Snow work on homework in their residence hall 
room. Staying up late to finish homework is not unusual on this campus. 

Photo by Samantha Redmon 
Gene Edwards stands on the sidelines 
at a home basketball game. Tigers 
played against Transylvania. 

i/sa JBsip^)?^- 

P/ioto £>i/ Troy Costisick 

The Office of Campus Security cracked 
down on illegal parking this year after a 
specially appointed committee revam- 
ped the fine structure. For parking vi- 
olations that once cost $5, students 
now found themselves paying up to 
$50 in some instances. 

Photo by Angela L. Qeralds 
Jeremy Suchman, left, and Jennifer Page share a hug at the Qosser Fine Arts 
Center Gallery. Suchman displayed his art at his senior exhibit. 


Student Life 

Photo by Billy Suratt 
It's not uncommon to see students on the verge of dozing off during convocations, especially near the end of a program. Will 
Holland, however, is determined to stay awake for the conclusion of the Rev. Benton Williams' story about ministering to the 
people of Russia. 

With wisdom also comes maturity 


Photo by Billy Suratt 

Greg Erena, left, an oral surgeon from Lexington, is a leading spokesperson for 
Promise Keepers in Kentucky. After speaking at convocation, Erena talked with, 
from left, Ed Pavy, director of campus ministries; Kenneth W. Winters, president, 
and Dr. Paul Conco, executive vice president. 

rom politicians to 
preachers, the convoca- 
tion chapel series fea- 
tures a variety of speak- 
ers which interest the 
university community. 

Topics of discussion range 
from overcoming gender bias to 
coping with the tragedy of AIDS 
within your own family. 

Students are required to at- 
tend a specific number of convo- 
cations to graduate depending 
on the number of semesters at 
the university. If they cannot 
meet the requirement, the con- 
vocation committee may substi- 
tute book reports for the convo- 
cations missed. 

•Billy Suratt 


University celebrates 90 years with 
Heritage Day ceremonies 


f y had a dream at that 
* m time; a dream that 
m has taken your pres- 
JL ident to help me re- 
alize/' said Dr. John 
Carter, who has seen Campbell- 
sville move from a junior college 
to now a university. 

Carter, Campbellsville's presi- 
dent from 1948 to 1968, was the 
featured speaker as the Universi- 
ty observed its 90th anniversary 
Sept. 18, during the school's an- 
nual Heritage Day Ceremony. 

The ceremony also included 
the dedication of the newly- 
renovated Carter Hall, an aca- 
demic facility which is named for 
Carter. The building was a men's 
residence hall for nearly 30 

"Forty-eight years ago, 1 saw 
Campbellsville College for the 
first time,'' said Carter. 1 saw 
three buildings: the gym, the ad- 
ministration building and Stapp 

When Carter left the College, 
he said there were eight buil- 
dings, over 1,000 students and 
the institution had become a 
four-year college. 

"I'm more optimistic about 


Photo by Joan C. McKlnney 
Brenda Allen, left, office assistant in the 
office of the president, talks with Eliane 
DaSilva and George Ransdell before 
Heritage Day. 

Heritage Day 

Campbellsville University now 
than I have ever been, because 
things are right,'' said Carter. He 
said there are two things a col- 
lege must do, and they are serve 
the community and serve God. 

The welcome was given by Dr. 
Kenneth W. Winters, president of 
Campbellsville University, who, 
along with Dr. Robert S. Clark, 
vice president for academic af- 
fairs and dean, presented honor- 
ary degrees. 

The Honorary Doctorate of 
Business degrees were given to 
Edwin R. Montgomery, for whom 
Montgomery Library is named, 
and George Wesley Ransdell, 
both of Louisville. Both men ser- 
ve on the University's Board of 

Winters said the 90 years of 
the institution are "a wonderful 
story when you look back at the 

Assisting Winters in the ribbon 
cutting ceremony for the rededi- 
cation of Carter Hall were Steve 
Branscum; Dr. Paul Conco, exec- 
utive vice president of Camp- 
bellsville University; Dr. Ralph 
Tesseneer, vice president for de- 
velopment; honorary degree re- 

cipients Montgomery and Rans- 
dell; the Rev. John Chowning, 
chair of the Board of Trustees; 
Dr. Forest Shely, longest tenured 
member of the school's board; 
Campbellsville Mayor Robert L. 
Miller; Joe Walters, assistant di- 
rector of purchasing/special 
projects at Campbellsville Uni- 
versity; Carter and Clark. 

The reading of the rededica- 
tion of Carter Hall was led by 
Cindy Lewis, a 1984 alumna and 
Alumni Association president, 
and the history of Carter Hall was 
read by Reg Bethel, a 1953 
alumnus and Board of Trustees 

Bethel said the original name 
for Carter Hall, built in 1949, was 
the "New Modern Home for 
Boys.'' He said a time capsule 
was placed in the cornerstone of 
the building. Copies of the West- 
ern Recorder and a college cat- 
alogue from 1949 were among 
the items in the capsule. 

A new time capsule, with the 
1949 capsule, will be placed in 
the walls of Carter Hall during 
Phase II of the renovation. 

•Angela L. Geralds 

Photo by Wesley Bezuidenhout 
From left, Assistant Professor of Communications Jeffrey Shires and Instructors 
in English Beth Kemper and Valerie Kessler prepare for Heritage Day ceremonies. 
Shires and Kessler completed their first year as professors at Campbellsville 
University during 1996-97. 

Photo by Troy Costisick 

ampbellsville University President Dr. Kenneth W. Winters and Dr. John Carter, 

"or whom Carter Hall is named, cut the ribbon for the re-dedication of Carter Hall. 

Photo by Joan C. NcKinney 
Dr. John Carter addresses those in at- 
tendance about how a university 
should serve its community and serve 
God. Carter was Campbellsville's presi- 
dent from 1948 until 1968. 

horale members performing at Heri 
age Day include from left: Front row — 
5uddy Coy, Lee Kendrick and Scott 
Surress. Second row — Jameson Wil- 
iams and Jonathan Gardner. Third row 
— Josh Bunch. 

Photo by Billy Suratt 

Photo by Troy Costisick Sharla Pochodzay carries the Campbellsville University flag during Heritage Day 
ceremonies. Pochodzay is from Paris, Ky. 

Heritage Day 

1 ' 

Homecoming celebrates "Four 
Seasons of Success' 

^^^ haring times with old 

^^ friends was what the 

^^ alumni of Campbellsville 
^i^ College and Campbells- 
ville University celebrat- 
ed during Homecoming's Tour 
Seasons of Success'' Oct. 11-12. 

Alumni Director Andrew Wil- 
son said the school's first Home- 
coming as a university status 
was "successful with everyone 
seeing old friends and having a 
good time." 

Judge Ray Corns was the 
guest speaker for the Alumni 
Banquet, and he urged the audi- 
ence to "lighten up and live or 
tighten up and leave." 

Saturday's events consisted of 
the crowning of Homecoming 
Queen Valerie Owens, first run- 
ner-up Dawn Richardson and 
second runner-up Sheri O'Leary. 
The freshman attendant was An- 
gela Mewcomb. 

Saturday also saw the Camp- 
bellsville University Tigers lose 

to north Greenville College 26-6 
at the Homecoming football 

The classes of 1996, 1991, 
1986, 1981, 1976, 1971, 1966, 
1961, 1956, 1951, 1946 (50- 
year reunion) and the Golden 
Heritage Club (all 1945 and be- 
fore) were honored guests. 

The Golden Heritage Club, 
those in 1946 and those who 
graduated 50 years or back, 
reminisced at a luncheon in their 

Campbellsville University Pres- 
ident Kenneth W. Winters told 
the alumni of the recent changes 
at the institution and talked of 
the change to university status. 

Winters told the alumni you 
are "very, very important to us. 
We appreciate you and all the 
support you give us." 

Various reunions were 
throughout the day including 
one for former library student as- 
sistants, the 1985-87 class, 

alumni baseball teams (21 play- 
ers were present), an alumna art 
exhibit by Rosemary Birkhead 
Craddock (1991) and an alumni 
football player reception. 

The South German Saxo- 
phone Chamber Orchestra also 
performed Saturday night and 
Bethel College, whose records 
are stored at Campbellsville Uni- 
versity, had a reception and 
luncheon on campus and at 
Campbellsville Baptist Church, 

Student events throughout the 
week included a pajama party, 
putt-putt etc., game show night, 
sub and movie night and the big- 
ger and better scavenger hunt. 

Melissa Wyatt, a senior from 
New Lebanon, Ohio, and presi- 
dent of the Student Government 
Association, was in charge of the 
student events. 

mjoan C. McKinney 

Photo by Joan C. McKinney 
From left, the 1996 Campbellsville University Homecoming Court includes Angela 
newcomb, freshman attendant from Campbellsville; Valerie Owens, 1996 Home- 
coming Queen from Lebanon Junction, Ky.; Dawn Richardson, first runner-up 
from Shelbyville, Ky, and Sheri O'Leary, second runner-up from Dixon, Ky. 

Photo by Troy Costisick 
April Proctor and her boyfriend, Andrew 
Ortwein, slow dance at the Homecom- 
ing dance. 



Photo by Wesley Bezuidenhout 
Campbellsville University head swim 
and soccer coach Dean Brownley tees 
Photo by Troy costisick off at tne Alumni Qolf Scramble, 
lampbellsville University President Kenneth W. Winters congratulates newly- 
rowned Homecoming Queen Valerie Owens during halftime of the Campbells- 
ille vs. north Greenville football game. 

Photo by Joan C. McKinney jjg^ 
rom left, Alumni Billy Day, and his wife, Kimberly Daniels Day, talk with their '" P/ loto by Billy Suratt 

irmer music professor Nevalyn Moore at Homecoming Fest. Dr. Kenneth W. Winters, president, has 

a bowl of chili at Homecoming Fest. 



Photo by Joan C. He Kinney 
Homecoming Fest is seen from the 
third floor window in Carter Hall. Home- 
coming Fest was Saturday, Oct. 12 
from 9 a.m. until noon. Booth activities 
included football, darts, eating, face 
painting and even buying bricks from 
the president's home. 

Photo by Angela L. Geralds 
Brian Couch, senior, is forced to eat a bowl of whipped cream using no hands, at 
the Double Dare game show night of Homecoming Week. Student Government 
Association President Melissa Wyatt served as the game show's host. 

Photo by Billy Suratt 

Jason Calder takes aim at the bull's 
eye while participating in a laser target 
game during Homecoming Week. 

Photo by Billy Suratt 
Campbellsville University Fighting Tiger 
head coach Ron Finley, left, and assis- 
tant coach Eric Graves coach their 
team during the Homecoming game 
against north Greenville College. 

Photo by Troy Costisick 
Freshman Maomi Rinehold gets her 
hands on a sub sandwich at Homecom- 
ing Week's sub and movie night. 

Photo by Angela L. Geralds 
Dr. Robert S. Clark, vice president for 
academic affairs and dean, has lunch 
at the Alumni Cookout Homecoming 



Photo by Billy Suratt 
faith Cook, left, of Utica, Ky., tries to sell Johnny Warren of Springfield, Ky., a brick from the president's home at 
Homecoming Fest. 

Photo by Billy Suratt 

Photo by Billy Suratt Senior music education and elementary education major Connie Jo Pruitt per- 

)ric Wheatley takes a ride on the Orbi- forms with the Tiger Marching Band at the Homecoming game. 

ron during Homecoming Week. 



Duka vies for Miss America crown 

Campbellsville native finishes in top ten, 
performs on national television 

__ y f you dream it, I think 

1 f I y° u can acn ' eve 't- 

I Veronica Duka, a 19- 
X year-old sophomore at 
Campbellsville Univer- 
sity, did achieve her dream as 
she performed on live national 
television and was one of the top 
10 finalists in the Miss America 
Scholarship Pageant in Septem- 

Being on national television 
and performing before millions 
was a dream Duka had wished 
for since childhood. It was a 
dream as strong, if not stronger, 
than being in the Miss America 
Pageant itself. 

"I've always wanted people to 
turn on the TV and see my face,'' 
she said. If they wanted to go 
see me in a Broadway show or a 
movie, I've wanted them to have 

that opportunity.'' 

The song Somewhere was the 
talent presentation that got her 
on national television. You Gotta 
Work is the song that television 
viewers saw her dancing to on 
NBC's coverage of the pageant. 

Duka is the fourth Miss Ken- 
tucky to compete in the Miss 
America Scholarship Pageant 
from Campbellsville University. 
She's the only one, however, 
who has made it to the top ten. 

"Everytime I walk out on that 
stage, and it's time for me to 
come on, I just come alive,'' 
Duka said. "I'm a completely dif- 
ferent person when I walk on the 
stage. Something just clicks. 

"I just kept thinking if I make 
the top 10 all of these viewers 
who tune in will see my talent.' It 
blew my mind and made me so 


Reporters and photographers 
were clamoring for interviews 
during the pageant breaks. Duke! 
said, "You become oblivious tc 
cameras. Cameras can be in mj 
face, and it doesn't faze me any 

Duka said being in the pag 
eant toned her interview skills 
She also did quite a bit of sing 
ing, dancing and staging durinc 
rehearsals and the preliminaries 
which are all done for the nation 
al show. 

Duka's platform was multi 
cultural education about whicr 
she was asked in the judge's in 
terview. Duka's mother is black 
and her father, a videographer ir 
Mew York, is white. 

"I'm doing a disservice to my 


Photo by Stan McKinney 
former Miss Kentucky and Campbellsville College student Nancy Cox, right, now p^oto by Stan McliimA 

a news anchor for WLEX-TV in Lexington, and Miss Kentucky 1996 Veronica Duka During rehearsal, Veronica Duk- 
are interviewed for a segment on the university's TV-4. strikes a pose. 

Duka in Miss America 

Photo by Angela L. Geralds 
Neil Mills, left, and Kim Ward play the mallets during 
halftone at the Homecoming football game. 

Photo by Joan C. Ncliinney 
Lori Nation plays clarinet in the University Concert Band during 
V \A Celebration of Christmas" at Campbellsville Baptist 


Photo by Angela L. Geralds 
Jack Daniel Taylor sits on a bench during a sunny day while 
he studies for one of his classes. 

Photo by Billy Suratt 
Former Olympian Mickey Lilintahl from Venezuela swims the 
100-meter breaststroke at the IUPUI rfautatorium in Indiana. 

Photo by Angela L. Geralds 

Andy Wilson, left, and wife Ami, right, pose for a Homecom- 
ing picture to help the Office of Public Relations with their 
booth on Homecoming Day. 

Photo by Joan C. McKinney 
Steel Magnolias' AnneWe (played by Robyn Beck) decorates? 
the salon as she waits to say her lines. Russ Mobley's 
production sold out every night. 


Photo by Billy Suratt 

Jameson Williams, member of the jazz band, plays the 
trumpet as he does a solo for convocation. 


Photo by Angela L. Gerald: 
Borger, left, and Lori Short, visit during Homecoming. 

Photo by Angela L. Geralds Photo by Billy Suratt 

Diana Detterick, plays the clarinet during halftime at President Dr. Kenneth W. Winters, left, and Dr. John Carter wait for 
the Homecoming football game. their introductions at Heritage Day. Carter Hall was named after him. 


Photo by Angela L. Geralds 
Coach Lynn Taylor gives, from left, Dan McGill, Shawn Stephens, 
Todd Darland, and Jonathan Kidwell a pep talk while they wait to go 
on to the field. 

Photo by Billy Suratt 
my Dailey, junior class president, sets up a candle 
isplay at the Homecoming booth the junior class 
nanned to raise money. 



Photo by George Allen 
Steve Smith, left, and Jeremy Cole don't want to grow up; 
they want to be Toys'R'Us kids. 

Photo by Billy Suratt 
Bill Harris, custodian, takes a break and watches the 
Heritage Day ceremonies. 

16 t 

Photo by George Allen 
Veronica Duka, crowned Miss Kentucky, answers interview 
questions from a WKYT-TV reporter in Lexington. Duka is a 
sophomore at Campbellsville University. 

Photo by Angela L. Geralds 
Stacey Elliott just "clowns around'' at her booth for 
Homecoming day. 

Photo by Stan McKlnney 
:ronica Duka practices The Spirit of '76 number at the Miss America Scholarship 
igeant in Atlantic City in September 1996. Duka was one of the top 10 finalists in 
e pageant and is one of four Miss Kentuckys from Campbellsville University. 

Photo by Stan McKlnney 
:ronica Duka shows her shoes during the Boardwalk parade in Hew Jersey. 

self by limiting myself or labeling 
myself to one race or another. I 
want to focus on Veronica. 

"Initially people see my skin 
color but give me five minutes, 
and they'll see Veronica. I'd like 
to be remembered as someone 
who made you smile/' she said. 
"I'm a very genuine person. I'm 
very loving and affectionate — 
always wanting to hug people. 
One thing I admire about me is 
the heart inside me. I love to 
love people, and I think that is 
the most important thing." 

Duka was the first winner of 
the Miss Campbellsville Scho- 
larship Pageant which she rep- 
resented in Atlantic City. She 
was one of the favorites at the 
annual Miss America Parade on 
the Boardwalk in which the pa- 
rade watchers constantly yell 
"Show us your shoes!'' 

Dressed in white with feathers 
on the headdress and shoes, 
Duka took in all the adulation. 
"Miss Kentucky, you're beauti- 
ful," they yelled. "You are Miss 
America!" they clapped. 

Duka said she gave it her all in 
every phase of the Miss America 
Scholarship Pageant. She fol- 
lows in the footsteps of Miss 
Kentucky 1990, Nancy Cox, and 
Miss Kentucky 1994, Laura Sue 
Humphress, who both attended 
the university, and Nanci Bowl- 
ing Sanders in 1962. 

"I've changed so much 
though after being named Miss 
Kentucky and being in the Miss 
America Pageant," she said. 
"I've proven things to myself 
with hard work and persever- 
ance. I'm really proud of myself, 
and I'm ready for whatever life 
has in store for me," she said. 

During her reign, Duka worked 
for the Kentucky Department of 
Agriculture discussing the tobac- 
co issue. 

■Joan C. McKinney 

Duka in Miss America 


The Gift 

Goes On . . . 


family gathers 

to celebrate 



loved ones 

Zess than two weeks after 
its most recent loss with 
the death of Dr. James 
Howard, chair of the Divi- 
sion of Education, the 
Campbellsville University family 
gathered in the Powell Athletic 
Center for a bittersweet Christ- 
mas celebration. 

After dinner was served, atten- 
dees were entertained by songs 
from Nathan Qaddis and Nancy 
Walters, as well as favorite 
Christmas memories shared by 

The Concert Band finished out 
the evening by performing What 
Child Is This?, while a slide show 
illustrated the life, death and re- 
birth of Christ. 

•Billy Suratt 

Nathan Qaddis belts out The Christmas Song, a classic written by Mel 
age of 13. 

by George Allenl 
Torme at the! 


Photo by George Allen 
Terri Blair, wife of Bryan Blair, director 
of broadcast services, watches her 
daughter, Cassidy, play at the dinner. 

Christmas Celebration 

John Qaddis, left 
Snowflake Ball. 

Photo by Billy Suratt 
reshman flute player Jeanne Taylor and the concert band perform What Child is This? under the direction of Dr. David 
IcCullough at the annual Christmas dinner. 

Photo by George Allen 
A candle was burned in memory of the 
late Thomas F. Butcher, Dr. James L. 
Howard and Spencer Parker, former 
university employees who died since 
last December. At left, Kris Showen 
shares a favorite Christmas memory 
about his grandmother. 

Christmas Celebration 


Dr. Henry T. Blackaby 

Renowned author leads lecturers 

Annual Staley 

Lecture Series 


^^^ r. Henry T. Blackaby, 

I 1 author of Experiencing 
m M God: Knowing and Do- 
' ^ ing the Will of God and 
When God Speaks, 
taught as part of the Staley Lec- 
ture Series at Campbellsville Uni- 
versity Oct. 29-31. 

Dr. Ted Taylor, acting chair of 
the Division of Christian Studies, 
said more than 70 students 
made professions of faith during 
the 1995-96 school year as a 
result of reading Blackaby's 
Experiencing God. Taylor uses 
the book as a textbook in his 
Religion in Life class. 

"Experiencing God was a big 
factor in these students accep- 
ting Christ," Taylor said. "It defi- 
nitely set a tone." 

In addition to his Staley lec- 
ture duties, Blackaby also found 
time to teach Taylor's Religion in 
Life classes. 

Although Blackaby's class- 
room time with the students was 
not open to the public, his lec- 
tures at Campbellsville Baptist 
Church were, according to the 
Rev. Ed Pavy, director of campus 

"Having Dr. Henry Blackaby 
come to Campbellsville Univer- 
sity and address the students in 
such a way is a major coup," 
Pavy said. 

A native of British Columbia, 
Blackaby is currently serving the 
Southern Baptist Convention in 
Atlanta, Qa. 

mMarc C. Whitt and 
Billy Suratt 

Photo by Billy Suratt 
Above, Dr. Henry T. Blackaby addresses students at the Oct. 30 convocation in 
the Powell Athletic Center. Dr. Ted Taylor, below, acting chair of the Division of 
Christian Studies, said over 70 students made professions of faith in his class as a 
result of reading Blackaby's Experiencing God. 


20 I ' Staley Lecture Series 

Youthfest is joint effort 

Photo by Samantha Redmon 

".ampbellsville University students, from left, Monica Wilkins, Tara Ford and 
Locky Doom enjoy pizza during Youthfest. They were among the university 
tudents in attendance. 

5aturday, Nov. 9, Camp- 
bellsville University, 
along with Baptist Stu- 
dent Union and Campus 
Ministries, welcomed 
students and local youth groups 
to Youthfest 1996. 

Ed Pavy, director of campus 
ministries, said Youthfest is 
used as a cross-over event with 
Fall Preview Day to reach out to 
high school students and give 
them the chance to see the cam- 

After participating in Fall Pre- 
view Day and watching the Tiger 
football game against Union Col- 
lege, students were invited to a 
pizza dinner and a concert. Per- 
forming at the concert were Cin- 
dy Morgan, Michael O'Brien and 
Tuesday's Child. 

Campbellsville University stu- 
dents were also welcome. 

mSara Kapp 

Photo by Samantha Redmon 

tudents of all ages dance to The Chicken Song at Youthfest. Youthfest brought in area high school students and local youth 
roup members. 



Coming into Royalty 

^v^ he 1997 Valentine Pag- 
m eant's theme was 
m ^Because You Love 
A. Me." Eighteen contes- 
tants competed for the 
crown. They were interviewed 
and judged on their poise and 
appearance along with their indi- 
\idual talent. 

Contestant #18 Heather Wil- 
son of Campbellsville took home 
the crown. She represented 
Champions Against Drugs. 

First runner-up honors went to 

Margo Compton representing 

the Psychology Club. Compton 

is from Elizabethtown, Ky. 

Bonnie Moore of Campbells- 

ville took the honor of second 
runner-up as well as the Best Tal- 
ent Award. Moore sang Taitos- 
Lui Mes Aueux" from Faust. This 
French melody is about a young 
maiden who picks a bouquet of 
flowers, bidding the fragrant 
blossoms to carry her message 
of love to her loved ones. 

Cynthia Carter, contestant #10 
from Campbellsville, was escor- 
ted by Nathan Qaddis who won 
the title of Best Escort. 

Amy Dailey of Harrodsburg, 
Ky. took home the award of Miss 

•Sara Kapp 

Photo by Samuel Yoder 
Amy Dailey performs Rocky Top. She i 
was awarded Miss Congeniality. 


Photo by Billy Suratt 
1996 Valentine Queen Mary Williams crowns Heather Wilson 1997 Valentine Queen. Wilson represented Champions Against 
Drugs in the pageant. 

Valentine Pageant 

Photo by Billy Suratt 
Contestant #10 Cynthia Carter plays Largo and Allegro on the bass clarinet. Carter 
/as accompanied by Lori Fain. 

Photo by Samuel Yoder 
Above, Jennifer Smith plays Ludwig 
Von Beethoven's Fur Ellse. Smith rep- 
resented the cheerleaders. Below right, 
Valentine Pageant contestants are from 
left: Front row — First runner-up Margo 
Compton; Queen Heather Wilson and 
second runner-up Bonnie Moore. Back 
row — Johna East, Amy Dailey, Cyn- 
thia Carter, Robyn Beck, Jennifer 
Deener, Catherine Partlow, Sharla 
Pochodzay, Natasha Scott and Holly 
Robinson. Below left, Ben Martin and 
Joanna Cowen provide entertainment 
during intermission. They performed 
the song Unforgettable. 

Photo by Billy Suratt 

Photo by Samuel Yoder 

Valentine Pageant 



Spring Formal returns 

his year Spring Formal 
replaced the Valentine 
Dance formal that 
would have taken place 
in February. Spring For- 
mal was brought back after a 
year's absence. 

The dance was April 19 in the 
Student Center and was spon- 
sored by the Student Govern- 
ment Association. The evening's 
theme was "Unforgettable.'' 

According to Melissa Wyatt, 
SQA president, this is the biggest 
dance of the year. Approximate- 
ly 250 people were in attend- 
ance. However, this is the only 
dance where a king and queen 
are not crowned. 

Music for the evening was pro- 
vided by Good Times Entertain- 

•Sara Kapp 




Uk <^ Av 

9k£- «"*■*' 

^M^0^ x : .'■ 

£ *tJ& 

P/ioto by George Allen 
Above, from left, Nicole Wells and Jon- 
athan Gardner share a hug at Spring 
Formal. At right, from left, Brennen 
Searcy, Cicely Maggard, Amber Do- 
novan and Nathan Qaddis stand be- 
hind the fountain which was the focal 
point of the dance floor. 

From left, Chris Ballard 
a dance. 

Photo by George Allen 
Benji Mattingly, Amy Dailey and Jennifer Pinkston lead in 

Photo by George Allet 

24 I I Spring Formal 




Photo by Jack Daniel Taylor 


Ben Martin performs for Concert Chorus. 

Tiger Marching Band expands its 


5ince the Tiger Marching 
Band started in 1992, 
they have performed for 
a large number of people 
in south central Ken- 
tucky. For the first time in the 
marching band's history, they 
performed in the eastern half of 
the state in 1996. This was a rare 
occasion for the marching band 
because they usually perform in 
areas close to Campbellsville. 

The marching band travels 
each year to various places for 
exhibition. In the past the band 
usually performed in Taylor, Mar- 
ion and Washington counties. 
This year the band performed at 
Hart County and Laurel County. 
Laurel County is in eastern Ken- 
tucky and presented a significant 
change for the band. As well as 
being able to perform for many 
different high schools, the band 
was also able to display their 

precision and talent in a new ar- 
ea as a recruitment method for 
high school students. The band 
also performed in five home 
football games. 

The band is under the direc- 
tion of Dr. David McCullough for 
the fifth consecutive year. Kevin 
Propes is in his first year as the 
marching band's field command- 
er. Last year, Propes was the 
band's assistant field command- 
er. Scotty Burns, a charter mem- 
ber of the band, was named 
band president. Bums plays bar- 
itone in the marching band and 
was chosen for the Cavaliers 
Drum and Bugle Corps. 

The band's show this year con- 
sisted of How the West Was Won, 
Malachi's Chant written by Boyd 
Rexroat, percussion section 
leader, and Themes from James 

mTonyaJo Sartin 

Photo by Troy Costisich 
The Tiger Marching Band is led by field* 
commander Kevin Propes. This is 
Propes' first year as the marchingi 
band's field commander. Last year,. 
Propes was appointed as the band's 
assistant field commander. Propes is ai] 
junior from flodgenville, Ky. 


* *h,4-< 



Photo by Troy Costisick 
The Tiger Marching Band takes the field to perform at Campbellsville University for a home football game. The 90-member 
marching band is led by field commander Kevin Propes. The marching band is in its fifth year at Campbellsville. 


26 I Marching Band 

Photo by Troy Costisick 

tend Officers for 1996 are from left: Front row — Carrie Creech, guard captain; 
t >hnny Warren, secretary/ treasurer; Kevin Propes, field commander; Scotty 
hrns, president, and Boyd Rexroat, drumline section leader. Second row — 
:resa Bunch, Rebecca Scott, Sara Talley and Steve Smith, uniform officers; 
immy Hinkle and Shannon Kelty, librarians. Back row — Jeremy Cole, James 
Brandon Warren and Jameson Williams, equipment officers. 

Photo by Troy Costisick 

bove, Tori Fox Price and Todd Akridge, members of the percussion section, play 
jads during a performance. In the background, Heather Smith, Victoria Al- 
tander, Jan Daffron, Danielle Posey and Sarah Wilson, all members of the guard, 
2rform at a home football game. At right, members of the color guard are from 
ft: Front row — Shannon Johnson, Charity Hounshell, Jan Daffron, Victoria 
lexander and Tonya Sartin. Second row — Tammy Hinkle, Brooke Tomes, 
anielle Posey and Jennifer Elliott. Third row — Sarah Wilson and Heather Smith, 
ack row — Carrie Creech. 

Photo by Troy Costisick 
Members of the percussion section are 
from left: Front row — George Allen, 
Jennifer Yates, Sarah Flewwellin, Anne 
Quarles, Leigh Ann Ferren, Neil Mills 
and Kim Ward. Second row — Shane 
Garrison, Chad Floyd, Bucky Wilson, 
Boyd Rexroat, Ron Cornelison and Ja- 
son Collins. Third row — Sara Talley, 
Rebecca Scott, Angie Duncan, Tori Fox 
Price and Todd Akridge. Back row — 
Alison Foreman, Teresa Bunch, Robbie 
Hayden, Joe Witherspoon and Tom 



J£ — /- - 

Photo by Troy Costisick 

Marching Band 


Photo by Troy Costisick 
The 1996 Tiger Marching Band members are from left: Front row — Carrie Creech and Jan Daffron. Second row — Victoria 
Alexander and Charity liounshell. Third row — Sarah Wilson, Tammy Hinkle, Brooke Tomes, Shannon Johnson, Jennifer 
Elliott, Danielle Posey, Tonya Sartin and Heather Smith. Fourth row — Todd Akridge, Rebecca Scott, Angie Duncan, Trisha. 
England, Jody Stickle, Cara Pelletier, Connie Jo Pruitt, Jessica Lander, Katia Mogueira, Jeanne Taylor, Joy Rust, Jason 
Collins, Chad Floyd, Bucky Wilson, Boyd Rexroat, Ron Comelison, Shane Garrison, Kevin Propes and Dr. David McCullough. 
Fifth row — Anne Quarles, Sara Talley, Tori Fox Price, Heather Stearns, Tonia McComas, Lori nation, Sarah Montgomery, I 
Kim Wright, Melissa Bush, Diana Detterick, Angela Newcomb, Cynthia Carter, Tamara Risch, Dawn Richardson, Bryan ] 
Fearn, Brandon Warren, Valerie Owens, Teresa Bunch and Alison Foreman. Sixth row — Kim Ward, Neil Mills, Jennifer 
Yates, George Allen, Angela Dockery, Shannon Kelty, Ryan Poore, Brian Estes, Jessica Hinton, Michael rieil, Jessica I 
McFarlin, Darel Barnett, Jared Kirkwood, Ginger Shely, Curtis Ervin, Joe Witherspoon and Robbie Hayden. Seventh row — I 
Sarah Flewwellin, Leigh Ann Ferren, Eric Wheatley, Steve Smith, Jameson Williams, Faith Cook, Jeremy Cole, rieil Dabney, , 
Erica Roberts, David Eads, Ricky Simpson, Steve Bowling, Scott Brown and Tom Scott. Eighth row — John Gaddis, Johnny I 
Warren, Jessica Mueller, Gary Ashlock, Eddie Goodin, Scotty Burns and James Owen. Back row — Michael Pratt, Brandon I 
Givens and Buddy Coy. 

At far left, Sarah Flewwellin, left, and 
Rebecca Jo Scott give each other en- 
couragement and try to keep warm in i 
the freezing weather before the perfor- 
mance at South Laurel High School. 
Flewwellin is a freshman at Campbells- 
ville University, and Scott is a junior. At 
left, Cara Pelletier plays flute during a i 
performance at a home football game. 
Pelletier is a freshman at Campbells- 
ville University. 

Photo by Angela L. Geralds 


Marching Band 

Photo by George Allen 

Photo by Joan C. McKinney 
cott Brown, a returning freshman from 
lodgenville, plays E-flat clarinet in the 
iger Marching Band. Brown is in his 
econd year in the band. Brown is a 
nusic education major at the universi- 
/ and plays in the Concert Band and 
ep Band. 

Above, Sarah Wilson, left, and Carrie 
Creech relax on the bus as they leave 
for an exhibition at South Laurel High 
School. They are both members of the 
color guard, and Creech is the color 
guard captain. Creech has been in the 
Marching Band for four years, and this 
is Wilson's first year. Both are seniors 
at Campbellsville University. 

Photo by George Allen 
bove, from left, Sarah Flewwellin, Anne Quarles and Kim Ward give a thumbs up 
s a sign of good luck before they prepare to leave for an exhibition at South 
aurel High School. All are members of the pit crew in the Marching Band, 
lewwellin and Ward are freshmen at Campbellsville University, and Quarles is a 

Photo by Angela L. Geralds 
Freshman Buddy Coy, along with over 
90 other band members, performs at 
one of the many home football games 
this year. Coy plays sousaphone for the 
band and is from Irvington, Ky. The 
Marching Band is under the direction of 
Dr. David McCullough. 

Marching Band 


Jazz Band matures, sharpens skill 


jg jj-aturity played a lar- 
/l /» ge part in develop- 
I \g I ing the sound of this 
J. w JL year's jazz ensem- 
ble, according to Dr. 
Robert Gaddis, director. 

"There are a number of our 
students who have played (with 
the band) two or three years/' 
said Qaddis. 

The 22-member ensemble 
practices twice weekly to sharp- 

Photo by Billy Suratt 
Drummer Chad Floyd entertains the crowd during the convocation concert Nov. 6 
in the Student Center. 

Photo by George Allen 
Performing at the home concert Nov. 21 include, from left, Christal Stooksbury, 
Ginger Shely, Shannon Kelty, Darel Barnett, Curtis Ervin, Kevin Propes and 
Valerie Owens. The ensemble is directed by Dr. Robert Qaddis. At right, John Deal 
hits a riff on his guitar. 

en their skills, including thei! 
ability to improvise — a jaz;i 

In much jazz music, Gaddisi 
said, only chord progressions) 
are indicated, leaving the soloist 
free to make up his/her owi|j 
part. This improvisation gives 
jazz music its own unique flavo; 
and sets it apart from classical 

In addition to instruments! 
found in a typical concert bands 
jazz bands also make extensive 
use of the piano, bass guitan 
soprano saxophone and various 
other instruments, dependinc 
on what a particular musicaij 
piece calls for. 

mBilly Suratil 

Photo by George Alter 


Jazz Ensemble 

{Concert Band brings spring in on a 

musical note 

Photo by Jack Daniel Taylor 
fsmbers of the concert band include, from left: First row — Sarah Montgomery, Angela riewcomb, Joy Rust, Jessica 
linder, Trisha England and Sarah Wilson. Second row — Heather Steams, Amy Hayes, Melissa Bush, Jessica McFarlin, 
ian Esters, Cynthia Carter, Kim Ward, Leony Barroso, Jeanne Taylor, Cara Pelletier, Jody Stickle and Connie Jo Pruitt. 
lird row — Tonia McComas, Rebecca Jo Scott, Diana Detterick, Tammy Hinkle, Christal Stooksbury, Shannon Kelty, Ryan 
>ore, Angela Dockery, Jared Prichard, Ginger Shely, Darel Bamett, Natasha Scott, Curtis Ervin, Kevin Propes, Dawn 
chardson, Cindy Tucker, Shaun Kenney, Brandon Warren and Brian Couch. Fourth row — Johnny Warren, John Qaddis, 
dl Mills, Scotty Bums, Eddie Qoodin, Gary Ashlock, Jessica Mueller, James Owens, Michael Pratt, Brandon Givens, Buddy 
)y, Faith Cook, Jameson Williams, Ricky Simpson, David Eads, Erica Roberts, Neil Dabney, Jeremy Cole, Steve Smith and 
ic Wheatley. Fifth row — Ron Comelison, Marcelo Vitoria, Anne Quarles, Chad Floyd, Bucky Wilson, Shane Garrison, 
ison Collins and Dr. David McCullough, conductor. 

^^^he Concert Band's an- 
I nual concert was in the 

m University Theater 
X March 6. The selections 
included Havendance 
y David R. Holsinger, The Earl 
F Oxford's Marche" from Wil- 
rni Byrd Suite by Gordon Ja- 
)b, Concertino for Marimba and 
and by Paul Creston, Crystals 
y Thomas C. Duffy and First Sui- 
i in E>Flat for Military Band by 
ustav Hoist. 

The band also performed a 
Dring concert in the Powell Ath- 
:tic Center April 28. The spring 
oncert selections included Whip 
nd Spur Galop by Thomas S. 
Hen, Chorale and Shaker Dance 
y Jon P. Zdechlik, Festive Over- 
Are by Dmitri Shostakovich, Fes- 
'vo by Vaclav Nelhybel and Trib- 
\te by Mark Camphouse. 

mGeorge Allen 

Photo by Jack Daniel Taylor 
Concert band members clockwise, Faith Cook and Jameson Williams take a 
break while Neil Dabney, Jeremy Cole, Steve Smith and Eric Wheatley play during 
a spring concert. The trumpet section played a key role in the concert. 

Concert Band 


Harlequins' presentation of Steel 
Magnolias sells out house 

Photo by Stan McKinney 
Ouiser, center, portrayed by Jan Sapp, storms into Truvy's beauty shop while the 
occupants, from left, Shelby (Paula Humphress), Truvy (Peggy Argo), Clairee 
(Sumer Hatfield), Annelle (Robyn Beck) and M'Lynn (Suzanne Bennett) humor her 


Photo by Stan McKinney 
Annelle, right, portrayed by Robyn Beck, works on Clairee's (Sumer Hatfield's), 
hair while they listen in on a conversation. 
Steel Magnolias 


he Harlequins' prese 
tation of Steel Magn 
lias was another sii 
cess for director Ru:i 
The cast, composed of stat* 
veterans and relative newcon 
ers, delivered an all-star perfcj 
mance. In fact, the productiq 
sold out each night it ran. 

The cast included sophi 
mores Robyn Beck and Sum* 
Hatfield, both of whom gave pe 
formances in last years prese 
tation of Sleeping Beauty. Trj 
rest of the cast was made up I 
alumni and actors from the con 

The play focuses on the rel 
tionships of six friends wh 
struggle to allow each other I 
be individuals. The character 
share everything from the joy 
Shelby's wedding and the birf 
of her baby to her inevitab) 
death. It is through Shelby\ 
death that the characters realii 
the true meaning of life and trl 
friendships that they share. 

•George AM 

Steel Magnolias 


Truvy — Peggy Argo 
Annelle — Robyn Beck 
Clairee — Sumer Hatfield 
Shelby — Paula Humphress 
M'Lynn — Suzanne Bennett 
Ouiser — Jan Sapp 
for Clairee — Joy Rust 

Production Staff: 

Producer and Director — Russ Mobley 

Assistant Director — Jessica 


Lighting Director — David Richels 

Sound Effects — David Richels, 

Katherine Partlow 

Stage Manager — Katherine Partlow 

House Manager — Julia Boatman 

Office Staff — Julia Boatman, 

Robyn Beck 

Set Construction — Stagecraft Class 

Robyn Beck, Julia Boatman, Reba 

Couch, Chris Gonzales, Missy Money, 

Jessica Musselwhite, Valerie Owens, 

Katherine Partlow, Jamie Renfro, Tina 


Drama department presents You re A 

Good Man, Charlie Brown for children 

Ft has become a tradition 
each spring for the drama 
department to put on a 
production for the commu- 
nity. The Campbellsville 
liversity Drama Department 
esented You're A Good Man, 
mrlie Brown to the community 
id its targeted audience, the 
cal children. The play ran Feb. 
) through Feb. 22. 
The drama department uses 
e children's play as a link be- 
een the community and the 
liversity. Several alumni from 
e university have participated 
past productions. Some of the 
evious plays to be presented 
the department have included 
licorns Are Forever, Wizard of 
i, and Sleeping Beauty. 
This year's production con- 
>ted of two casts comprised of 
mixture of students from the 
:al public school systems, as 
i\\ as several university stu- 
:nts filling in as Lucy, Charlie 
own, Schroeder and Snoopy. 
The play consisted of several 
lort anecdotes about the life of 
e main character Charlie 
own who was played by fresh- 
an Mathan Qaddis. Senior 
larla Pochodzay portrayed Lu- 
the eminent nemesis of Char- 
: Brown. Alex Parrish loomed 
'er the cast of children in his 
)rtrayal of Snoopy. 
Scott Burress and C.B. Bates 
:rved as student directors un- 
vc the leadership of Russ Mob- 
1 associate professor of thea- 
r and speech. 

•George Allen 

..-o FEB. FFp 

'v S 

Photo by George Allen 
From left, Matt Miller (Schroeder) and 
Chris Williams (Linus) sing to Nathan 
Qaddis (Charlie Brown). 

fl!*#- 7 r 

5 I (ah I l®Q 

^ 7 


You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown 


Lucy — Brianne Williams and Sharla Pochodzay 
Charlie — Nathan Qaddis and Cody Bertram 
Linus — Brett Watson and Chris Williams 
Schroeder — Matt Miller and Nicholas Rhodes 
Patty — Megan Hastings and MacKenzie Wise 
Snoopy — Rebecca Humphress and Alex Parrish 

Tara Brown, Loren Smith, Ann Bright, Holly Jones, Lauren Crain, Kendall 
Roberts, Samantha Perdue, Emma Roberts, Elizabeth Ellis, Brooke Douglas, 
Heidi Hastings, Whitney Moss, Katie Foley, Hope Hastings and Emily Has- 

Band Members: 
Keyboard — Tommy Davenport 
Bass — Judith England 
Guitar — Nick Hudson 
Drums — Steve Phillips 

Producer and Director — Russ Mobley 
Music Director — Tommy Davenport 
Student Directors — Scott Burress, C.B. Bates 
Lighting Director — Jeremy Wilkerson, Chris Streets 
Technical Director and Stage Manager — Catherine Partlow 
Set Design — Catherine Partlow 

Set Construction — Jeremy Wilkerson and Stagecraft Class 
House Managers — Robyn Beck, Julia Boatman 
Costume Coordinator — Shirley Winters 
Choreography — Robyn Beck, Scott Burress 

Children's Play 33 


The Music Man returns to stage 


Harold Mill— Trent Argo 
Marian Paroo — Peggy Argo 
Ewart Dunlop — Scott 

Oliver Hix — Mark Bradley 
Jacey Squires — Steve 

Olin Britt — Bill Doerr 
Mayor Shinn — Ivan Tucker 
Gracie Shinn — Jefra Bland 
Marcellus — Nathan Qaddis 
Tommie Djilas — Brian Revis 
Mrs. Paroo — Jennifer New- 

Amaryllis — Heidi Hastings 
Winthrop — Cody Bertram 
Eulalie Mackeckne 
Shinn — Catherine Arroe 
Zaneeta — Robyn Beck 
Alma Hix — Joy Rust 
Maud Dunlop — Sumer Hat- 

Ethel Taffelmier — Brianne 

Mrs. Squires — Ginger Shely 
Constable — Brandon War- 

Charlie Cowell — Daniel Eng- 
Conductor — C.B. Bates 


DeWayne Frazier, Victoria 
Alexander, Patty May, Mac- 
Kensie Wise, Loren Smith, 
Heather Hastings, Megan 
Hastings, Sarah Knight, 
Chris Williams, Lyndsay 
Mulhall, Angie Marcum, Jen- 
nifer Edwards, Tara Brown, 
Laura Brown, Hannah Ben- 
nett, Daniel Bennett, Brooke 
Douglas, Melissa Hurtgen 
and Al Hardy. 

^^nn his year the Drama De- 
m partment chose The 
m Music Man for the 

JL spring play. The Music 
Man made a return to 
the university stage after playing 
several years ago. 

The lead roles of Professor 
Harold Hill and Marian Paroo, al- 
so known as Madame Library to 
the townspeople in the play, 
were portrayed by the husband 
and wife team of Trent and Peg- 
gy Argo. The play also featured 
the musical abilities of Scott Bur- 
ress, Mark Bradley, Steve Skaggs 
and Bill Doerr, who played the 
roles of the town council that 
were sidetracked into becoming 
the town's premier men's quar- 

Another music feature was the 
ladies' ensemble led by Eulalie 
Mackeckne Shinn, played by Dr. 
Cate Arroe. Eulalie was assisted 
in the ladies' ensemble by Joy 
Rust, Sumer Hatfield, Brianne 

Williams and Ginger Shely. 

The Music Man centers aroundi 
the problems that a small Iowa; 
city struggles with one summern 
The problem gets blown out o| 
proportion when a traveling 
salesman rides into town on I 
train after being run out of anothl 
er town. The salesman, Profe&i 
sor Harold Hill, enters town ana 
immediately stirs up trouble;: 
claiming the trouble is the locai 
pool hall. 

The salesman then puts tot 
gether a plan to help the towr 
solve their problem. He claims 
he is a professor of music. Hi 
tells the townspeople that they 
need to organize a town band tc 
counter the influence that the 
pool hall has on the children in 
the community. This, however; 
is only a ploy to steal the town's 
money before he leaves. 

■George Allen 

Photo by Jack Daniel Taylc\ 
Harold Hill, far right, played by Trent Argo, talks to the citizens of River Cit 
concerning the town band. In the background, the Watawnee Girls, from left 
Sarah Knight, Megan Hastings, Patty May and Ginger Shely, kneeling front, lool 
on in amazement. 


The Music Man 

Production Staff 

Russ Mobley — Director 
Mark Bradley — Music Direc- 

Scott Burress — Assistant Di- 

Catherine Fartlow — Set De- 

Jeremy Wilkerson — Set 

Assisted by Stagecraft Class 
Peggy Hardy — Pianist 
Catherine Partlow — Stage 

Jessica Musselwhite 
— Assistant Stage Manager 
Jeremy Wilkerson 
— Lighting Director 
Julia Boatman — House 

Judy Hastings — Costume 
Sarah Knight 
— Choreography 
Victoria Alexander — Chore- 

Suzanne Bennett 
— Choreography 

^T *^^ 

i 1 

mm & 

9H ^H * tea 

m 1 i 

f 4i Ji 

is >f MP' ^0V 


"m"^ ^Sl! ■ ,WI — 'JftB 


■ ■» ill 

1 ¥ 

r '§ 



Photo by Jack Daniel Taylor 
Nathan Gaddis, Marcellus in 77ie Music Man, sings to the townspeople of River 
City, Iowa. At far left is Victoria Alexander and Jefra Bland is in center. 

Photo by Jack Daniel Taylor 
Jlalie Mackeckne Shinn, played by 
atherine Arroe, strikes a pose during 
song in The Music Man. In the back- 
ound, Mrs. Squires, played by Ginger 
hely, looks on with anticipation. 

The Music Man 


Concert Chorus has new director 

F^T^ his year's Concert Cho- 

m rus was under the di- 

m rection of Dr. Cate Ar- 

M. roe, assistant professor 

of music. 
Arroe selected "Chichester 
Psalms/' composed by Leonard 
Bernstein, for the spring concert. 
"Chichester Psalms'' is a piece 
totally in Hebrew and includes a 
soprano boy solo. The soprano 
boy solo was performed by facul- 
ty members Dr. James and 
Nevalyn Moore's son, Matthew 

Arroe is a new addition to the 
university. Orginally from Mew 
York, Arroe came from the Uni- 
versity of South Dakota where 
she was a professor of music 
and conductor of the concert 

'Dana L. O'Daniel 

m m m « m m 



Photo by Jack Daniel Taylor 
Dr. Cate Arroe conducts the University Concert Chorus. Arroe has just completed 
her first year with the university's Division of Fine Arts. 

Photo by Jack Daniel Tay 
Members of the Concert Chorus are, from left: Front row — Matthew Moore, Steven Singleton, Buddy Coy, Daniel 
Blankenship, Lee Kendrick, Shaun Kenney, Allison Sewell, Joy Rust, Alicia Dukes, Sumer Hatfield, Amanda Taylor, Carolyn) 
Milburn, Sida Roberts, Rheba Couch, Jakelyny Oliveira, Patricia Souza, Alinne Silva, Seiko Okada, Dr. Cate Arroe and( 
Nevalyn Moore. Second row — Tara Ford, Jamie Durham, Mannette Cross, Susie Martin, Jeanne Taylor, Shannon Kelty,/ 
Angela Stephens, Joanna Cowen, Michael Bowen, Jonathan Gardner, Nathan Qaddis, Scott Burress, Nicole Wells, Kristeni 
Hendrix, Samantha Barnsfather, Stacia Payton, Melissa Murtgen, Lyndsay Mulhall, Kevin Bailey, Brandon Warren, Joshua* 
Johnson, Natasha Scott, Sharla Pochodzay and Josh Bunch. Third row — Molly Hall, Christy Judd, Brittany Rice, David< 
Brashear, Robert Jones, George Allen, Bonnie Moore, Sarah Flewwellin, Rebecca Purdue, Stephen Sims, Damian Phillips, 
Dr. James Moore, Cicely Maggard, Brennen Searcy, Jeremy Cole, Clay Smith, Lisa Tapscott, Ben Martin, Curtis Ervin, Jason 
Cordell and Chad Floyd. 


36 I * Concert Chorus 


asha Scott bursts out in song during the Campbellsville University Singers' March 5 convocation performance. Photo by Billy Suratt 

On a high 


Photo by Billy Suratt 

igers, from left, Josh Bunch, Faith Cook, Lee Kendrick, Carolyn Milbum, Kevin 
(ley and Natasha Scott harmonize during 'One.'' 

he Campbellsville Uni- 
versity Singers are ded- 
icated to two 
things — music and 
The Singers travel extensively 
to host worship services at vari- 
ous churches in Kentucky and 
neighboring states. They incor- 
porate a blend of song, interpre- 
tive movement and spoken tes- 
timonials into the services. 

Tryouts for the group are each 

September after the outgoing 

group puts on its home concert. 

uBilly Suratt 



University Orchestra premiers 

m y ot only is this the first 

#% # year for the University 
I \l Orchestra, but the 
-Z. w first semester. 

The orchestra be- 
gan in February as an outgrowth 
of the string ensemble. The 
group consists of approximately 
20 members and includes 
Campbellsville University stu- 
dents and community members. 

Some travel from as far as Co- 
lumbia, Ky. and Somerset, Ky. to 
be part of this group. The or- 
chestra includes wind and string 
as well as some brass in- 

The group practices once per 
week under the direction of Dr. 
Wesley Roberts, professor of mu- 
sic. At its May concert, the group 
performed works by composers 
such as Beethoven, Mozart and 
Vaughan Williams. 

mSara Kapp 

Photo by Jack Daniel Tayloi 
Dr. Wesley Roberts conducts the University Orchestra during a rehearsal. Robert* 
teaches such classes as music history and piano in addition to conducting th<! 

Photo by Jack Daniel Tat 
From left, Jessica Lander, Sarah Wilson, Angela riewcomb and Leony Barroso rehearse for an upcoming concert. 


University Orchestra 

Art students perfect their craft 

- -jf.* 

Photo by Angela L. Geralds 

^rom left, Benji Mattingly talks with blown-glass artist Brook Forrest White Jr. of Danville during an art exhibit in Qosser Fine 
\rts Center. White made a guest appearance at Campbellsville and brought some of his work to a show. 

ITodd Hardin is at the drawing board. He is in Drawing II taught by Linda Cundiff, bellsville. 
professor of art. 

Photo by Samuel Yoder 

Jennifer Smith cleans off the potter's 

wheel before begining on another proj- 

Photo by Samuel Yoder ect. Smith is an art major from Camp- 


Art 39 

Campbellsville University Chorale 

jk pril 1 brought to an end 
m\ the spring tour of the 
MmM Campbellsville Universi- 
JL X ty Chorale and Handbell 
Choir as they performed 
their home concert at Camp- 
bellsville Baptist Church. 
Together they toured Ken- 

tucky, Georgia, north Carolina 
and Virginia, overall making 
eight stops in towns along the 
way. The tour began March 12 in 
London, Ky., and ended March 
19 in Lawrenceburg, Ky., at the 
first Baptist Church. 
The chorale's performances 

Photo by Wesley Bezuidenhout 

included pieces from Orlandc 
Gibbons, Egil Hovland, Ton 
Fettke and an arrangement 6m 
"Just a Closer Walk with Theel 
by Ed Lojeski. Chorale also peril It 
formed "The Omnipotence" bji 
Franz Schubert in honor of the 
bicentennial of his birth. 

The Campbellsville University Chorak 
consists of, from left: Front row — Dr 
Kenneth Martin, Stacey Willis, Allisor 
Sewell, Joy Rust, Brittany Rice, Buddy; 
Coy, Mathan Qaddis and Scott Burress ji 
Second row — Joanna Cowen, NicoleM 
Wells, Christy Judd, Jamie Durham; ) 
Ben Martin, Daniel Blankenship and! 
Jonathan Gardner. Third row — Sumer( 
Hatfield, Sharla Pochodzay, Marge; 
Compton, Connie Flewwellin, Cicely, 
Maggard, Jameson Williams, Chad 1 
Floyd and Josh Bunch. Fourth row — | 
Natasha Scott, Cara Pelletier, Sarah! 
Flewwellin, Bonnie Moore, George Al-jl 
len, Brennen Searcy, Steve Smith, Jusi-j 
tin Mitchell and Clay Smith. 

Photo by Troy Costisick 
Dr. Kenneth Martin directs the chorale during the Heritage Day celebration in September. Chorale members are, from left : 
First row — Christy Judd, Allison Sewell, George Allen, Buddy Coy, Lee Kendrick and Scott Burress. Second row — Joy 
Rust, Cicely Maggard, Ben Martin, Nathan Gaddis, Jameson Williams and Jonathan Gardner. Third row — Cara Pelletier, 
Connie Flewwellin, Sarah Flewwellin, Jamie Durham, Steve Smith, Justin Mitchell and Josh Bunch. Fourth row — Daniel 
Blankenship, Chad Floyd and Clay Smith. 

40 | | University Chorale 

and Handbells tour Southeast 

Chorale was not alone in diver- 
:ity of music. Both the chorale 
ind handbells presented a well- 
punded selection in each per- 

Handbells performed a wide 
election of music according to 
jlevalyn Moore, instructor in mu- 
ic and director of the Handbell 

"Some of the highlights were 
Procession of Praise' by Arnold 
I. Sherman, Trisms' by William 
Payn, and arrangements by 
;ynthia Dobrinski, Douglas E. 
/agner and others. 

"Both groups joined forces to 
erform Allen Pote's anthem 
Speak to One Another'/' said 

•Lori Short 

Photo by George Allen 
The Campbellsville University Handbell Choir is from left: Front row — Cicely 
Maggard, Barbara Parker, Natasha Scott, Melissa Wyatt, Heidy Ximenes, Danielle 
Posey, Nevalyn Moore, director, Allison Sewell, Sharla Pochodzay, Megan 
Basham, Tara Greer, Bonnie Moore and Sarah Flewwellin. Back row — Brennen 
Searcy, Jeremy Cole, Scott Burress, Chad Floyd, Justin Mitchell and Steve Smith. 

Photo by Jack Daniel Taylor 

om left, Allison Sewell, Bonnie Moore, Cicely Maggard, Sharla Pochodzay and Tara Greer perform during the home 
(bncert at Campbellsville Baptist Church. The Campbellsville University Handbell Choir and Chorale presented the final 
mcert of their spring tour April 1. 

Handbell Choir 

ir |_41 

New President's Home completed 

Winters move in 
April 14 

Campbellsville Universi- 
ty and the Campbells- 
ville community now 
have a new place to 
call home. 
The new President's Home 
was occupied for the first night 
April 14 by current President Dr. 
Kenneth W. Winters and his wife, 

Located at the comer of Un- 
derwood and Hoskins streets ad- 
jacent to the main campus, the 
President's Home has been a 
dream of Dr. Ralph A. Tesseneer 
for about three years. 

Tesseneer, vice president for 
financial development and a Uni- 
versity trustee, recommended to 
the board of trustees the idea of 
a nice facility for the president. 
After their approval, the board 
named Tesseneer chairperson 
of the steering committee for the 
building. Jerry Bennett, a 
Campbellsville trustee, was 
named vice chair of the com- 

"We wanted a place where we 
could socialize, not only with stu- 
dents and faculty, but with 
townspeople and dignitaries 
who come to campus,'' said Tes- 

The house is entirely funded 
by members of the Campbells- 
ville University Board of Trustees 
and people they have solicited. 
No university funds have been 
used to build the facility nor will 
any be used for maintenance or 
entertainment, said Tesseneer. 

"The trustees felt this was the 
size of facility the university 
needed at this time in its growth 
and for further development,'' 
said Tesseneer. 

Photo by Angela L. Geralds 
President Dr. Kenneth W. Winters and First Lady Shirley Winters stand on one of 
two staircases in the entranceway of the new President's Home. 

Tesseneer said the former 
presidents' home (located on 
the comer of Hoskins Street and 
University Drive) was so small 
that Mrs. Winters had to use 
three different times to entertain 
the 1996-97 freshman class. 
That won't be a problem now. 

"We don't feel second rate to 
any institution in the state,'' said 
Tesseneer. He said he's seen 
most of the other president's 
homes, and Campbellsville's is 
the newest. He feels proud of the 

•Joan C. Mcliinney 


42 President & First Lady 


Photo by Joan C. McKlnney 




From left, Fran Brickner, Walter Bell and Bill Harris 
take a break from moving into Carter Hall. 


Dr. Kenneth W. Winters 


Dr. Robert S. Clark 

Vice President for Academic 
Affairs and Dean 

Dr. Paul W. Conco 

Executive Vice President 

Dr. Ralph A. Tesseneer 

Vice President for Development 



Division of Business and 

We prepare you for tomorrow's business 



Dr. Phil Lee 

Dr. Philip M. Lee 

Professor of Business and 
Division Chair 

Mrs. Carla Bennett 

Adjunct Faculty in Office 

Mrs. Patricia H. Cowherd 
Assistant Professor of Business 

Mr. James V. fare 

ssistant Professor of Business 

Mr. Joseph D. Foster 

Assistant Professor of 

Mrs. Jill C. Roberts 

Assistant Professor of 

Division of Business and Economics 


Dr. Vernon E. Roddy 

Associate Professor of 

Mr. Carl Hogsed 

Associate Professor of 

Photo by Billy Si 

Carmen Fare, left, and her husband, Jim Fare, an associate professor of business administration at the university, show 
their school spirit. The Fares are avid supporters of Tiger athletics even to the point of getting "tattooed" for a basketball 1 ! 


Division of Business and Economics 

Division of Education 

1 he progression to university status implies a 
continuing rigor in the preparation and ongoing 
Igrowth of a present day educator. " 

— Dr. Linda B. Cundiff 

Dr. Linda B. Cundiff 

Associate Professor of 

Education and Acting Division 


Dr. David E. Cundiff 
Professor of Health and P.E. 

Mr. Louis T. Cunningham 


Former Assistant Professor of 

P.E. and Men's Basketball Coach 

Dr. David Durbin 

Assistant Professor of Health & 

Mrs. Lori Eubank 
Instructor in Education 

Mrs. Carolyn A. Garrison 

Assistant Professor of 

Division of Education 


Dr. Daniel R. Lofald 

Associate Professor of 

Mr. Ron Rafferty 

Adjunct Faculty in Education 

Dr. S. Pamela Zhu 

Associate Professor of 

riot pictured: 

Mr. Don M. Bishop — Assistant Professor of P.E. & Athletics and Director of Athletics 

Mrs. Melissa Herron — Secretary for Academic Support 

Mrs. Donna H. Wise — Assistant Professor of P.E. & Athletics and Women's Basketball Coach 

Dr. James Lee Howard 

Former Professor of Education 

Division Chair and Director of 

the Graduate Program 

Photo by Joan C. Mcliinr, 
Dr. Jim Howard, chair of the Division of Education, died Nov. 21 in Lexingtoi 
Howard, 62, died from a heart attack he suffered while ballroom dancing. 


Division of Education 

Division of Fine Arts 

l hrough the growth and maturation of our 
urograms . . . the Fine Arts Division welcomes the 
coming of age' of Campbellsville University. " 

— Dr. Robert Gaddis 

Dr. J. Robert Gaddis 

'rofessor of Music and Division 

Dr. C. Mark Bradley 
Professor of Music 

Mr. Tommy R. Clark 
Associate Professor of Art 

Dr. J. Kenneth Martin 
Professor of Music 

Mrs. riancy Martin 

Secretary for Division of Fine 

Dr. David M. McCullough 

Associate Professor of Music 
and Director of Bands 

Division of Fine Arts 


Mr. Russ Mobley 

Associate Professor of Theater 
and Speech 

Dr. James W. Moore 
Professor of Music 

Mrs. rievalyn P. Moore 
Instructor in Music 

Dr. M. Wesley Roberts 
Professor of Music 

riot pictured: 

Dr. Catherine Arroe 

Photo by Samuel Yo 

Assistant Professor of Music T , omm y Clark, left, associate professor of art, instructs students in a sculptwj 
_ _ ,.„ class. From left, are Ana Carolina Custodio, Beth Qoode and Jennifer Smith. 

Ms. Linda J. Cundiff — 

Professor of Art 


Division of Fine Arts 

Division of Christian Studies 

Dr. Q. Ted Taylor 

Professor of Christian Studies 
and Acting Division Chair 

1 he only solution is a 
Jesus Revolution. " 

— Dr. Ted Taylor 

Hot pictured: 

Dr. Ray England — Adjunct faculty in Christian Studies 
Dr. Dwayne Howell — Adjunct faculty in Christian Studies 
Dr. Mark Medley — Adjunct faculty in Christian Studies 
Dr. Michael O'Neal — Adjunct faculty in Christian Studies 
Rev. Vic Stansbury — Adjunct faculty in Christian Studies 

Photo by Billy Suratt 

r. Ted Taylor surveys the crowd during an invitation given after the South African singing group Chosen performed at 
invocation. Students Will Holland, Mike Ward and Jason Fitch pray in the background. 

Division of Christian Studies 


Division of Humanities 

I he Division of Humanities is "coming of age' 
by enhancing its power to explore the universe of 
meaning through literature, language and 

— Dr. William Nea t 

Dr. William R. Heal 

Associate Professor of English 
and Division Chair 

Dr. Mary Jane Chaffee 
Associate Professor of English 

Ms. L. Beth Kemper 

Instructor in English 

Ms. Valerie Kessler 
Instructor in English 

Mr. Stan McKinney 

Adjunct Faculty in 

Mrs. Clara L. Metzmeier 
Assistant Professor of English 


Division of Humanities 

Ms. Donna K. Pirouz 

Assistant Professor of Modem 
Foreign Language 


Mr. Victor Jeffrey Shires 

Assistant Professor of 

Ms. Sarah J. Stafford 
Assistant Professor of English 

Photo by George Allen 

I tan McKinney, adjunct faculty in journalism, has taught at Campbellsville Uni- 
>rsity 10 years. He received the adjunct faculty award for Excellence in Teaching 
Homecoming. The award is given by the Campbellsville University Board of 

Plot pictured: 
Dr. Robert L. Doty — 
of English 


Division of Humanities 


Division of Science 



cience — knowledge for a new generation. " 

— Dr. Frank Cheatham 

Dr. franklin D Cheatham 

Professor of Math & Computer 
Science and Division Chair 

Dr. Thomas V. Jeffries 

Professor of Chemistry 

Ms. Janet L. Miller 

Assistant Professor of 

Mr. Don H. Olive 
Assistant Professor of Physics 

Mr. Glenn McQuaide 
Instructor in Biology 

Mr. Jim Roach 

Assistant Professor of 


Division of Science 

Dr. Milton A. Rogers 
Professor of Biology 

Dr. Robert Street Jr. 

Professor of Computer 
Information Systems 

Ms. E. Kay Sutton 
Instructor in Chemistry 

not Pictured: 

Mr. Richard Kessler — Assistant 

Professor of Biology 

Mr. Charles Clark — Adjunct 

Faculty in Biology 

Dr. Gordon K. Weddle 
Professor of Biology 

Mr. Harlie T. White 

Associate Professor of 

Photo by Troy Costisick 
Don Olive leads the Heritage Day pro- 

Division of Science I 55 


Division of Social Science 

I he movement from a college to a university is a lot like a 
person maturing from a young person to an adult. With age comes 
grace, knowledge and maturity. " 

— Dr. William E. Bennett 

Dr. William E. Bennett 

Professor of Political Science 
and Division Chair 

Mrs. Connie Breeding 

Secretary for Division of Social 

Mrs. Elaine David 
Assistant Professor of Sociology 

Mrs. Darlene Eastridge 

Assistant Professor of Social 

Mr. Bobby R. Himes 
Associate Professor of History 

Dr. Susan Howell 

Assistant Professor of 

56 I Divisif 

ij — 

)n of Social Science 

Not pictured: 

Dr. Damon R. Eubank — Associ- 
ate Professor of History 
Mr. Etienne A. Qibbs — Instruc- 
tor in Social Work 

Dr. Jerry Kibbons 

Adjunct Faculty in Social 
Sciences and Professor of 
Christian Studies Emeritus 

Dr. Royce Q. Simpson 

Assistant Professor of 

Photo by George Allen 
Dr. William E. Bennett accepts the Excellence in Teaching Award for full-time 
faculty members given at Homecoming by the Campbellsville University Board of 
|^dvisors. Bennett, a 1968 graduate of Campbellsville, has taught at the university 
isince 1970. 

Division of Social Science 


Photo by Billy Suratt 
Associate professor of history Bobby 
Mimes, left, talks politics with Russ 
Mobley under the clock tower one sun- 
ny afternoon. Mobley is associate pro- 
fessor of theater and speech. Both men 
are active in the local Republican party. 

Photo by Billy Suratt 
Al Hardy, director of the Center for Educational Enhancement, listens at a 
convocation. At left is Diana Conco, adjunct faculty in biology and English as a 
second language. Convocation is each Wednesday, and all students, faculty 
and staff are encouraged to attend. Convocation offers a variety of programs. 

Photo by Joan C. McKinney 
Dr. Mark Bradley, professor of music, is 
an ardent fan of the Dallas Cowboys. 
He celebrated after the Cowboys won 
the 1996 Super Bowl with a t-shirt pro- 
claiming their victory. 

Photo by Joan C. McKinney 
President Kenneth W. Winters poses with Miss Kentucky 1996 Veronica Duka, left, 
and Miss Kentucky 1994 Laura Sue Humphress at Duka's welcome home celebra- 
tion. Duka and Humphress are both students at Campbellsville University. 



Photo by Billy Suratt 

Executive Vice President Dr. Paul Conco opens the door of the administration building for Paula Burton after the Heritage 
Day ceremonies. Burton works for the athletic department as a student trainer. 

Photo by Billy Suratt Photo by Billy Suratt 

\djunct instructor Charles Clark delivers a lecture about genetics to his eight- After 25 years of coaching men's bas- 
veek evening biology class. The class is the first one Clark has taught on campus, ketball, Coach Lou Cunningham still 

gets frustrated on the court from time 

to time. 



Photo by Michelle D. Towles 
Dr. Ralph A. Tesseneer and his wife, Laura, walk hand in hand in front of the 
Administration Building. Dr. Tesseneer is the vice president of development and a 
member of the board of trustees. Mrs. Tesseneer is a grants writer for the 

Board of 

Dr. J. Chester Badgett 
Ms. Betty Bandy 
Mr. Stephen P. Branscum 
Rev. John drowning 
Mr. Fred Clem 
Rev. Billy Compton 
Dr. A. B. Colvin 
Mr. H. K. Cooper 
Mr. Hunter Durham 
Mr. Barry Eveland 
Rev. Ferrill Gardner 
Mr. Donnie Qosser 
Dr. Q. Lawrence Hall 
Mr. O. D. Hawkins 
Dr. E. Bruce Heilman 
Mr. Kyle T. Hubbard 
Dr. Henry B. Huff 
Dr. Brad S. Johnson 
Mr. John Keith 
Mr. Everette B. Lee 
Mrs. Mary Frances May 
Dr. Edwin R. Montgomery 
Mr. David K. Morris 
Mrs. Mildred R. Newton 
Mr. Larry D. Noe 
Dr. Mike Pope 
Mr. J. Chester Porter 
Mr. Nonis O. Priest 
Dr. George W. Ransdell 
Mr. D. Michael Richey 
Mr. William Shelton 
Dr. Forest F. Shely 
Mr. Dan Shipley 
Dr. Kevin L. Shrum 
Dr. Ralph A. Tesseneer 
Rev. Thomas J. Tichenor 
Dr. C. Michael Watts 
Dr. Charles L. Westray 
Dr. Donald L. Zuberer 




Mrs. Peggy D. Aaron 
Secretary in Financial Aid 

Mrs. Brenda Allen 

Office Assistant in the Office of 
the President 

Mrs. Marcia L. Allen 
Circulation Serial Manager 

Mr. R. Trent Argo 
Director of Admissions 

Mrs. Shirley M. Baldwin 


Mr. M. Curtis Barnes 

Director of South Mall-East and 
Campus Ministries Intern 

Mr. C. Rick Benningfield 

Coordinator of Campus 

Mr. Ronnie C. Bishop Mr. Bryan T. Blair 

Serviceman Director of Broadcast Services 

Mr. Mark Steven Allen 

Mr. Walter L. Bell 

Mr. Tony E. Bright 

Custodial Supervisor 

Staff I 

iff ~|_61 

Mr. Michael A. (Tony) 


Dir. of Information Services i 

Inst. Research 

Mrs. Krystal E. Burton 

Accounts Payable Clerk 

Mrs. Julie Q. Caldwell 

Secretary to the Executive Vice 

Mrs. Judy B. Clark 

Office Assistant in Student 

Mrs. Janet L. Coffey 

Business Service Clerk 

Ms. Cindy L. Coker 

Secretary in Alumni Affairs 

Mrs. Rebecca A. Colvin 

Secretary in Public Relations & 

Mr. Glenn A. Corbin 

Mrs. Rita A. Creason 
Director of Student Records 

Mr. Paul A. Dameron 
Director of Financial Aid 

Mrs. Dorothy L. Davis 

Executive Secretary 

Mrs. Marsha L. London 


University Nurse 



Ms. Lisa K. DeWeese 

Mr. Thomas Druen 
Library Office Manager 

Mrs. Teresa M. Elmore 

Secretary to the Vice President 
for Development 

Mr. Ronald ri. finley 
Head Football Coach 

Mrs. Margaret W. Foster Mrs. Paula Foster 

Director of Bookstore, Print Director of Academic Outreach 
Shop and Postal Services 

* m£ 

Mr. W. Paul Gabehart 


Mr. Dwight S. Giles 

Print Shop/ Postal Services 

Mrs. Sharon L. Gowin 

Assistant to the Director of 

Mr. Jerry T. Graham 

Mr. Eric M. Graves 

Coordinator of 

Conferences/Camps, Vending 

and Asst. Football Coach 

Mr. Ernest Ray Hall 

Director of Library Services 
and Associate Professor of 

Library Science 



Mr. J. Alvin Hardy 

Director of the Center for 

Educational Enhancement & 


Mrs. Carrie Hedrick 


Mr. Charles Hedrick 


Ms. Mary Huntsman 

Instruction Librarian 

Mr. R. Leroy Johnson 


Mrs. Betty J. Kidwell 

Director of Personnel 
Services/ Purchasing 

Mr. Billy Joe Lowe 


Ms. Karen J. Lynema 

Assistant Director for Library 

Services and Assistant 


Ms. Kim Mardis 

Coordinator of Collections 

fl Staff 

Ms. Tammy L. Mclntyre 


Mrs. Joan C. McKinney 

Assistant Director of Public 
Relations and Marketing 

Mr. Fred L. Miller 
Financial Aid Counselor 

Mr. Stephen R. Morris 

Ms. Sylvia L. Morris 

Mr. nelson Moore 

Mrs. Sabrina Nallia 

Information Services and Inst. Dean of Student Development Assistant Men's Basketball Television Production Manager 
Research Technician & Instructor Coach & Head Men's Tennis 


Mr. Zandell D. "Ziggy" 

aeneral Maintenance Worker 

Mr. Ed Pavy 
Director of Campus Ministries 

Mrs. Tonya A. Penick 

Mr. David S. Pierce 

Director of Physical Plant 

Mrs. Donna L. Pierce 

Secretary in Athletics 

Mr. Ross P. Price 

Safety Officer 

Ms. Denise Prince 


Mr. John Raganas 

Admissions Counselor 

Staff [ I 

iff n_65 

Mrs. Constance L. Riley Mr. Haywood B. Riner Jr. 

Assistant Director of Student 

Asst. Football Coach and 
Recruiting Coordinator 

Mr. Danny J. Rodgers Mrs. Kimberly A. Rubis 

Serviceman Admisssions Counselor I 

Mr. Beauford Sanders 

Head Baseball & Volleyball 

Coach & Educational 

Enhancement Coordinator for 


Mr. Stephen Simpson 


Mrs. Victoria R. Sprowles Mrs. Joan C. Stansbury 

Cashier Secretary in Campus Ministries ' 

Mrs. Mary E. Street 
Library Acquisitions Technician 

66 fl Staff 

Mr. Steven M. Suratt 


Mrs. Laura Tesseneer 
Grants Writer 


Mrs. Patricia B. Vaughn 

Secretary to the Dean of 
Student Development 

Mr. David L. Walters 
Director of South Hall-West 

Mrs. Nancy L. Walters 

Secretary for Center for 
Educational Enhancement 

Mr. Marc C. Whitt 

Assistant to the President for 
Public Relations & Marketing 

Ms. Laura Willhite 
Director of north Hall 

Mr. Andrew A. Wilson 
Director of Alumni Affairs 

Mrs. Connie P. Wilson 

Secretary to the Vice President 
for Academic Affairs 

Mrs. Gloria Qean Wright 
Information Center Attendant 

i :; ■ - 



sp«JR.? ! 'VV.-:,"- 

■■■■; J 

^1 1 1 1 

' 0' 

' Jf m I 4 



Photo by Billy Suratt 

riot pictured: 
Mr. John Paul Blair 
Mr. Dean R. Brownley 
Mrs. Jenifer Martin Carney 
Ms. Patricia J. Daugherty 
Mrs. Catherine R. Davis 
Ms. Terrie Lynn Foreman 
Mr. Christopher M. Qibbs 
Mr. D. Dewayne Gibson 
Mr. William L. Harris 
Mrs. Patricia N. McDowell 
Ms. Vickie Pierce 
Mr. Scott R. Rouse 
Mr. Jimmy Rowland 
Mr. Theodore W. Schultz 

After 25 years working in 
the physical plant, Leroy 
Johnson still toils around 
campus on his mower. 



Staff members 'come of age' at 50 

Photo by Joan C. McKinney 
Above, director of personnel services/purchasing Betty Kidwell is surprised on 
her birthday in her office. Kidwell turned 50 July 10, 1996. Right, Karen Lynema 
also celebrated her 50th birthday July 17, 1996. Lynema is the assistant director 
of library services and an assistant professor. 

Photo by Joan C. McKinney 

Photo by George Allen 

Judy Clark was the first of six 50th 
birthdays celebrated this year by staff 
members. Clark turned 50 June 30, 
1996. She is the office assistant in stu- 
dent records. 

Photo by Joan C. McKinney 
Library office manager Patty McDowell also turned 50 this year. McDowell cele- 
brated her birthday Nov. 4, 1996. Also celebrating 50th birthdays in 1996 were 
Nancy Martin, secretary for the Division of Fine Arts, Oct. 20 and Sharon Qowin, 
assistant to the director of admissions, Dec. 16. 


68 Staff 





J^^^^ t l>**' i "* 

'^? v, ^wC^ 

1 * 1 

\° ' M '"'15 

v 41 

Photo by George Allen 


From left, Michelle Creason, Jodie Bennett, Alican Comett and 
Sandra Kelley welcome each other back to the campus. 

Photo by Billy Suratt 
from left, Nicole Wilkerson, Jessica Musselwhite, Kelly Perry, Brian Hensley, Neil Mills and Sabrina Skupinski study with 
fellow students outside Montgomery Library one sunny day. 

Photo by Jack Daniel Taylor 
After a long day, Damian Phillips, left, and Matt Miller relax in Druien 

4^* , Sk^tm 

LtJL.iL* ^j^Kr 'i. i 


Photo by Qeorge Allen 
Sommer Hicks, left, and Sarah flewwellin look 
through a yearbook at a Homecoming booth. 


Master's of Education 

Marcelo Almeida 
Lanetta Davis 
Jessica Eastridge 
Jennifer Gabehart 

Lou Ann George 
Dana Hager 
Lindy Harmon 
Carolyn Hatchet* 

Patricia Jones 
Ginger McMahon 
Paul McQueary 
Angie Murphy 
Patricia Rouse 

Peggy Sublett 
Robin Underwood 

Yot pictured: 

I. Trent Argo 

Anita Gardner 

Kevin Rafferty 

Jennifer Ward 

lennifer Ballou 

Pam Gowin 

Donna Royse 

Donna Kirkland 

Zynthia Bland 

Amy Hagan 

Kim Rubis 


taye Breeding 

David Hammond 

Michelle Sapp 

Ann Young 

)eborah Burdette 

Pam Hardy 

Michelle Sego 

Troy Young 

Joyce Caldwell 

Pam Henderson 

Ida Spalding 

Jnda Clore 

Peggy Hubbard 

Lisa Stubbs 

taren Cobb 

Martha Johns 


leana Collins-Pike 

Leah Magers 


5hana Crabtree 

Gale Perry 

Donna Tinnell 

lick Davis 

Judy Phillips 
Dana Price 

Jennifer Tinnell 
Sandra Vanarsdale 


Asa Mattingly Ford 



Photo by Jack Daniel Taylor 

Senior Class officers are, from left, 
Vice President Holly Robinson, 
Treasurer Deana Stewart, Secre- 
tary Jennifer Shoemaker and 
President Sharla Pochodzay. The 
afghan, center, was part of a Sen- 
ior Class fund-raiser. The afghans 
featured the theme "Season of 
Change" and the new university 
seal along with various buildings 
on campus. 

^ ■■■•■■■■HHnBK' ^H 

duati*^ ^ 1 




p^l i 

— -^ d^ 

Photo by Jack Daniel Taylor 
Billy Wamsley prepares for graduation during Senior Salute Days in Febru- 

Stephanie Jo Akin 


72 I I Seniors 

George Henry 
Allen Jr. 

Kalon E. Bagby 

Suzanna Joyce Baker 

Shelly Renee Edwards 

Matthew Wayne Beal 

Linda Diane Beard 
Laura Michele Bell 
Van Mantell Berry 
Warren Mark 

Kelley Allyson Black 

Chasity Lynn Blair 
Mary Virginia 

Crowder Bland 
Daniel Blankenship 
Eduardo Bocatto 
Steven Ray Bowling 

Howard Neal 

David Charles 

Jacalyn Kelly 

Scotty Joe Burns 
William Lionel 


Linda Joyce Cable 
Misty Maree Sandefur 

Charles Darren 

Jason Wayne Clark 
Mary R. Quisenberry 


Brian Dean (B.C.) 

Daman's Pereira 

Isaac Comett 
Brian Allen Couch 
Mary Theresa 


Cortney Neal 

McQowan Cowan 
Martha Francis Cox 
Carol Sue Hill 

Kelly Denise Creech 
Lisa Jane Criswell 

Seniors I 73 


Carla Janese 

Patricia L. Crockett 
Eric Wayne Cruse 
Marcus Daniel 

Ann Eden Dabney 

Jeremy Keith Dale 
Kimberly Nicole 

Brown Dalton 
Michael Todd 

Emily Rhea Davis 
Michael Shane Davis 

Bridgette Renee 

Tony Lee DeMurray 
Kenneth Floyd 

Kristi Renee Graves 

Richard Lee Dooley 

Michael Dwayne 

Kimberly Denelle 

Amy Carol 


Angela Kaye Dye 
Brian Lee Eaton 

Stacey Leahann 

Choate Elliott 
Dwayne Harold 

Lori Ann Fain 
Leslie Elaine 

Connie Jane 


Tara Anne Ford 
Bethney Jo Foster 
Charles William 

Ginger Rae Thomas 

Amy Lee Lawson 


74 I Seniors 


Jennifer Suzette 

Jonathan Scott 

Ivan Ernest Garrison 
Marchetta Dawn 

Daniel Demoz 


Angela Lynn Geralds 
Alex Bart Gibson 
Russell Wade Goff 
Elizabeth Ann Miller 

Keena Phipps Grant 

Mary Lora Graves 
Angela Marie Green 
Natasha Helen 

Tara Lizabeth Greer 
Tina Lynette fiadley 

Laura Ellen Hagan 
Michelle Boone 

Larry Earl Haralson 
William C. Hardin 
Kristal S. Hame 

Bobby Eugene Hart 
Jennifer Reynolds 

Christa Ann Hayes 
Charles Marty 

Higdon Jr. 
Tammy Yvette 


Angela Paulene 

Tracie Jo Wright 

Laura Sue 

Rainey Alexis Johns 
Mary Louise Jones 



Jane Clay Kephart 
Deborah Denise 
DeBoard Kidd 
Jonathan C. Kidwell 
Jennifer Kay Kirtley 
Keisha Shae Landis 

David James Levee 
Amaryllis Lobb 
David Joseph 

Tyson Jay Lodge 
Carlos Alberto Lyra 

Christian Anthony 

Cicely Maggard 
Mathew Joseph 

Benjamin Dale 

Christopher John 


William Clayton 

Debbie Marie Mauk 
Wilbem Lee McCoy 
Jeremy Anderson 

Deborah A. 


Beverely Sue 

Jason Allen Milbum 
Billy Joe Miller 
Ronna Michelle Mills 
Johnna Jannette 


Bonnie A. Moore 
Christopher George 

Ann Michelle Morris 
Lydia Crystal 

Regan LaHaye Mott 



Jered Michael Myers 
Lori Ann nation 
John D. Meal 
Christopher Scott 

Katia Brito nogueira 

Kerry Joe Overfelt 
Rebecca Lynn 

Valerie Leigh Owens 
Shannon Sue 

Maria Cecile Parker 

Vanda Jean Parson 
Phillip Dean 

Jeffrey Todd Phillips 
Sharla M. 

Clint Donald Poore 

Dawn Michelle 

James Allen Powell 
Connie Jo Pruitt 
Christopher Ray 

Boyd Wayne Rexroat 

Olivia Michelle 

Brittany nicole 

Radabaugh Rice 
Dawn Marie 

Jason Keith 

Timothy Edward 


Jerad Blane Rose 
Brennen flollis 

Allison nanette 

Otha Joe Shive 
Jennifer Dawn 




Christine Janette 

Anita Leslie Sims 
Heather Sue Slack 
Christopher Lynn 

Jeanne Marie Smith 

Steven Carl Smith 
Stephanie Nicole 

Shawn Sovel 

Deana Tessie 

Christal Lee 


Jeremy M. Suchman 
Phillip Wayne 

Jennifer Lynn Talley 
Lisa Karina Tapscott 
Kathy Adams Taylor 

Winfield Stephen 

Christine Michele 

Demond Tysae 

Brent Talbert 

Christopher Edward 


Rod Turpin 
Christopher Brett 

Jennifer Elaine 

Mark W. Wakefield 
Sabrina Sue 

Anderson Walker 

Shawn Ray Walston 
William Lindsay 

Jama Lee Watts 
Eric Matthew 

Jason Riley Whited 



Brian Keith Whitlock 
Corey Patrick 

Mary Carmel 

Elmore Alexander 

(Bucky) Wilson 
Sarah Gray Wilson 

Karen Mechelle 

George Maxwell 

Stephen Woodell 
Kimberly Diane 

Melissa Anne Wyatt 

Heidy Kiepper 

Vanedson Dos 

Santos Ximenes 

Not pictured: 
Stephen M. Arnold 
Larry Duane Ashlock 
Rebecca Carol Qupton Bailey 
Pamela Dawn Baker 
Jamie Lee Basham 
Jennifer Dee Bethel 
Margaret Malone Blackburn 
Joseph Raymond Bland 
Angela Brown 
Jenifer Martin Carney 
Stacey Renee Davenport 
DeAnna Renae Rogers Day 
Podgaiskaya Guillermina 

David Christopher DeWitt 
John Wesley Depew 
Angelina DiTeadoro 
James R. Dix Jr. 
Thomas S. Druen 
Laura Dawn Flinchum 
Robert Edwin Flood Jr. 
Mark Flores 
Dean Stacey Galloway 
D. DeWayne Gibson 
Robert H. Gibson Jr. 
Chastity Jean Yarberry 

Tar a Beth Grant 
Sandra Faye Abell Gribbins 
Jonathan Micheal Hansford 
Matthew G. Harless 
Mary Joanne Shaw Hazel 
Banford Keith Hill 
Kevin Edward Johnson 
Jeanne Aileen Jones 
Roy E. Kanode 
Hideaki Kazama 
Barbara Jacquelyn Kinser- 

Charles Dwayne Latchison 
Patricia Renee Mattingly 
Richard Joe Mays 
Patricia Ti. McDowell 
Charles Douglas Miller 
Beverly J. Mings 
Charles Anthony Morley 
Stephen R. Morris 
Sheila Mwachiru 
Deborah Leigh Neat 
Gary Milton Neeley 
Kathy Lynn Bailey Noble 
Cynthia Ann O'Banion 
Rita Fay Parsons 

Jane Parrish Pike 
Rebecca Lynn Purdue 
April Sunshine Raley 
William Patrick Reed 
Samantha Kay Roark 
Steven Nolan Robinson 
Natalie Renee Sanders 
Stacey Denise Sapp 
Jerry Lynn Shacklett 
Melinda Dee Shirley 
Jennifer Lynette Smith 
Marcia Faith Smith 
Tammy Lynn Smith 
Michael D. Sneed 
Mary Elaine Son 
Vincent Craig Stephens 
Judith G. Buckman 

Penny Louann Bowers 
James W. Taylor 
Carole Antionette Miles 

Carrie Lynne Thomas 
Bobby Ray VanDyke 
Sheila Mae Veatch 

Roy Glen Walker 

Kyle Wade Wall 

Tina M. Stallings Walters 

Christian Howard Watts 

Ronald Wayne Williams 

Connie Gayle Wilson 

Kellie Marie Wilson 

Joseph Hendrix Witherspoon 

Mary Ann Yates 

Jay Tae Yu 

Vladimir Zerjavic 



Photo by Angela L. Geralds 
Sharla Pochodzay presents the first afghan from the senior class to 
President Dr. Kenneth W. Winters and Vice Presidents, from left, Dr. 
Robert Clark, Dr. Paul Conco and Dr. Ralph Tesseneer. The afghans 
were sold as a fundraiser for the senior class. 

Photo by Billy Suratt 

Jama Watts performs a monologue from the play A Streetcar 
Photo by Joan c. McKinney Named Desire at the Valentine Pageant. Watts represented 
Heidy Ximenes, a senior from Brazil, performs a violin solo at an the Democrats Club, 
appreciation brunch for Boyce Bible School faculty in Louisville. 

Cicely Maggard performs an interpretive movement at the BSU Dinner Theater. 
80 I Seniors 

Photo by Billy Suratt 


Photo by Jack Daniel Taylor Photo by Billy Suratt 

From left, Max Wise, Sharla Pochodzay, Heather Slack and Brennen Jerad Rose he i ps a younger student in computers. 
Searcy were the 1997 senior campaign leaders. 

Photo by Billy Surratt Photo by George Allen 

Chris Morgan, left talks with friends Jane Clay Kephart and Danny Edelen at Scott Necessary, left, is presented his soccer 
convocation. jersey and a plaque from soccer coach Dean 

Brownley at the Fall Sports Banquet. 




Photo by Dana O Daniel 
Junior Class officers are, from left, Johnny Warren, treasurer, Alison Fore- 
man, secretary, Faith Cook, vice president, and Amy Dailey, president. 

Photo by Jack Daniel Taylor 
Brandon Warren plays his guitar in a room in Druien Hall. Warren plays bass 
in a local band called Plumblyne. 


Heather Adkins 

Tammy Akin 

Todd Akridge 

Chadwick Ashley 

Tina Bagby 

Amy Baldwin 


Chris Ballard 
Lea Ann 

Jeanne Benskin 
Michael Blackburn 
Christie Bland 

Aimee Bolin 
Brad Bonds 
Leigh Anne Bourne 
Willie Boyatt 
Molly Brennan 

Rodney Bright 
Da nick Briscoe 
Terri Brown 
Michael Budlove 
Kevin Byrd 

Amy Carney 
Amy Carrico 
Mark Carroll 
Fred Clark 
Tina Clark 

Olivia Coleman 
Margo Compton 
Gregory Connally 
Nicky Connell 
Ashley Cook 

Faith Cook 
Jonathan Copley 
Ron Comelison 
Rheba Couch 
Joanna Cowen 



Michelle C reason 
Carrie Creech 
Mannette Cross 
Brad Crowe 
Jada Curry 

Ricardo Curry 
Amy Dailey 
Kelley Dameron 
Sarah Dill 
Brenda Dowell 

Michael Drury 
Angie Duncan 
Lisa Duncan 
Kevin Durling 
Johna East 

Danny Edelen 
Daniel English 
Curtis Ervin 
Galen Euting 
Joe Ferguson 

Alison Foreman 
Matthew Forrest 
Deana Frasier 
DeWayne Frazier 
John Qaddis 

Brian Garrett 
Amy Garrison 
John Gibson 
Elisia Gnagie 
Edward Goodin 



Chris Gust 
Frank Hall 
Julia Mall 
Jill Halligan 
Cynthia Mammons 

Ira Hancock 
Todd Hardin 
Robin Hart 
Andy Hartman 
Donna Hash 

Adam Hayes 
Laticha Henry 
Dan Hinshaw 
Bryan Hoffman 
Will Holland 

Dennis Howard 
Mary Hutchins 
Sharon Ishmael 
Bronnie Jeffries 
Julie Jeffries 

Briana Johns 
Shannon Johnson 
Christy Judd 
Shannon Kelty 
Brad Knight 

Chad Lane 
Michelle Layer 
Adam Lewis 
Anthony Martin 
Benji Mattingly 

Juniors! I 85 


Patty May 
Emily McCreary 
Ryan McDowell 
Jon McQill 
Shaun McMulkin 

Carolyn Milbum 
Laura Milby 
Missy Money 
Sarah Montgomery 
Annie Morgeson 

Chris Morris 
Landon Mulhall 
Connie Newton 
Seiko Okada 
James Osboume 

James Owen 
Jenny Page 
Damian Phillips 
Chris Pickett 
Jennifer Pike 

Danielle Posey 
Robert Powers 
Mike Pratt 
Kevin Propes 
Anne Quarles 

Jason Radford 
Dave Richels 
Jeff Riley 
Molly Robinson 
Angie Ryles 



Josh Samas 
Heather Sandefur 
Tamara Sapp 
Natasha Scott 
Kris Showen 

Kristen Simmons 
David Simpson 
Ricky Simpson 
Stacy LaRue 

Stephen Sims 

Jason Smith 
Jeffrey Smith 
Robert Stafford 
Chris Stallings 
Shawn Stevens 

Kim Stone 
Cheryl Stotts 
Michael Stringer 
Jessica Struwe 
Melissa Swan 

Sara Talley 
Jenny Teater 
Cedrick Tenner 
Lisa Thomas 
Michael Torres 

Christina Vitalis 
Brandon Warren 
Johnny Warren 
Tonya Watson 
James Westwood 



Jessica Whitmore 
Jason VVilcoxson 
Monica Wilkens 
Jameson Williams 
Bobby Wise 

Jennifer Yancy 
Kari Young 
Rusty Yount 

Hot Pictured: 
James Abell 
Roseline Awoniyi 
Johnnie Bailey 
Brenda Beehler 
Charles Bennett 
Donnie Beverly 
Edwin Bonet-Ruiz 
Mikki Brady 
Margaret Brockman 
John Brooks 
Brenda Bumey 
Robert Cantrall 
Samuel Charles 
Lori Criley 
Bill Doerr 
Teresa Elmore 
Brenda fields 
Kathleen Fletcher 
Bonnie Ford 
Noel Grant 
Letitia Head 
Gary Heitzman 
Jena Mill 

Brenda Howard 
Eric Hurtgen 
Yuko Indo 
Eli Keck 

Jeffrey Lacefield 
Jill Mann 
James Lawson 
Mary Mabin 
Eddie Martin 
Mary Martin 
Prescott Million 
Michael Morgan 
Katherine Moss 
Jane Munford 
Benjamin Murry 
Matt rieace Jr. 
Martha Newton 
Elizabeth Osboume 
Michael Parks 
Edwin Pulliam 
Trent Pyles 
Denise Reisinger 
Dusty Richardson 
April Shewmaker 

Debbie Smith 
Donna Spalding 
Christina Stallings 
Jay Stewart 
Mark Sutherland 
William Sweet 
Bobby Thompson 
Anthony Towe 
Sarah Waddell 
David Walters 
Thomas Wilcoxson Jr. 

Photo by Jack Daniel Taylor 
Jameson Williams looks up on his wayg 
down the stairs in Druien Hall. 



Photo by Angela L. Geralds 
Top, from left, junior Michelle Creason and sophomore Jodie 
Photo by Samuel Yoder Bennett welcome freshmen Alican Cornett and Sandy Kelley at 
Bryan Hoffman throws a pot on the wheel for a ce- the BSU Picnic. Bottom, softball coach Sarah Hillyer, center, 
ramies class in Qosser Fine Arts Center. gives pointers to Amy Carney, left, and Jennifer Hayden. 

Druien Hall resi- 
dent Ben Martin 
does laundry. 

Photo by Jack Daniel Taylor 




Photo by Jack Daniel Taylor 

Sophomore Class officers are, 
from left: Front — Vice President 
Ginger Shely and Secretary Diana 
Detterick. Back — President 
James Brown and Treasurer Todd 

Photo by Joan C. McKinney 
Jessica Lane, center, visits with former President of Campbellsville College 
Dr. John Carter and Andrew Wilson, director of alumni affairs. Carter spoke 
at Heritage Day which featured the dedication of the newly-renovated Carter 
Hall named in his honor. 

Billy Adams 

J£ jJ 

90 I Sophomores 

Kim Adkisson 

Billie Jo Akridge 

Victoria Alexander 

Tiffany Allen 

Carey Ambers 

„ ^§f» ^^IIIjI i Ail wMl j 

Joshua Anderson 
Kevin Bailey 
Danielle Barker 
Nathan Bamett 
Jeremy Baxter 



Robyn Beck 
Jonathan Beckley 
Anthony Beeler 
Jeremy Bennett 
Jodie Bennett 

Judy Benningfield 
Benny Bethel 
Amanda Beumel 
Joe Beyer 

Jeremiah Bishop 
Josh Biven 
Amy Bland 
Reggie Boggs 
Todd Boling 

Carol Bond 
Carrie Bowen 
Jaimie Bright 
James Brown 
Daniel Brummett 

Krista Bryant 
Josh Bunch 
Teresa Bunch 
Misty Burress 
Karla Burton 



Kimberly Burton 
Paula Burton 
Steve Burton 
Melissa Bush 
Jennifer Canal 

Rodney Campbell 
Annette Castle 
Karen Cecil 
Chani Chartisathian 
Kacey Chowning 

Chuck Cisney 
Becky Claywell 
Scott Clifford 
Jeremy Cole 
Jessica Conco 

Tiffany Coomer 
Chris Cowger 
Melissa Craig 
Jaclyn Crowder 
Toby Curry 

neil Dabney 
Jennifer Dattilo 
Jennifer Deener 
Carlotta Denney 
Chris Denney 


Diana Detterick 
Connie DeVore 
Angela Dockery 
Tracy Dooley 
Rocky Doom 



Brent Durham 
Andrea Durrett 
Darrin Edwards 
Gene Edwards 
Rebecca Eich 

Rachael Elrod 
Trisha England 
Crissy Emst 
Alitta Burns Evans 
Jim Finch 

Chad Floyd 
Janet Forsythe 
Robert Foster 
Robert Fox 
Mola Fromm 

Ches Fuller 
Aaron Qabehart 
Leeann Qabhart 
Michael Shane 

Craig Qnagie 

Darian Gray 
Timothy Green 
Ofelio Guerra 
Todd Gutermuth 
Jim Hahn 

Aaron Harbolt 
Robbie Harmon 
Sumer Hatfield 
Jennifer Hayden 
John Hayes 



Michelle Hayes 
Brandon Hazzard 
Jesse Hedden 
Amy Heim 
Tara Henson 

Sommer Hicks 
Jay Hill 
Will Hodges 
Jason Holland 
Ronnie Holmes 

Ashley Hook 
Charity Hounshell 
William Huddleston 
Danielle Ingram 
Camille Jeffries 

Annette Johnson 
Jim Johnson 
James Jones 
Steven Jude 
Tonya Kalkhof 

Mandy Keck 
Mike Keeney 
Jason Keith 
Lee Kendrick 
Peggy Kessler 

Tammy Kincade 
Leslie Kirkpatrick 
J a red Kirk wood 
Michelle Knifley 
Ashley Knott 



Jessica Lane 
Tammy Lane 
Anthony Lanning 
Kelly Lee 
Stewart Lee 

Eric Lookadoo 
Stephanie Lucas 
April Lyvers 
Michael MacDonald 
Heather Maclnnes 

Angie Marcum 
Holly Matney 
Scott Mattingly 
Shannon Mattingly 
Nathan Mayes 

John Mays 
Phillip McCoy 
Nathan McCurry 
Dan McQill 
Delana McManaway 

Kelly Medley 
Guy Melvin 
Matthew Miller 
Stephanie Mills 
Roxana Moldoveanu 

Jennifer Morgan 
Lyndsay Mulhall 
Chavi Muniz 
Penny Nalley 
D'ann Neumeister 



Sheri O'Leary 
Wesley Page 
Barbara Parker 
Brent Parker 
Alex Parrish 

Catherine Partlow 
Heath Patton 
La'Toria Penix 
Ashley Pensinger 
Allison Perkins 

Josh Phelps 
Lynette Pickerill 
Ashley Pickett 
Jennifer Pinkston 
Ryan Powers 

Darrin Price 
Shawn Price 
Tori Fox Price 
Regina Rainwater 
Bogdan Ratiu 

Tera Reeder 
Jaime Renfro 
Carrie Rennirt 
Nikki Ripberger 
Gary Robbins 

Erica Roberts 
Jenny Russell 
Joy Rust 
Tonya Sartin 
Brian Schmitt 



Jeffrey Schuhmann 
Cheryl Scott 
Rebecca Jo Scott 
Jenny Sharpe 
Ginger Shely 

Omela Shengjergi 
Tiffany Shoffner 
Brock Shoulders 
Ben Shultz 
Brandon Sidwell 

Paula Skaggs 
Phyllis Skaggs 
Heather Smith 
Jennifer Smith 
Jenny Sparks 

Shannon Stagg 
Lindsay Stanford 
Carol Stayton 
Heather Steams 
Angela Stephens 

Seth Stephens 
Jody Stickle 
Jim Strange 
Farrah Sullivan 
Billy Suratt 

Kris Swift 
Maria Tabor 
Amy Tassell 
Amanda Taylor 
Michelle Taylor 



William Taylor 
Bethany Teague 
Jon Telgenhof 
Deborah Thatcher 
Karen Thomas 

Jason Thompson 
Chris Thurman 
Chris Tilsley 
Kelly Tracy 
Bethany Turner 

Mandy Underwood 
Amy Vaughn 
T.J. Vogt 
Mike Ward 
Shannon Wathen 

Jacki Lynn Watson 
Jamie Webster 
Mareta Weddle 

Kenton Whitmer 

Stacey Willis 
Heather Lee Wilson 
Heather Mae Wilson 
Michael Wilson 
Nathaniel Wineriter 

Gail Wise 
Chris Wright 
Holly Wright 
Susan Wright 
Stacie Yates 



Sharon Young 
Mindy Zimheld 

r *» 

~$K^ "£& 

ot pictured: 

Photo by Jack Daniel Taylor 

ammy Kincade, right, and Rachael Elrod splash in the water left from flood '97. The flood left most of Kentucky covered in rain 
ater during the first part of March. 

ancy Bell 
aron Bennett 
11 Blandford 
hris Britton 
zslie Clark 
indy Coker 
sresa Conway 
randon Dillard 
ndrea Durrett 
enneth Ferreira 
isa Gaddie 
ohn Gonzalez 

Shane Hayes 
Marie Henley 
Tera Hester 
Sandra Hinton 
Lisa Johnston 
Peggy Jones 
Dana Lewis 
Steve Lofald 
Karen Loy 
Ryan Mardis 
Ben Martin 
Christina Mattingly 

Debora Mattingly 
Dawn Maupin 
Lisa Miles 
William Miley 
Deanna Mings 
Heather Parsons 
Misty Pace 
Amie Perkins 
John Rich 
Michael Reynolds 
Bridget Schultz 
Kelly Smith 

Patricia Sprowles 
Roger Stillwell 
Cole Street 
Jean Suratt 
Aaron Walters 
Robert Wilson 
Darlene Winiecki 




Photo by Angela L. Geralds 
Freshman class officers include from left: Jamie Durham, president; Shea 
Collins, vice president; Corrie Riner, secretary, and Ashley Taylor, treasurer. 

Photo by Jack Daniel Taylor 
Naomi Rinehold, a freshman from Oregon, draws a cross with bark on a 
sidewalk in the courtyard. 

10 of 


Kurt Abbott 

NaDena Agee 

Karine Alcantara 

Cori Allen 

Matt Allen 

Emerson Alves 

Jonathan Anderson 
Jeffrey Andrews 
Amy Arnett 
Anna Ash 
Jason Ash 

Gary Ashlock 
Nathan Ashlock 
Josh Atwell 
Kevin Atwell 
Kimberly Atwell 

Kim Atwood 
Celso Azuma 
Michelle Babb 
Bowling Bailey 
Kim Bailey 

Michelle Balasa 
Eduardo Balreira 
Darel Barnett 

David Barrett 

Leony Barroso 
Megan Basham 
Camila Bastos 
C.B. Bates 
Amy Bauermeister 

Bobbie Beard 
Amber Bechtold 
Teresa Belcher 
Latasha Bell 
Missy Bell 

Freshmen I 101 


Jennifer Bender 
Monica Bennett 
lvaylo Benov 
Judy Benskin 
Richard Berry 


Baerette Bishop 
Tara Black 
Jeremy Blair 
Ken Blough 

Julia Boatman 
Jeff Bolin 
Angelica Bonatti 
Michelle Bosse 
Katheryn Bowen 

Cindy Bowling 
Richard Bowman 
Brandon Boyatt 
Tina Brackett 
Marc Brock 

Lee Brothers 
Cara Brower 
Mike Brown 
Scott Brown 
Teneeshia Bruton 

Kelly Bryan 
Shelby Bryan 
Carrie Burkhead 
Scott Burress 
Melisha Burton 



Erica Butler 
Patricia Caetano 
Jason Calder 
Andrew Caldwell 
Karen Campbell 

l^ ** " j Ju | ieCar , 

*r^V Luis Carrazza 

George Cannon 

k^ Cynthia Carter 

Wesley Carvalho 

Hope Cassady 
Beth Cassell 
George Castro 
Daniel Castro 
Karyn Caulk 

Mauro Cavassana 
John Chaney 
Amy Chelf 
John Christerson 
Addison Cintra 

Marcos Cintra 
Tom Clark 
Eric Clarkson 
Scott Claycomb 
Raina Coatney 

Becky Coffey 
Marsha Coffey 
Jason Collins 
Shea Collins 
Brian Cook 

Freshmen I I 103 


Lucianna Conceicao 
Martha Conceicao 
Marietta Cook 
Jason Cordell 
Alican Comett 

Troy Costisick 
Anthony Cox 
Mary Cox 
Buddy Coy 
Lisa Crawhom 

Da\id Criscola 

April Curry 
Derek Curry 
Qena Curry 

Shala Curtis 
Ana Custodio 
Eliane DaSilva 

Jan Daffron 

Julia Darnell 
Adrienne Davis 
Joshua Davis 
Tamera Davis 
Grant Dawson 

Denise Decker 
Terri Denham 
Bemadette Diaz 
Darrell Dichiara 
Chad Douglas 



Alicia Dukes 
Brittyne Dunn 
Renee Duplantis 
Margaret Durbin 
Jamie Durham 

Andrew Dyer 
David Eads 
Brett Elam 
Josh Eley 
Jennifer Elliott 

Terrell English 
Jaclyn Ennis 
Brian Esters 
Dale Estes 
Sam Ewing 

Joey Farmer 
Matalie Farris 
Bryan Fearn 
Qeorgianne Fenwick 
Kenneth Ferreira 

Marcos Ferreira 
Leigh Ferren 
Chris Finch 
Sarah Fischer 
Jason Fitch 

Sarah Flewwellin 
Amanda Foley 
Sheryl Foley 
Philip Foster 
Rebecca Foster 



Jaimie Fouler 
Allison Fox 
Donna Fox 
Russ Funk 
Nathan Qaddis 

Rodrigo Qaldino 
Damion Qallimore 



Erica Qammel 

k ■ 


Leticia Garcia 


V ™ 


" ? 

James Gardner 






Talita Gargalaca 
Barbara Gentz 





Charles Gibbs 


ft Mk 

% 4 > , 

Misty Gibson 
Melissa Giles 


f Jt 

Brandon Givens 
Jill Goff 
Amanda Gowin 
Brian Graham 
Matt Grant 

Jerry Gray 
Jason Green 
Jennifer Gribbins 
Misty Hager 
Jessica Hale 

Courtney Hall 
Holly Hall 
Marissa Hall 
Seth Hammontree 
Blaine Hampton 



Jim Hardesty 
Halona Hawkins 
Robby Hayden 
Amy Hayes 
Dafphine Henderson 

Kristen Hendrix 
Brian Hensley 
Nicole Hester 
Deborah Hettinger 
Aaron Hicks 

Christina Hicks 
Lucinda Hicks 
Corey Hill 
Jessi Hinton 
Cory Holman 

Angie Holmes 
Daniel Holt 
Jeremy Holt 
Bradley Hood 
Suzy Howard 

Justin Huff 
Melissa Humes 
Kristie Hunt 
Melissa Hurtgen 
Andrea Hutchens 

Connie Hutcherson 
Stacey Jewell 
Amie Johnson 
Carrie Johnson 
Jane Johnson 

Freshmen I 107 


Josh Johnson 
Micah Jones 
Tracy Jones 
George Judd 
John Kaddatz 

Sara frapp 
Marcio Kardosh 
Miranda Kassin 
Robert Keeling 
Sandra Kelley 

John Kendall 
Byron Kennedy 
Shaun Kenney 
John Kilby 
Chanci Knifley 

Rebekah Knifley 
Sarah Knight 
Stephen Kponyoh 
Jessica Lander 
Kevin Laugherty 

Adam Lavvson 
Kenny Lavvson 
Chris LeMonds 
Chad Ledington 
Scott Lee 

Chuck Leffew 
Mickey Lilintahl 
Raphaella Lima 
Dustin Lindsey 
Connie Livers 



f w 


[ 1 

1 ■ 1 4 ■ 

Br 'Ik 













Darrell Locke 
Elizabeth Logsdon 
Daniel London 
Joe Don Looney 
Ariadne Loss 

Josh Lovell 
Brock Loy 
Wes Luther 
Juliana Lyra 
Lin Ma 

Eric Mardis 
Melissa Mariette 
Kenneth Marrett 
Dale Mason 
Daryl Mason 

Theresa Masterson 
Luciano Matheus 
Holly Mathis 
Sharon Mattingly 
Tim Mays 

Tracey McBryar 
i Seth McCarty 
Tonia McComas 
Barry McCubbin 
Kimberly McCubbin 

Qena McCubbins 
Leslie McCurry 
Jessica McFarlin 
Allison Meadows 
Brian Meers 


(r 109 

Phyllis Milby 
Stacy Milby 
Rebecca Miller 
Neil Mills 
Justin Mitchell 

Marcie Moran 
Barbara Moreira 
Fabio Moreira 
Tammy Morgeson 
Frankie Morris 

Jason Morris 
Jessica Mueller 
Bryson Mullis 
Amy Murphy 
Jessica Musselwhite 

Travis Myers 

Michael Neal 
Jeffrey Mecessary 
Debbie nelson 


Angela Newcomb 
Greg Newman 
Juliana Munes 
Marcus Munes 

Roberto Munes 
Heather Nunn 
Jason nunn 
Robert O'Brien 
Dana O'Daniel 



Tiffany O' Daniel 
Jackelyny Oliveira 
Ricardo Ortolani 
Matt Osboume 
Marcus Ottoni 

Dawn Ovesen 
Tracy Owen 
Todd Parish 
Larry Parrott 
Valeria Pausen 

Stacia Payton 
Cara Pelletier 
Tiffany Penick 
Tabitha Pennington 
Geiordane Pereira 

"I Peterson Pereira 
Thiago Pereira 
Lisa Perkins 
Kelly Perry 
Beth Pickerell 

Travis Pickett 
Jennifer Pollock 
Heather Polston 
Ryan Poore 
Jody Porter 

Sam Potter 
April Proctor 
Flavia Rangel 
Vitor Rangel 
Jeremy Ramey 



Samantha Redmon 
David Renn 
McCall Reynolds 
Tiffany Rice 
Jessica Richardson 

Lori Richardson 
Crystal Richerson 
Valerie Richerson 
Naomi Rinehold 
Corrie Riner 

Larry Roark 
Andy Rocha 
Elder Rocha 
Luciane Rocha 
Susanna Rockhold 

Edgar Rocon 
Anna Rogers 
Matthew Rogers 
Michelle Roman 
Dana Roney 

Andy Rucker 
Arletia Rucker 
Adam Russell 
Chris Sanders 
Carl Sandidge 

Qleidson Santanna 
Matt Scheibert 
Lindsey Scheirmann 
Shaun Scherer 
Caroline Scott 


Thomas Scott 
Mandy Search 
Billy Sears 
Lisabeth Sears 
Bridget Servis 

Amy Shields 
Lori Short 
Shawn Shreve 
William Shuffett 
Alecksey Silva 

Alinne Silva 
Emerson Silva 
Steven Singleton 
Denise Skaggs 
Sabrina Skupinski 

Israel Slinker 
Clay Smith 
LaTonya Smith 
Leslie Smith 
Lewanda Smith 

Anita Snow 
Patricia Souza 
Wilselena Souza 
Charles Spalding 
Tammy Spencer 

Beth Sprowles 
Eric Sprowles 
Stacy Squires 
Bonnie Stanbery 
Melissa Stafford 




Jeremy Stanford 
Sebrina Stan" 
Jennie Steannan 
Sonja Stiles 
Libby Stokes 

Bill Stouffer 
James Stout 
Jim Street 
Jonathon Swisher 
Susan Talley 

Tasha Turner 
Ashley Taylor 
Brad Taylor 
Jack Daniel Taylor 
Jeanne Taylor 

Ryan Taylor 
Tessa Tenpenny 
DeAnna Terry 
Kelly Tharp 
Rhonda Thomas 


Amy Tindall 
Brooke Tomes 
Rachel Tomes 
William Treis 

Billy Troutman 
Wynne Tubbs 
Cindy Tucker 
Priscilla Turco 
Bonnie Tumey 



Rita Underwood 
Robby VanCleave 
Kenneth VanHoose 
Marshal Vanhook 
Travis Veatch 

Jerome Villaraza 
Marcelo Victoria 
Tyrone Waldon 
Amy Walker 
Samuel Wallace 

Brendan Ward 
Kimberly Ward 
Stacy Warner 
Joe Wasson 
Tonya Waters 

Sheri Watson 
Tonia Watson 
Jason Weinrich 
Johnny Wells 
Nicole Wells 

Chad Wheatley 
Shana Wheeler 
Abbie Whitley 
Annie Whitley 

Anthony Whitted 
Jared Whitworth 
Brian Wigglesworth 
Scott Wilcher 
Brad Wilhoit 




Dawn Wilkerson 
Travis Willett 
Jenny Williams 
Kellie Williams 
Shawn Williams 

Adam Wills 
Suzanne Wilson 
Susan Wise 
Tonya Wood 
Russell Woods 

Chris Wright 
Sam-e Yoder 


Mot pictured: 
Gail Allen 
Teena Allen 
Jean Arnold 
Michael Barnes 
Shelly Bell 
Wes Bishop 
Zachary Bishop 
William Bosemer 
Aimee Beth Bowling 
Connie Breeding 
Timothy Brockman 
Charles Brown 
Keith Brown 
Robin Burton 
Cassie Clark 
Rhonda Clark 
Marcos Coelho 
Brian Cote 
Carol Cowherd 
Jeffrey Cox 
Mary Cox 
Gregory Crutcher 
Jennifer Cundiff 
Mark Damron 
Shonda Davis 
Daniel DeCastro 
liarvey Dickens 
Jena Dishman 
Damon Dooley 


Debra Drury 
Paige Drury 
Frances Faulkner 
Elizabeth Flanigan 
Terrie Foreman 
Terry Gatrost 
Alicia Gentry 
Scott Gerlach 
Shelia Gibson 
Dorcas Gilley 
Patricia Gonterman 
Pedrato Graham 
Tahisha Green 
Mary Gregg 
James Grimes 
Julie Hamilton 
Loretta Hash 
Brandon Holbrook 
Jennifer Holcomb 
Valerie Hudson 
Jennifer Hutchins 
Jill Hutchins 
Montrelle I win 
Clayton Joslin 
Shane Keltner 
Stephanie Layer 
Marcie Lewis 
Lisa Lyons 
William Magers 
Jane Mann 

Kara Martin 
Steven Mattocks 
James Maupin 
Tara Maupin 
Sharon Maynor 
Sheila McDonald 
Michelle McLeod 
Janet McMear 
Wanda Melvin 
Eunice Meneik 
William Meredith 
Robert Merideth 
Meridith Merritt 
Ramona Murrell 
Kristy Mewton 
LaVinia Morris 
Robert O'Brien 
Joey Parker 
Jeffrey Pearce 
Lilly Pegourie 
Linda Phillips 
Donna Price 
Debra Randall 
Laura Reynolds 
Di-Anne Riddle-Flack 
Tamara Risch 
Eric Rodgers 
Chastidy Rose 
David Santana 
Kathy Satterly 

Elizabeth Scott 
Deborah Shelley 
Iva Sldebottom 
Martha Smith 
Pamela Smith 
Igor Souza 
Katie Mynette Speer 
Jeremy Stevens 
Michele Stigall 
Donna Talbott 
Jason Thornsbenry 
Sandra Tolbert 
Judith Vilinskis 
Joseph Carter Wasson 
Johnny Webster 
Charles White 
Kevin White 
Emma Whitehouse 
Melissa Wilcoxson 
Jeremy Wilkerson 
Chad Wilson 
Amanda Wood 
Rebecca Wood 
Trevor Wotring 
Robin Wright 
Lee Wright 
Jennifer Yates 
Susan Yocum 
Shannon Young 

Photo by Billy Suratt 

Anita Snow is caught off guard as she opens 
the front door of Stapp Hall for her late retur- 
ning roommate. Students often let each oth- 
er into the residence halls after hours. 

Halona Hawkins rushes to finish a homework assignment dur- 
ing convocation. 

Photo by Billy Suratt 



Photo by Samuel Yoder 
Dr. Paul Conco, executive vice president, speaks to an audience in the Little 
Auditorium. Conco taught Principles of Management in the spring semester. 

Photo by Billy Sural 
Dr. Tom Jeffries, professor of chemis 
try, was presented the Student Qovem 
ment Association Challenger Award a 
Honors and Awards Day for his abilit 
to motivate students. 

118 I Academics 





Photo by Samuel Yoder 

Guy Melvin works in a science lab. 

Division of Education 

Photo by George Allen 

Dr. Linda B. Cundiff, center, acting chair of the Division of Education and associate professor of education, looks at pictures 
with Shelly Barnes, left, at Barnes' going-away reception, along with Johnna (J.J. ) Montgomery. 

12 of 

Photo by Andy Rocha 
Lori Eubank, instructor in education, does some computer work on the Friday of 
spring finals. 

Division of Education 

Photo by Joan C. McKinnei 
Dr. Dan Lofald, third from left, and Dr 
Pamela Zhu, both associate professors 
of education, process during com 
mencement. At left is Dr. Damon Eu 
bank, associate professor of history 
and Dr. Vernon Roddy, associate pro 
fessor of economics. 

Division of Fine Arts 

Photo by George Allen 

Dr. Wesley Roberts, professor of music, 
helps music student Angela Stephens 
while she practices piano. 

Photo by Billy Suratt 

Russ Mobley, associate professor of theater and speech, smiles as former theater 
student Charlotte Hammett speaks at a convocation. Hammett spoke about the 
differences in communication styles between men and women. 

Division of Fine Arts 

T-i 21 

Division of Humanities 

Photo by Billy Suratlu 
Adjunct professor in journalism Stan McKinney, center, has dinner with Tim Broekema, picture editor at the Chicago Tribunes 
newspaper. In addition to teachingjoumalism, McKinney is also the adviser for both the campus newspaper and the Society! 1 
of Professional Journalists. McKinney's wife, Joan, assistant director of public relations and marketing, is next to him. 

Photo by Joan C. McKinney 
Sarah Stafford, left, assistant professor of English, displays her culinary talents as 
she helps with the Boyce Adjunct faculty luncheon in Louisville. Also helping with 
mixing fruit for the brunch are Joan Stansbury, center, secretary in campus 
ministries, and Dottie Davis, executive secretary. 
22 1 Division of Humanities 

Photo by Samuel Yode 

Donna Pirouz, assistant professor o 
modem foreign language, looks ove. 
her lesson materials. 


Division of Science 

Photo by Angela L. Geralds 

Dr. Jim Roach, assistant professor of chemistry, and his daughter, Jordan, visit 
the senior art exhibit of Jama Watts. 

Photo by Joan C. McKinney 
Clockwise, science professors Dr. Tom 
Jeffries, center, and Dr. Frank 
Cheatham, right, sit on the losing team 
during the Academic Challenge tour- 
nament between students and facul- 
ty/staff. Beside Jeffries is Dr. Ken Mar- 
tin, professor of music. Dr. Gordon 
Weddle, professor of biology, was 
honored for identifying a fish parasite, 
which he named, that was found in 
Taylor County. Weddle is vice president 
of the Kentucky Academy of Sciences. 

Division of Science 


Division of Social Science 

Photo by Billy Surat 
Above, Bahamas native Etienne Qibbs, in front, instructor in social work, participates in his first Honors and Awards Da\ 
along with, at left, Glenn McQuaide, instructor in biology, and Dr. Jim Roach, assistant professor of chemistry. 

Photo by Billy Suratt 
Dr. Damon Eubank, associate profes- 
sor of history, left, congratulates Laura 
Bell who received the history award at 
Honors and Awards Day. 

Photo by Wesley Bezuidenhou 
At right, Bobby Himes, associate professor of history, takes a seat alongside 
Jonathan Copley during a visit from a guest speaker. Copley calls Himes, who ha: 
taught here longer than any other professor, 'one of my best friends." 

121 jj 

Division of Social Science 

Division of Christian Studies 

-•*■•** ■■*■«■■■■■■* « * £ ii* 

?ji ft « » , . a a a » « * a ■ ■ ■ ■ * ■ ■•3Z55K 

mif^Xif « ~ - ■ u - ^ - " ■ B "W^* 

Photo £>y Samuel Yoder 
Clockwise, Dr. Charles Hedrick, a mis- 
sionary from Nigeria, taught church 
growth as an adjunct instructor in 
Christian studies. Dr. Mark Medley, an 
adjunct instructor, taught introduction 
to philosophy and Christian theology. 
The Rev. Vic Stansbury, also an adjunct 
in Christian studies, talks with stu- 
dents, from left, Chuck Fuller, John An- 
derson, Andrew Dyer and Brennen 

Photo by George Allen 

Division of Christian Studies 


Division of Business and 

Photo by Samuel Yodei- 

Jill Roberts looks over some notes before class. Roberts has been with the university three years and is assistant professor I 
of accounting. 


Photo by Samuel Yoder 
Eli Keck proofreads for Fay Pope, instructor in business education emerita, as his 
work-study job. Keck has a double major of accounting and math. 

Division of Business and Economics 

Photo by Samuel Yode 

Jim Fare contemplates an idea sug 
gested by a student during a class dig 
cussion. Fare is also the faculty advise 
of Phi Beta Lambda and Students ir 
Free Enterprise. 







Photo by George Allen 

Amie Johnson works the Champions 
Against Drugs booth at Homecoming. 

Residence Hall Councils preside 

v^ ach residence hall coun- 
^* cil Is made up of its offi- 
^* cers, resident assistants 
,L^ and floor representa- 
tives. These groups 
meet once per month and are in 
charge of planning social activi- 
ties for each residence hall. 

Students wishing to make 
changes in the residence halls 
can direct their suggestions to 
the appropriate council. These 
groups also handle citation ap- 
peals as well as nominees for 

pageants and other events on 

Campbellsville University has 
in the last few years made sever- 
al improvements to its campus 
housing which includes the new 
South Hall wing and new furni- 
ture in north Hall. Druien Hall 
was added as a new housing 
complex on the top floor for 

Campus houses are generally 
for upperclassmen. The houses 
are all furnished with the excep- 

tion of appliances. Living in cam- 
pus houses gives students the 
chance to live more on their own, 
while still being on campus. 

Approximately 60% of the stu- 
dents attending Campbellsville 
live in residence halls. According 
to Sylvia Morris, dean of student' 
development, during the fall se-: 
mester, there were 628 students 
living in campus housing and 
579 during the spring semester. 
•Sara Kapp 

Photo by Jack Daniel Taylor 
The top floor of Druien Hall became 
housing for men majoring in Christian 

Photo by George Allen 
The new South Hall Complex houses approximately 290 men. The East wing 
rooms are for the underclassmen while the suites in the West wing are only for 
upperclass students. 


Photo by Matt Miller 
Druien Hall Council includes from left: 
Front row — Jameson Williams, Todd 
Boling, Guy Melvin and Mike Pratt. Back 
row — Jack Daniel Taylor. 

Residence Hall Councils 

Photo by Billy Surat 
South Hall Residence Council includes from left: Dave Walters director of South 
Hall-West, Jeremy McGuire, Curtis Barnes, director of South Hall-East, Briar! 
Whitlock, Bill Mason, Michael Blackburn, Brent Thompson, Chris Morgan, Jimmy 
Westwood, Willie Boyatt, Bobby Thompson and Brennen Searcy. 

Photo by Jack Daniel Taylor 
Above, Stapp Hall houses the majority 
of women on campus. Left, Stapp Hall 
Residence Council includes from left: 
First row — Jody Stickle, Diana Det- 
terick, Jennifer Elliott and Sarah Dill. 
Second row — Angie Duncan, Tammy 
Kincade, Kelley Dameron, Tara Ford 
and Allison Fox. Third row — Heather 
Maclnnes, Robin Hart, Carol Bond, 
Sara Talley, Terrie Foreman, director, 
and Jacki Lynn Watson. 

Photo by Jack Daniel Taylor 

bove, north Hall, formerly a men's 
;sidence, houses women. Right, north 
all Residence Council includes from 
:ft: First row — Chelley Hayes, Hope 
enson and Jennye Gardner. Second 
3w — Laura Willhite, director, and Lori 
ain. Third row — Gail Wise, Angie 
yles, Alison Foreman, Jennifer Shoe- 
lakerand Lyndsay Mulhall. Fourth row 
Bridget Dawson, Faith Cook, Valerie 
>wens, Rebecca Eich and Amber 

Photo by Sara Kapp 
George Cannon, left, tips the ball over 
the net as Curtis Barnes attempts to 
block. South Hall held a sand volleyball 
tournament in October to raise money 
to buy more sand for the court. Cannon 
and his teammate Stewart Lee won the 

Photo by George Allen 

Residence Hall Councils 


Ambassadors bring new life to CU 

Photo by Billy Suratt 
Student Ambassadors are from left: 
First row — Lyndsay Mulhall, Sheri 
O'Leary and Margo Compton. Second 
row — Johna East, Joanna Cowen and 
Jacki Lynn Watson. Third row — John 
Qaddis and Todd Boling. Fourth row — 
Max Wise, Jonathan Beckley and 
Shawn Stevens. 


Photo by George Allen 
Margo Compton validates student IDs 
at fall registration. 

Student Ambassadors 

^^^he Student Ambassa- 
M dors became an organ- 
m ized group in March of 
J last year. In just a little 
over one year, the 
group has made several contri- 
butions to Campbellsville Uni- 

The Student Ambassadors 
were created to educate and in- 
form prospective students. The 
group helped the Office of Ad- 

missions with Preview Days, Ti- 
ger Round-ups, hosting over-i 
night visitors, telemarketing as< 
well as helping Student Develop-! 
ment with Summer Orientations..!! 
The Executive Council inclu-, 
ded President Max Wise, Vicei 
President Brian Garrett, Secre-; 
tary Jacki Lynn Watson, Co-jj 
historians Johna East and Rocky 
Doom with Kimberly Rubis as; 

•Sara t\app ] 

Photo by George All( 
Jonathan Beckley, right, helps Chad Wheatley direct students through fall regi: 

SGA is communication link 

Photo by Troy Costisick 

Sharla Pochodzay enjoys herself at the Homecoming Dance. Homecoming was 
celebrated with a festival, football game and alumni reception and a dance 
concluded the weekend. 

5GA is the student body 
leader and a communi- 
cation link between the 
adminstation and stu- 
dents. SGA plans several 
activities a year to improve the 
relationship between everyone 
involved in the university com- 

As usual, SGA began the year 
with the annual Welcome Week 
events to help returning and new 
students make new friendships. 
Homecoming weekend was full 
of exciting events, the game, the 
festival in the courtyard, and a 
dance. The Snowflake Ball sig- 
nalled Christmas break. The Val- 
entine Pageant and dance were 
the events for February. 

SGA made several additions 
to the campus such as the ben- 
ches in the courtyard and new 

»Dana L. O'Daniel 

Photo by George Allen 

SGA members are from left: First row — Jeremy Suchman, Rebecca Jo Scott, Lynette Pickerill, Qena Curry, Jennifer Talley, 
Josh Bunch, Brittyne Dunn, Victoria Alexander, James Brown, Amy Dailey, President Melissa Wyatt, Vice President Olivia 
oleman, Rebecca Eich, Jama Watts, Chani Chartisathian and Angie Ryles. Second row — Sara Talley, Sharla Pochodzay, 
Qeorgianne Fenwick, Angie Marcum, John Christerson, Holly Robinson, Heather Smith, Bonnie Moore and Jaime Renfro. 
Third row — Chris Tilsley, Jessica Mueller, Guy Melvin, Amy Shields and Dan Hinshaw. 


t , 

Student Foundation says farewell 
to John Paul Blair 

/ohn Paul Blair has been 
the leader of Student Foun- 
dation since its beginning 
five years ago. However, 
Blair accepted a financial 
development job at Western 
Kentucky University and left 
Campbellsville in the spring. 

Student Foundation raises 
money for student scholarships, 
and, by the end of the year, the 
group had raised well over 
$10,000 toward the scho- 

The group broke the school's 
record for a phonathon which 
raised $4,957 in one night. They 
also sponsored events like the 
JC Penney Support Our Schools 
night, President for a Day, co- 
sponsored the campus directory 
and a silent auction of Camp- 
bellsville College memorabilia. 

Student Foundation also parti- 
cipates in activities like the men- 
toring program, when an alumni 
is paired with a student who is 
interested in the field in which 
they are employed. The mentors 
show a student what they do and 
what the employer expects and 
how they should prepare for the 

The Administration/Student 
Foundation Breakfast was creat- 
ed this year as well. The two 
groups had breakfast once a se- 
mester to talk with one another 
about campus issues in a non- 
formal setting. This is something 
the group hopes will continue in 
the future. 

In the future the Student Foun- 
dation hopes to continue their 
recent success with raising mon- 
ey for student scholarships. 

•Dana L. O Daniel 

Photo by Troy Costisick 
Student Foundation members are from left: Front row — Olivia Coleman, Ashley 
Taylor, operations director Lisa Duncan, Jessica Whitmore and Shane Garrison. 
Second row — Heather Slack, communications director Margo Compton, presi- 
dent Johna East, treasurer Shelly Barnes and Mary Williams. Third row — Stacia 
Payton, Willie Boyatt, Daniel Brummett and adviser John Paul Blair. Vice president 
is Regan Mott. 

Photo by Joan C. McKinnei 
From left, Margo Compton, Todd Hardin and John Paul Blair read a farewell card 
Blair was the Student Foundation faculty adviser five years. 

! ^ 

1 32 I Student Foundation 

Photo by Billy Suratt 
Student Foundation President for a Day Lisa Duncan delivers her inaugural 
address at the Oct. 30 convocation in the Powell Athletic Center. 

Duncan elected president for a day 



raises more 

than $850 for 


w w ^hile usual-student 

I Ik X Lisa Duncan was 

IX IX kept busy running 

V V Campbellsville Uni- 
versity, usual- 
president Kenneth W. Winters 
("Kenny" to his new student 
friends) was busy running 
around the university's campus. 

A junior psychology/ religious 
education double major from 
Liberty, Ky., Duncan traded pla- 
ces with Winters for one day after 
winning the Student Founda- 
tion's fifth annual President for a 
Day election. 

Duncan won the election by 
raising nearly $450 in scholar- 
ship money at the rate of 50 
cents per vote, more than the 
eight other candidates raised 
combined. A total of more than 
$850 was raised by all candi- 

The newly-elected president 
delivered her inaugural address 
to the students, faculty and staff 
of the university during the Oct. 
30 convocation program in the 
Powell Athletic Center. The pro- 
gram was in Powell Athletic Cen- 
ter to accommodate the large 
crowd present for the Staley Lec- 
ture Series lecturer Dr. Henry 

At the convocation, students 
were given questionnaires and 
asked to list things they would 
like to see changed on campus. 
In addition to being reviewed by 
Duncan, the questionnaires 
were given to President Winters 
once he resumed the presiden- 

Winters said he will evaluate 
each of the concerns listed in the 

Duncan's day was then filled 
with one-on-one student con- 
ferences, roundable discussions 
with faculty and staff members 
and a tour of the campus, during 
which she evaluated the prog- 
ress of various construction pro- 

"I commend you for your ef- 
forts," Duncan told administra- 
tors during a meeting. "Students 
don't realize your hard work." 

Winters spent the day going to 
classes, e-mailing friends and 
cleaning up before a room 

The junior "transfer student" 
from fictional Campbellberry 
University even took down minu- 
tes at a Student Foundation 
meeting (as the organization's 
secretary, Duncan usually would 
have kept the minutes). 

When the bells of the clock 
tower in the center of campus 
struck 5 o'clock that day, Dun- 
can's administration officially 
came to a close. 

But, she did get to keep one 
privilege a little longer than the 

Photo by Angela L. Geralds 
President Duncan is escorted by bo- 
dyguards Willie Boyatt, left, and Daniel 


As she was about to move her 
car out of the president's par- 
king space, Winters told her not 
to bother. 

"Leave it there," he said, "I 
won't need the space tonight.'' 
m Billy Suratt 

President for a Day 


An extension of BSU 

CWM bridges gap between youth 
groups, adult church life 

Photo by Troy Costisick 
Campus Women on Mission members are, from left: Front row — April Proctor, Lin Ma, President Lori Fain, Lisa Duncan and; 
Stephanie Southard. Back row — Jacki Lynn Watson, Lisa Tapscott, Mope Henson, Leslie Fegenbush and Vice Presidenti 
Jodie Bennett. Hot pictured are Amanda Taylor and Mary Bland. 

w w jr ni,e some students 
I Mm j spend weekends 
IX IX partying and cram- 
W W ming for tests, 
Campus Women 
on Mission members spend a lot 
of their time stuffing CARE pack- 
ages and hanging out with needy 

Last fall, CWM visited Kosair 
Children's Hospital and the In- 
fant Resource Project, both in 
Louisville, to spend time with 
and help needy children. 
The group also found time 

during the semester to put to- 
gether CARE packages for the 
Baptist Student Union's spring 
and summer mission trips. 

An extension of BSU, CWM 
specializes in community pro- 
jects and outreach ministry, 
whereas BSU deals more with 
creative ministry, according to 
CWM President Lori Fain. 

Fain, in her third year as presi- 
dent, said CWM acts as a con- 
necting organization between 
high school-aged church youth 
groups and adult church life. She 

said missions are a good way to 
remain active in ministry while! 
away from your home church. 

Fain also said that Campbells-; 
ville University's CWM group is 
the most active college women's 
organization in the state. 

CWM meets twice each month! 
in the Little Auditorium. 

The group's adviser is Joan^ 

mBilly Suratt anc 
Bretta D.F. Gannor 


1 34 I CWM 


Alpha Rho Tau brings art to 
campus and community 

jk lpha Rho Tau, or the art 
VI club as many call it, is a 
mJk club focused on bringing 
l X art appreciation to peo- 
ple on and off campus. 
Everything from trips to fund- 
aisers to art shows not only help 
he members expand their 
knowledge of the arts but also 
exposes the people in the com- 
munity to art. 
One event that Alpha Rho Tau 
xperienced was being able to 
>ee an exhibit of the work of De- 

gas on a trip to the Chicago Insti- 
tute for the Arts. 

The art club has also held 
many fundraisers including sell- 
ing Maple Trail buttons at Home- 
coming. The club also held an 
outdoor art exhibition competi- 
tion in which those who visited 
the exhibit were allowed to vote 
on their favorite piece. 

Alpha Rho Tau averages be- 
tween 10 to 20 people every 
meeting. They usually meet on 
Fridays once a month. 

Officers of the club are: 
Stacey LaRue Simpson, presi- 
dent; Jama Watts, vice presi- 
dent; Bonnie Moore, secretary, 
and Chani Chartisathian, treas- 

Alpha Rho Tau has been ac- 
tive both on and off campus 
and continues to grow by al- 
lowing anyone on campus 
"who is interested in art and 
bringing art to the community," 
to join, according to Simpson. 
uLori Short 



*^ if- 

Upha Rho Tau members are, from left: 

Jeremy Suchman, Jenny Smith, Lora Graves and Bonnie Moore 

Photo by Angela L. Geralds 
Front row — Chani Chartisathian, Jennifer Bender and Jama Watts. Back row — 

Alpha Rho Tau 


FCA presents Christ to students 

/^r^ he fellowship of Chris- 

m tian Athletes' purpose 
m is to present to all 
JL whom they influence or 
meet in life the chal- 
lenge and adventure of receiving 
Jesus Christ as their Savior and 

FCA is a group of students, 
coaches, athletes and anyone 
who feels the need to attend the 
meeting Wednesday nights at 
the University Theater. At these 
meetings, they tend to share 
special testimonies, skits that 
have a meaning behind them, 
verses from the Bible or whatev- 
er it may be that has been laid 
upon their hearts to share. 

mSamantha Redmon 

Photo by Billy SuraM 
FCA brought Brian Kiser, a member of the FCA staff, for the student body to hearj 
at convocation. Kiser is a former University of Louisville basketball player. Eric] 
Graves, club adviser, is at right. 

Photo by Wesley Bezuidenhoi | 
Members of FCA are from left: First row — Tasha Tanner, Sheri O'Leary, Melanie Weilmuenster, Courtney Hall, Amy Walke 
Jim liahn, James Brown, Jeremiah Bishop and Samuel Yoder. Second row — Joanna Cowen, Jane Clay Kephart, viol 
president; Jody Stickle, Chris Morgan, Jamie Durham, Corrie Riner, Amber Bechtold and Michelle Creason. Third Row — I 
Sharon Ishmael, Amy Carney, Lynette Pickerill, Jessica Whitmore, Brandon Boyatt, Margo Compton, Rachael Elrod, Tamm 
Kincade, Chris Ballard, outreach, Steve Jude, secretary/treasurer, Kelly Perry, Shelby Bryan, Nicole Wells, Sarah Knigh 
Beth Medley, Jennifer Pinkston, nicole Marlette and Erica Butler. Fourth row — Coach Eric Graves, adviser, Bobby Wis< 
Jackie Crowder, Sara Fischer, Shana Wheeler, Annie Whitley, Brad Hood, Kelly Jo Williams, Daniel Brummett, Steve Burtoi: 
skit director, Jon Anderson, Will Holland, Dan McGill, Michael Budlove, Jon McGill, Rusty Yount, Bubba Fox, Kelly Bryai 
Kristen Simmons, publicity, Judy Benningfield, Michael Blackburn, Amie Johnson, Max Chaney, Karla Burton, Jos 
Anderson, Holly Robinson, Melissa Craig, Jason Calder, Jenny Page, Sandra Kelley, Brad Cook and Scott Wilcher. 

1 36 I I Fellowship of Christian Athletes 


FCM/CCC supports future 

Photo by Jack Daniel Taylor 
IFCM/CCC conducts a Bible study during one of their meetings. Clockwise, from 
right, is Billy Wamsley, president; Stacey Elliott, Heather Steams, Jason Cordell, 
belana McManaway, Will Holland and Michael Pratt. 

v^ ellowship for Christian 
^m Ministries (FCM), also 
J* known as Campus 
M. Crusade for Christ 

(CCC), has an open 
membership to anyone who 
might be interested in a field of 
Christian ministry, such as 
church recreator, missionary, 
minister of music, pastor, re- 
ligious educator, social worker 
or youth minister. 

According to Billy Wamsley, 
FCM/CCC is a "support group 
for those interested in minis- 
try," or those who are 
"dedicated to ministering on 
the campus and throughout 
the community." FCM/CCC of- 
fers activities that include 
counselor and evangelism or 
witnessing training. The group 
also provides a directory of 
churches and "the opportuni- 
ty for prayer and fellowship," 
said Wamsley. 

mSamantha Redmon 

Photo by Troy Costisick 

FCM/CCC members were noted for coming to meetings in their pajamas. With 

'\ toothbrushes in hand, from left, are members: Front row — Bryan Fearn, Billy 

> (Wamsley, Michael Pratt and Jack Daniel Taylor. Back row — Robbie Harmon, 

( Dawn Richardson, CJ. Simpson and Stacey Elliott. 

Photo by Jack Daniel Taylor 
Bible studies are just one of the activi- 
ties during an FCM/CCC meeting. 

Fellowship for Christian Ministries 


Seeking its own identity while 

moving beyond labels is part of the 

"coming of age' of BSU 

Zooking beyond labels like 
FCA, BSU or FCM and 
more toward discipleship 
is how Ed Pavy believes 
the Baptist Student Union 
must "come of age." 

"1 think we're moving beyond 
some labels/' Pavy, the director 
of campus ministries, said. "I ex- 
pect each (ministry) organiza- 
tion to have its own identity and 
special activities . . . but I expect 
great things in the way campus 
ministries (as a whole) is impac- 
ting this campus.'' 

Specifically, Pavy anticipates 
more planning and communica- 
tion among all ministry organiza- 
tions in the future. 

A student-initiated and stu- 
dent-led organization, the BSU 
strives to teach leadership and 
responsibility to its members. 
According to Pavy, each mem- 
ber of the BSU Council is 
charged with trying to get other 
members involved in a leader- 
ship capacity. 

While Pavy said attendance at 
the group's weekly meetings has 
increased in the spring 1997 se- 
mester, the council is being 
downsized from 18 to 10 mem- 
bers in an attempt to become a 
more efficient governing body. 

Calling it the "best organiza- 
tion on campus,'' Pavy is quick 
to praise the current group of 
BSU students. The maturity lev- 
el, the talent level, the creativity 
is incredible,'' said Pavy. 

•Billy Suratt 

Photo by Billy Sural 
Master of ceremonies Ed Pavy, director of campus ministries, stands in th< 
spotlight during the 1997 BSU Dinner Theater. 


Baptist Student Union 

Photo by Billy Suratt 
Gossip Gazette Editor Angie Ryles, left, discusses an upcoming issue with staff members Carlotta Denney, center, and Chuck 
Fuller. The skit, "Gossip, They Wrote," was part of the BSU Dinner Theater. 

I he 


level, the 

talent level, 

the creativity 



— Ed Pavy 

Photo by Billy Suratt 
BSU puppeteers Amy Tindall, left, Ginger Shely, center, and James Owen help Dr. 
Paul Conco, executive vice president, as he addresses the student body at 
convocation updating them on campus activities. 

Baptist Student Union 

fr 139 

Health and Physical education 

prepare for the future 

y "jr ealth, Physical Educa- 

^^J tion and Recreation 

^^j Club gives the majors 

J X an opportunity to 

learn more about the 

field in which they have chosen 

to work after college. 

In November, the club took a 
trip to Nashville to visit hospitals 
and wellness centers. Dr. David 
CundifF, along with these stu- 
dents and the help of the univer- 
sity, worked on a wellness center 

for the students to enjoy at 
Campbellsville University that in- 
cludes stairclimbers and tread- 

The students work each year 
to raise money for various 
events and activities. This year 
the members sold chili at the 
football Homecoming activities, 
and the club also held a basket- 
ball tournament in December to 
raise money for the trips and 
conventions they attend 

throughout the year. 

"I have been a member fori' 1 
three years, and it has given ! 
me an opportunity to expert) 
ence and better prepare mejf 
for the career I have chosen," i 
said club president John Gad- 
dis. This club is an opportunity] 
for any students interested in j 
the health field as it allows stu- J 
dents to meet professionals vc\\ 
this field and mingle withj 

•Aimee' N. Bolin\ 

Photo by Jack Daniel Taylor 
Members of Health and Physical Education Club include from left: Front row — 
Alison Foreman, Sheri O'Leary, Heather Sandefur and Debbie Smith. Back row — 
Shane Garrison, Chris Sanders and Jason Radford. 

Photo by Jack Daniel Taylol 
John Qaddis, HPER club president, 
posts the purpose and benefits of the 
club on the club's bulletin board. 

Photo by Wesley Bezuidenhoi 
Dr. David Cundiff, HPER club adviser, addresses a group of students during a physical activity and aging class. 

40 HPER 


World Community Club works 
toward cultural awareness 

rrent Argo, World Com- 
munity Club adviser, 
said the main purpose 
of the club is to provide 
cultural experiences 
hd awareness, along with the 
•ducational experience of stu- 

Some students may not have 
jie opportunity to visit other 
ountries, and Argo feels it is 
[art of the club's responsibility 
■ provide that exposure for 
lese students. 

The club is not just for intema- 
onal students, Argo said. 
Susan Walters, international 
tudent adviser, is also a club 

'iAilMel^Y utafj* i 

WTMI : Vm ** ll 

Photo by Angela L. Geralds 
Members of this year's World Community Club are, from left: Front row — 
Ricardo Ortolani, Joanna Cowen, Jakelyny Oliveira, Alinne Silva, Wilselena Souza 
and Valeria Pausen. Second row — George Castro Jr., Leony Barroso, Fabio 
Santos, Emerson Silva and Marcelo Vitoria. Third row — Talita Qargalaca, 
Alecksey Silva, Martha Conceicao, Katia Nogueira, Marcos Cintra and Qeiordane 
Perreira. Fourth row — Camila Bastos, Juliana Nunes, Edgar Antonio Rocon and 
Marcus Dunes. Last row — Qleidson Santanna, Adviser Trent Argo, Daniel 
Castro, Wesley Carvalho, Peterson Pereira, Ariadne Loss and Heather Slack. 

Harlequins produce musical, 
drama and children's play 

Photo by George Allen 

Members of the Campbellsville University Harlequins are, from left: Front row — 
Melissa Hurtgen, Joy Rust, Susan Wright and Victoria Alexander. Back row — 
tobyn Beck, Alex Parrish, Adviser Russ Mobley and Brandon Warren. 

rhe Campbellsville Uni- 
versity Harlequins' rep- 
ertoire consisted of the 
fall play, Steel Mag- 
nolias; a children's pro- 
duction, You're A Good Man, 
Charlie Brown, and spring musi- 
cal, The Music Man. 

Steel Magnolias was produced 
and directed by Russ Mobley, as- 
sociate professor of theater and 
speech, with Jessica Musselwhi- 
te serving as assistant director. 

You're a Good Man, Charlie 
Brown was produced and direct- 
ed by Mobley with student direc- 
tors Scott Burress and C.B. 

The Music Man was directed 
and produced by Mobley, with 
Scott Burress as the assistant di- 

Harlequins' officers are Joy 
Rust, president; Alex Parris, vice 
president; and Robyn Beck, sec- 

World Community Club/Harlequins 

0-"-'s goal is to provide 
community service 

/ ' ft he goal of Social Work- 
m ers in Touch Can Help 

M (S.W.I.T.C.M.) is "to 
JL provide community ser- 
vice to agencies affil- 
iated with social programs/' sa- 
id Darlene Eastridge, assistant 
professor of social work and the 
club's adviser. 

Eastridge said the club spon- 
sored a family during the Christ- 
mas season through the Family 
Resource Center. S.W.I.T.C.H. al- 
so raised funds by having bean 
dinners to assist in community 

She said the group consists of 
primarily social work students 
but is open to all students. 

Vice president Debbie 
McMahan said S.W.I.T.C.H. 
"helps to give (members) an id- 
ea of what the needs in the com- 
munity are." 

McMahan, who is a senior with 
an area in social work, said in- 
volvement with S.W.I.T.C.H. 
creates for its members "more 
awareness'' of what's going on 
around them. 

Other officers are Jason Keith 
of Columbia, Ky., president; and 
Kalon Bagby of Qreensburg, Ky., 

S.W.I.T.C.H. met monthly as a 
club and also had monthly plan- 
ning meetings. 

They closed the 1996-97 year 
with a spring picnic. 

mAngela L. Geralds 

Top, from left, Debbie McMahan and 
Jason Keith, members of Social Work- 
ers in Touch Can Help, sell hot dogs 
and drinks at their club's booth at 
Homecoming Fest. At right, members 
of S.W.I.T.C.H. are, from bottom, Facul- 
ty Adviser Darlene Eastridge, Maria Par- 
ker, Jason Keith, Carolyn Milburn, 
Cindy O'Banion, Kalon Bagby, Heather 
Wilson, Amy Carney, Joanna Cowen, 
Sarah Dill and Debbie McMahan. 

Photo by Billy SuraL; 

Photo by Billy Sura » 



HSA 'comes of age # in it s third year 

First students 

graduate earlier 

than expected 


Cynce you have students 
actually completing the program, 
/ou have a certain maturity. " 

— Jim Moore 

Photo by Angela L. Geralds 
Jessica McFarlin, right, has a word with her teammates during the Academic 
hallenge tournament against the faculty and staff. Teammates are, from left, 
Jason Ash, Charles Gibbs and Darel Bamett. 

Photo by Joan C. Mctiinney 
jHonor students are, from left: Bonnie Moore, adviser Dr. Jim Moore, Josh Bunch, 
Kim Ward, Naomi Rinehold, Bogdan Ratiu, president, and Heather Slack. 


hen the honors 
program began 
three years ago, 
Dr. Jim Moore did- 
n't think anyone 
would graduate with an honors 
minor for at least four years. 
However, Heather Slack and Max 
Wise proved him wrong. 

Slack and Wise, who have 
been in the program since the 
beginning, became Campbells- 
ville University's first honor gra- 
duates and wore special Honor 
Student Association (HSA) me- 
dallions as part of their aca- 
demic regalia in the May com- 
mencement ceremony. 

"Once you have students ac- 
tually completing the program, 
you have a certain maturity," 
Moore, the HSA adviser, said. 

Although the program has 
been around for three years, 
Moore said it was basically a 
"man without a country/' until 
just recently. "We couldn't have 
stuff' because we had nowhere 
to put stuff,' " Moore said. 

But that changed once space 
was set aside for the Honors Stu- 
dent Center in Druien Hall. The 
center consists of a lounge and 
office where students can read 
without interruption, work on 
class assignments or check e- 
mail and surf the Internet using a 
computer belonging to the HSA. 

"In a day-to-day sense, the 
most active and important part 
is the honors curriculum,'' 
Moore said, adding that extra- 
curricular trips and activities al- 
so are important to the students' 

mBilly Suratt 

Honors/ Academic Team 


Sigma Tau Delta activities ^foster 


Photo by Jack Daniel Taylor 
Members of Sigma Tau Delta include, 
from left: Front row — Amy Dailey and 
Kelly Brenner. Back row — Jenny 
Smith, Heather Slack, Dr. William Meal, 
faculty adviser, and Beverly Mings. 

Photo by Angela L. Geralds 

Dr. William Heal, associate professor of 
English and chair of the Division of Hu- 
manities, listens as Jill Pelaez Baum- 
gaertner reads a selection of her own 
poetry to students and faculty mem- 
bers who attended a dinner hosted by 
Sigma Tau Delta. Meal is also the fac- 
ulty adviser of Sigma Tau Delta. 

5igma Tau Delta, an hon- 
ors society for English 
majors and minors, was 
established on campus 
during the 1996-97 year. 
According to Brian Couch, 
vice president, Sigma Tau Delta 
is recognized and respected by 
many potential employers and 
others in the literary field. 

Couch, a senior English ma- 
jor, said Sigma Tau Delta's pur- 
pose is to "foster and stimulate 
an interest and knowledge in 

He said this is accomplished 
by the activities in which the 
group is involved. 

The group brought poet Jill 
Pelaez Baumgaertner to cam- 
pus. Baumgaertner spoke at 
convocation and attended a din- 
ner at The Candlestick spon- 

sored by Sigma Tau Delta. 

At the dinner, Baumgaertneij 
read her poetry, sold copies oil 
her book and gave those in at;' 
tendance a limited edition of one' 
of her poems, "Pelaez Relink' 

Sigma Tau Delta, along with; 
Honors students, attended i\ 
Broadway production of Les Misl 

Couch said he wants the or; 
ganization to keep interest ir] 
and knowledge of English "alive- 
and well'' on Campbellsville Unii 
versity's campus. 

Other officers include presi, 
dent Heather Slack, president^ 
elect Heather Adkins and secrei 
tary Jennifer Smith. 

■ Angela L. Geraldi, 

Connections recognizes 


Sigma Tau Delta/Connections 

rhe student publication 
Connections an- 
nounced winners in its 
creative writing, art and 
photography competi- 

The poetry winners were first 
place, Robert Wilson with The 
world was much larger then,'' 
and second, Stacy LaRue Simp- 
son for This world is a dirty 

Honorable mentions in poetry 
were Jama Watts, Naomi 
Rinehold, Dusty Richardson and 
Robert Stafford. 

In the prose category winners 
were, first place, Heather Adkins 
with "Who She Would Have 
Been,'' second place was 
Rinehold with "What I Saw'' and 
honorable mention was Troy 
Costisick with "A Typical Eve- 

ning in Edgerton." 

Honorable mentions in pros* 
were Jennifer A. Smith, Beverh 
Mings and Josh Johnson. 

Writers of haiku who received 
Honorable Mention recognition] 
were Brian Couch, Wilson, Allii 
son Fox, Richardson, Smith anc 

First place in photography wa;; 
shared by Watts and BonnUj 

First place in art went to Rob 1 
bie Hayden, whose drawing wa;j 
the cover of the publication. Sec 
ond place was Todd Hardin and 
third was William Holland. Hon 
orable mentions in the art cat; 
egory were Jim Street, Anit;i 
Snow and Brooke Tomes. 

Connections is a publication c 
Campbellsville University's Soci 
ety of Scribblers. 

PBL makes new strides 

prise (SIFE). 
ners were 

rhe Campbellsville Uni- 
versity Phi Beta Lamb- 
da increased its mem- 
bership by 200% this 
year. The business 
honorary is a nationally recog- 
nized organization. 

The PBL executive officer 
team consisted of Kathy Taylor, 
lEric Wheatley, Molly Brennan, 
Tonya Watson, Mary Jones and 
Xngela Green. 

! PBL participated in several 
projects. A speaker series was 
provided for students in conjunc- 
tion with Students in free Enter- 
Thanksgiving din- 
packaged and 
jdelivered to over 20 families in 
Kentucky, and the first annual 
bhili cookoff was in the Student 

I Several members attended 
[the Fall Leadership Conference 
In November. 

In April, 12 PBL members 
pompeted in the Spring Compe- 
ition with eight coming away 
*vith honors. At the national 
:ompetition in Washinton D.C., 
:wo of the three participants pla- 
:ed in the top 10. 

Eric Wheatley was fifth in com- 
puter programming, and Kathy 
Taylor was eighth in Accounting 
This year the national competi- 
ion was in Anaheim, Calif. 

Phi Beta Lambda has been 
m opportunity to gain contacts 
Imd resume opportunities. The 
; fctate competition is a chance to 
>|neet with others who have the 
[same interests in the business 
(field," said Angela Green. 

mChristi Thomas 

Photo by Jack Daniel Taylor 
Kathy Taylor tastes some chili at the PBL cookoff. The proceeds from the event 
went to the March of Dimes and funded national competition in Anaheim, Calif. 





il ill il ill 1 1 

Photo by Troy Costisick 
Phi Beta Lambda members are from left: Front row — Ann Dabney, Lisa Thomas, 
Tonya Mann, Olivia Reynolds, Kim Dowell, Paula Skaggs and Connie Newton. 
Back row — Kathy Taylor, Molly Brennan, Michael Doty, Eric Wheatley, Jonathan 
Copley, Angela Green, Mary Jones, Robin Hart, James Fare, adviser, and Leeanne 

Phi Beta Lambda 


SPJ links students to professionals 

Photo by Joan C. McKinney 
Society of Professional Journalist President Brian Couch recruits students at the 
organization's Homecoming booth Oct. 12. SPJ sold hot cider and caramel 
apples at the booth, while distributing information about the organization. 




Photo by Billy Suratt 
SPJ member Bethney Jo Foster, a grad- 
uating senior from Russell Springs, Ky., 
helps distribute campus publications 
and information about the organization 
during Homecoming Fest. The booth 
also sold apple cider. 

Photo by Angela L. Geralds 
SPJ member Billy Suratt is at work with 
his Canon. 

n& £■■ 

Members of SPJ are from left 
Angela L. Geralds. Back row — 
Billy Suratt. 
I I Society of Professional Journalists 

Photo by Rochelle Simpson 
Front row — Bethney Jo Foster, Kelly Brenner and 
- Joan McKinney, Stan McKinney, Brian Couch and 


^^H% he Campbellsville Uni- 
m versity Satellite Chapter I 
m of the Society of Profes- i 

A. sional Journalists or-| 
ganized at the end of I 
the 1996 spring semester, mak- 
ing it one of the newest organ- 
izations on campus. 

According to SPJ president 
Brian Couch, the organization's; 
purpose is to help journalism 
students fulfill their professional 

According to SPJ's mission j 
statement, The Society of Pro- 
fessional Journalists is dedicat- 
ed to the perpetuation of a free 
press as the cornerstone of our; 
nation and our liberty. To ensure 
that the concept of self-j 
government outlined by the Uni- 1 
ted States Constitution remains] 
a reality into future centuries, the ( 
American people must be well 
informed in order to make de- 
cisions regarding their lives and 
their local and national com- 
munities. It is the role of journal-, 
ists to provide this information in 
an accurate, comprehensive, 
timely and understandable man 

"It is the mission of the Socie 
ty of Professional Journalists: tc 
promote this flow of information: 
to encourage a climate in which 
journalism can be practiced free 
ly and fully, to stimulate high 
standards and ethical behavio 
in the practice of journalism, tc 
foster excellence and to encour 
age diversity among journalists 
to inspire successive general 
tions of talented individuals t( 
become dedicated journalists: 
Finally, the Society must main! 
tain constant vigilance in protect 
tion of the First Amendmen 1 
guarantees of freedom of speed 
and of the press.'' 

•Angela L. Gerald 

Psychology Club builds relationships 

Photo by Billy Suratt 

Elisia Watson Qnagie sells Campbellsville University cups at the Psychology Club 
booth during Homecoming Fest. The club earned about $200 from the fundraiser 
to help them take field trips. 

Members of the Psychology Club are 
from left: Front row — Margo Compton, 
Johna East, president, and Susan 
Wright, secretary-treasurer. Back 
row — Tyson Lodge, Adviser and Assis- 
tant Professor of Psychology Dr. Royce 
Simpson and Jonathan Copley. 

Photo by Billy Suratt 

rhe Psychology Club is 
an opportunity to build 
relationships between 
people with common 
interests, said Johna 
East the club's president. 

In the fall semester, the club 
attended the Kentucky Psycholo- 
gy Association (KPA) convention 
in Louisville, Ky. 

At the convention, East pre- 
sented a poster on a research 
project completed by Qina Huff, 
a 1996 graduate of Campbells- 
ville University. Huff conducted 
the research while attending the 

The club also saw other pos- 
ters by students across the state 
and were asked questions by 
psychologists and professors. 

East said the club plans to 
compete in the KPA Psychology 
Bowl next year, and held prac- 
tice sessions for the bowl during 
the spring semester. She said 
the Psychology Bowl is like an 
academic team tournament 
based on psychology. 

East said the club also took a 
trip to a mental hospital in Louis- 
ville and sponsored Harold Ad- 
ams, a hypnotist, on campus. 

The club is v a good opportuni- 
ty to get to know other people 
that are intersted in the same 
field that you are in/' said East. 

Faculty advisers are Dr. Royce 
Simpson and Dr. Susan Howell, 
assistant professors of psycholo- 
Other officers are Rocky 
Doom, vice president; Susan 
Wright, secretary-treasurer; and 
Brooke Towe, public relations. 
•Angela L. Geralds 

Psychology Club 


Worshipping through music 

Carpenter's Apprentice 
brings the best of both 
worlds to worship. 
The group has a 
contemporary flare but 
is not limited in presentation of 
music in the worship environ- 
ment. The group also shares its 
testimony in words and music. 
This year's group is made up of 
four alumni, five students in the 
music program and a Christian 
studies student. 

Under the guidance of Dr. Ro- 
bert Gaddis, the 10-member en- 
semble takes a varied repertoire 
to churches throughout Ken- 
tucky as well as adjoining states. 
Membership is open to alumni 
and current students of any aca- 
demic area on an audition basis. 
The only requirement is the de- 
sire to share Christ Jesus. 

The group performed with the 
Grammy and Dove Award win- 
ning Larnelle Harris in a benefit 
concert for the Qosser Fine Arts 
Center addition April 3. 

•George H. Allen Jr. 

Photo by Jack Daniel Taylor I 
Carpenter's Apprentice members are, from left: Front row — Sharla Pochodzay, 
Allison Sewell, Amy Durham, Sumer Hatfield, with Mrs. Larnelle Harris, Larnelle | 
Harris and Dr. Robert Qaddis. Back row — Josh Bunch, Alex Parrish, Cindy | 
Crowder, Jameson Williams, Jennifer Tinnell and Kevin Durham. 

Photo by Jack Daniel Taylor 


Carpenter's Apprentice 

Photo by George Allen 
Above left, Allison Sewell sings in con- 
cert with Larnelle Harris. Sewell is a| 
senior from Somerset, Ky. Above,! 
Jameson Williams sings as part of the 
opening act for the Larnelle Harris ben- 
efit concert. Williams is a communica- i 
tions, electronic media major fromj 
Crestwood, Ky. Left, Josh Bunch, Alex: 
Parrish and Sumer Hatfield are all new 
additions to the group. Bunch is a 
church music major from Bloomfield, 1 
Ky. Parrish is a Christian studies major 
from Campbellsville, Ky. Hatfield is a 
music education major from Louisville, 

Sigma Zeta strives to be civic- 
minded, scientific community 

^^^uch events as a yearly 
^^ pick-up of trash along a 
^^ two-mile stretch on Old 
KmS Lebanon Road illustrate 
Sigma Zeta's dedication 
to the Campbellsville communi- 
ty and the area's environment. 

This year, Sigma Zeta, an hon- 
orary math and science club, 
was involved in several research 
projects at Clay Hill, including an 
aquatic vertebrates survey, con- 

ducted by club member Joe Fer- 

The club also sold T-shirts, 
with some of the proceeds going 
to environmental organizations 
and the remainder going to sub- 
sidize members' travel and lodg- 
ing expenses to the national con- 
vention in Canton, Ohio. 

According to club member Bri- 
an Whitlock, the convention, "is 
a good time to see other under- 

graduate students engaged in 
and presenting their research. 
It's really good for undergradu- 
ate students.'' 

With advisers such as Dr. Tom 
Jeffries, Dr. Robert Street and Dr. 
Gordon Weddle, Brian Whitlock 
said, "The club has some great 
advisers that really care about 
extending our knowledge of sci- 
ence and the world around us." 
•Daniel R. Pantqja 

Photo by Angela L. Geralds 
Sigma Zeta members Stephanie Southard, left, and Sara Talley man a booth at Homecoming selling T-shirts ancrtote bags 
as part of the club's fund-raising efforts. 

The 1996-97 Sigma Zeta club mem- 
bers are from left: Front row — Sara 
Talley, Lori nation, Stephanie Southard 
and Mary Bland. Second row — Ben 
Marcum, Kelley Dameron, Joe Fergu- 
son, Adviser Kay Sutton, Adviser Jim 
Roach, Adviser Glenn McQuaide, Lyn- 
nette Hadley and Will Burton. Third row 
— Brian Whitlock, Adviser Dr. Gordon 
Weddle and Adviser Richard Kessler. 

Sigma Zeta 1 49 


Music Educators National 
Conference students enjoy music 

Music Educators na- 
tional Conference is 
a professional 
group for those stu- 
dents who are mu- 
sic education majors and those 
simply interested in music. 

MENC allows students to help 
promote music education in the 
public school system. Students 
also have the chance to be asso- 
ciated with music leaders in the 

MENC members go out into 
the local community to tutor stu- 
dents and help promote what 
Steve Smith said was "quality 
education music programs in 
the county." 

Dr. Robert Gaddis, professor 
of music, is the adviser. 

mDana L. O'Daniel 

Photo by Dana L. O'Daniel 
MEMC officers are, from left: President Steve Smith, President-elect Johnny 
Warren, Vice President Anne Quarles, Treasurer Jeremy Cole and Secretary 
Natasha Scott. 

Photo by Dana L. ODanie 
Members of MENC are, from left: Front row — Steve Smith, Johnny Warren, Anne Quarles, Natasha Scott, Jeremy Cole anc 
Dr. Robert Qaddis, adviser. Second row — Sarah Montgomery, Faith Cook, Daniel Blankenship and Stacey Willis. Third rov 
— Curtis Ervin, Scotty Bums, Kevin Propes, Kimberly Wright and Bonnie A. Moore. 



KEA — SP: 
teaching for the 21st century 

y^entucky Education As- 
J^r sociation-Student Pro- 
t\ gram is an organization 
LjK ^ that is designed for fu- 
ture educators and 
I teachers, according to Lori Eu- 
bank, instructor in education at 
Campbellsville University and 
KEA-SP adviser. 

Campbellsville University hos- 
ted the fall State Conference for 

the KEA-SP which many Camp- 
bellsville students attended. 

The 96 members were in- 
volved in M.E.L.P. (Homework El- 
evates Learning Pride), a pro- 
gram in which KEA-SP members 
tutor children and give home- 
work assistance. The members 
of this club also attended differ- 
ent workshops which included 
stress management, taught by 

Photo by Lori Eubank 
From left, Laura Milby, Jeanne Smith and Steve Burton give homework help to 
students as part of the KEA-SP club's involvement in the H.E.L.P. (Homework 
Elevates Learning Pride) program. 

Photo by Billy Suratt 
KEA-SP club members Kelly Creech, left, and Christie Bland sell T-shirts and 
jsweatshirts during a fund-raiser at Homecoming events. At left is Christina Hicks 
Jand her husband, Joey. 

Dr. Linda Cundiff, and rainforest, 
taught by Carolyn Garrison. 

"I feel that KEA-SP allows stu- 
dents to develop professionally 
and provides leadership oppor- 
tunity that prepares them for 
teaching in the 21st century," 
said Eubank. 

mAimee ' Fi Bolin 

Photo by Angela L. Geralds 
Members of KEA-SP are, from left: 
Front row — Kelly Creech, Michelle 
Creason, Emily McCreary and Christie 
Bland. Second row — Lori Eubank, ad- 
viser, Ginger Shely and Rebecca Jo 
Scott. Third row — Mikki Brady, Jen- 
nifer Deener and Christina Hicks. 
Fourth row — Katie Moss, Jeanne 
Smith, Charity Hounshell and Carol 
Stayton. Fifth row — Beverly Mc- 
Queary, April Shewmaker and Diana 
Detterick. Sixth row — Samantha 
Roark, Lindsay Stanford, Carol Bond 
and Scott Clifford. Seventh row — 
Chad Lane, Lisa Tapscott and Mike 



Democrat, Republican clubs get 

Photo by Billy Suratt 
Democrat Club members are, from left: Jama Watts, Jennifer Talley, Brandon 
Hazzard, president; Bonnie Moore and Lori nation. 


Photo by Billy Suratt 
Republican Club members are, from left: First row — Johna East, April Curry, 
Amy Dailey and Samantha Barnsfather. Second row — Jason Morris, Jeffrey 
Schuhmann, treasurer; April Son and Karla Burton. Third row — Jonathan 
Thompson, Jonathan Copley, president; Michael Copley, Stephen (Woody) 
Woodell, Traver Dabney, Naomi Rinehold and adviser Bobby R. riimes. 



1 felt like our 
generation were' 
the biggest 
winners. " 

— Jonathan Coplej, 


Photo by Billy Suratt 
Kentucky Secretary of State John Y. Brown III, Democrat, talks with Democrat 
Club member Jama Watts, right, after convocation. In center is Jennifer Talley. 


caught up in real world politics 

Photo b&BMy Suratt 
(In a spirit of bi-partisanship, the Rev. John Chowning, behind lectern, chair of the university's board of trustees and a field 
jrepresentative for Congressman Ron Lewis (R-Cecilia), presents Democrat Jim Fare with a poster encouraging people to 
jvote in the November general election. Chowningalso gave Republican club president Jonathan Copley, in background, and 
Olivia Coleman of the Student Government Association promotional stickers and posters to distribute. Chowning spoke 
■about the importance of young voters during the Oct. 16 convocation. 

rna year when politics was 
j m an issue in many lives, the 
\l Democrat and Republican 
M. clubs on campus were 
thrust into the middle of lo- 
cal efforts to rally party support 
[and raise funds for various can- 

i Both clubs stuffed envelopes, 
made phone calls and traveled 
(the countryside in support of 
itheir local political candidates. 
They also tried to turn out vot- 
ers, regardless of their party af- 

Republican president Jona- 
than Copley estimates his club 
turned out at least 100 Republi- 
can votes just on campus. 

The Republican candidate for 
every office on the ballot placed 
first in Taylor County, despite 
the fact that there are 8,087 reg- 
istered Democrat voters as op- 
posed to 6,917 Republicans, ac- 
cording to the Kentucky State 
Board of Elections. 

According to the KSBE, 57.9% 
of registered voters statewide 
cast votes in the riovember pres- 

idential election. In Taylor Coun- 
ty, 26.8% of the local electorate 

Jama Watts of the Democrats 
Club believes this is because 
many people voted a straight 
ticket, meaning that they voted 
for all candidates of the same 

"I'm sick and tired of partisan 
politics," Watts said. According 
to Watts, candidates should be 
elected on their own merit, not 
because of their party affiliation. 
mBilly Suratt 



SIFE educates the campus and 
community on free enterprise 

5tudents in Free Enter- 
prise is a new club on 
campus but has already 
grown to be one of the 
largest clubs on campus. 

SIFE has brought free enter- 
prise speakers to campus, given 
telephone and business educa- 
tion to office employees, spon- 
sored Thanksgiving dinners to 
the less fortunate, taught classes 
at the local middle schools 
about the stock market and 
sponsored a campus cleanup. 
SIFE was also involved in the 
mentor program in which over 
60 adolescents participated. 

Campbellsville University's 
SIFE completed over 64 projects 
and directly touched nearly 
45,000 people. 

President Matt Beal said the 
goal of SIFE is "to educate cam- 
pus and community on free en- 
terprise.'' Beal said the group 
feels they have completed their 
goal because several community 
organizations have asked for 
help in the future. He said SIFE 
has had much interaction and 
response from the community. 

The SIFE competition team 
was awarded three out of the 
four honors presented at region- 
al competition in Atlanta in April. 
Products at competition were an 
annual report and a 30-minute 
multi-media presentation. 
Campbellsville's SIFE won Rook- 
ie of the Year, Halt the Deficit 
and Regional Champion. The 
group traveled to Kansas City for 
International competition where 
they won the Rookie of the Year 

•Dana L. O Daniel 


Photo by Dana L. O Daniel 

SIFE members with the three trophies that were won in Atlanta are, from left! 
Front row — April Curry, Melissa Giles, Johna East and Olivia Coleman. Seconc; 
row — Matt Beal, Holly Robinson, Patricia Krausman, with the Small Business) 
Development Center, Shala Curtis, and faculty adviser Jim Fare. Third row — 
right: Shawn Stevens, Eli Keck, Jonathan Copley and Sam Potter. SIFE won foi 
Halt the Deficit, Regional Champion and Rookie of the Year. 

Photo by Dana L. ODan'u i 
SIFE members are from left: First row — Vice President of Competition John; 
East and Darrin Price. Second row — Holly Robinson, Andy Hartman, Jeffre 
Schuhmann, Vice President of Projects Jenny Sparks, President Matt Beal, Gingej 
Shely, Secretary Monica Wilkins and Olivia Coleman. Third row — Brando 
Hazzard, Shala Curtis, Leanne Weddle, Tim Green, Jared Kirkwood, Marg. 
Compton and Tonya Kalkhof. Fourth row — Jonathan Copley, Vice President c 
Public Relations Shawn Stevens, Michael Blackburn and Lynette Pickerill. Fift* 
row — Larry Haralson, Ches Fuller and faculty adviser Jim Fare. 


Photo by Billy Suratt 

jmpbellsville University Students In Free Enterprise members, from left, Shawn Stevens, Kim Dowell and Jenny Sparks 
iiscuss the stock market with local middle school students in conjunction with the organization's mission to educate the 
community about free enterprise. 

Photo by Billy Suratt 
Students In Free Enterprise member Shawn Stevens teaches local middle school 
tudents about the stock market and "rules of investing." 

Photo by Billy Suratt 
Campbellsville University Students In 
Free Enterprise members, from left, 
Darrin Price, Johna East and Olivia 
Coleman prepare Thanksgiving meals 
to distribute to those in need. Students 
In Free Enterprise, in its first year at 
Campbellsville University, conducted 
several programs, including a campus 
cleanup and a mentor program for over 
60 adolescents. 



The TV ^experiment' is coming 

5 4l 

w » y hen local business- 
I #1 X man George Owen 
l# IX decided to start a 
^ W new, low-power tel- 
evision station in 
Campbellsville in 1986, some 
skeptics thought he was crazy, 
said Owen. After all the full- 
power WQRB-TV 34 was only a 
few miles away. 

However, Owen thought the 
low-power format (created in the 
mid-1980s) could work for the 
station because of its lower start- 
up and operating costs. The 
costs would also be reduced by 
the fact that TV-4's staff was 
made up mostly of people al- 
ready on Owen's payroll at 
WCKQ-fM/ Q-104. 

Paying no attention to the 
skeptics, Owen went right ahead 
with his experiment. 

When the federal Communi- 
cations Commission granted a 
broadcasting license to W04BP- 
TV 4, the station became what 
Owen said was only the second 
low-power television station in 
the entire state of Kentucky. 

In September 1986, the sta- 
tion signed on for the first time 
and began bringing local and 
syndicated programs into peo- 
ple's living rooms. The station 
offered a variety of programming 
in the early days, including a 30- 
minute local newscast every eve- 

Mary Blakeman, then an un- 
dergraduate at Campbellsville 
College, was the news show's 
first anchor. 

Owen and crew won an award 
in 1988 for producing the best 
low-power, local television news 
program in the country. The sta- 
tion was later recognized in the 
same year for producing the sec- 
ond best commercial of any sta- 
tion in the state, including the 

Broadcast Services 

Photo by Billy Sura 
Michael Pratt entertains listeners during his mid-day program on Campus Radic 
The radio station was added to the Office of Broadcast Services in 1995. 

big network stations. 

In 1990, Owen came to the 
realization that, while a critical 
success, TV-4 was probably nev- 
er going to be a financial suc- 

lie pondered selling the sta- 
tion for a while, but realized who- 
ever bought it would basically be 
competing with his "bread and 
butter" radio station for ad- 
vertising revenue. Later that 
same year, Owen donated the 
entire TV-4 operation to Camp- 
bellsville College hoping "It 
would give them something oth- 
er small colleges wouldn't have'' 
and help establish a broadcast- 
ing curriculum to draw in more 

"Every year they seem to 
make a little more headway,'' 
Owen said, adding that the sta- 
tion's crew, under the leadership 
of Bryan Blair, director of broad- 
cast services, seems to become 
even more professional with 
each passing year. 

Owen now operates a radio 

station in Louisville and has re 
cently sold Q-104 to the Com 
monwealth Broadcasting Com 
pany co-owned by forme 
Kentucky Gov. Brereton Jones 
In November 1996, th 
Campbellsville University Boar 
of Trustees renamed the cam 
pus building which houses th 
Office of Broadcast Services a 
the George E. Owen Jr. Medi 

Longtime Q-104 radio person 
ality and original TV-4 staffe 
Tom McClendon admits his bi 
tersweet feelings when the telev 
sion station first changed hand 
but is proud to see what it is noi 
blossoming into, especially witi 
Campus Radio nearing its sec 
ond year of successful opera 

"I'm convinced it's going to b 
a real functional station that' 
going to be around Campbell: 
ville for a long time,'' McClendo 

•Billy Sura 

jf stQe'; radio continues to grow 


very year they seem to 
make a little more 


— George Owen 

Sabrina Nallia 

abrina Nallia has 
been a part of the 
TV-4 family for six 
years, but she just 
finished her first 
year as a full-fledged staff 

In the fall of 1996, she 
was hired as part-time pro- 
duction manager for TV-4, 
overseeing the production 
of programs aired on the 

A Campbellsville College 
graduate with a double ma- 
jor in art and communica- 
tions, journalism emphasis, 
rfallia first became involved 
with the TV-4 program dur- 
ing her freshman year. 

She has been married to 
Charles David nallia, an 
over-the-road truck driver 
and former physical plant 
employee, for two years. 

The couple's first child, 
Hannah Elizabeth, was bom 
Feb. 18, 1997, in Spring- 
field, Ky. 

mBillu Suratt 

Photo by Billy Suratt 
Karine Alcantara from Brazil leams first hand how to shoot basketball during a 
home game versus Georgetown. The TV-4 crew used three cameras to cover the 
game, along with its mobile production facility. 

Broadcast Services 


Campus Times gives students a voice 


he Campbellsville Uni- 
versity Campus Times 
staff began the 1996- 
97 school year with a 
new student editor 
and a new faculty adviser. 

Angela L. Geralds, a senior 
English and journalism major, 
was named as editor of the stu- 
dent-produced university news- 
paper. Stan McKinney, an ad- 
junct journalism professor and 
news editor at the Central Ken- 
tucky-News Journal, was 
named faculty adviser. 

"Being editor of the Campus 
Times is a big responsibility. It 
takes a lot of long hours and 
dedication to fulfill the obliga- 
tions that come with being edi- 
tor. It's not always easy to 
determine what issues to deal 
with, but I stand behind every 
decision we have made," Ger- 
alds said. "The student news- 
paper is an opportunity for 
everyone involved with 
Campbellsville University to ex- 
press their opinions." 

mBethney Jo Foster 



\ iq 

Photo by Billy Sura 

Former Times adviser, Dr. Robert Doty, professor of English, looks at a book o 
Shakespearean insults given to him by the Campus Times staff at his going awa 
party in May 1996. Doty spent the 1996-97 school year teaching in England. 


Photo by Joan C. McKinney 
Members of the Campus Times staff are, from left: Front row — Angela L. Geralds 
and Bethney Jo Foster. Back row — Brian Couch, Billy Suratt, Kelly Brenner and 
Stan McKinney, adviser. 

Campus Times 

Photo by Joan C. McKinn 
Angela L. Geralds, Times editor, is < 
dressed up following a job interview. 

Maple Trail — its been a long ride 

Photo by Richard RoBards 
The Maple Trail staff includes, from left: First row — Aimee Bolin and Christi 
Thomas. Second row — Sara Kapp and Marc Whirl. Third row — Dana O'Daniel, 
Uigie Geralds, Joan McKinney and Rebecca Colvin. Fourth row — Wesley 

pezuidenhout, Billy Suratt, Samuel Yoder, Danny Pantoja and George Allen. Fifth 

row — Andy Rocha, Lori Short and Jack Daniel Taylor. 

Photo by Joan C. McKinney 

Vndy Rocha collapses while sorting pictures for the yearbook. Panel page pictures 
vere sorted and classified by students working in the Office of Public Relations 
ind Marketing. 

/^^ he Maple Trail, along 
m with Campbellsville 
m University, is 

A. "coming of age." As 
our first university 
yearbook, the staff has tried to 
create a more "prestigous" 
look for the book said year- 
book editor Lori Short. 

The staff of the Maple Trail 
includes: Rebecca Colvin and 
Joan McKinney, advisers; Lori 
Short, editor; sports writers, 
Aimee' Bolin, Angela L. Ger- 
alds, Kenny Lawson and Chris- 
ti Thomas; news writers, Beth 
Foster, Sara Kapp and Dana 
O'Daniel; photographers, 
George Allen, Jack Daniel Tay- 
lor, Sam-e Yoder, Billy Suratt, 
Wesley Bezuidenhout, Troy 
Costisick and Danny Pantoja; 
office assistants, Molly Matney, 
Roberto Nunes and Andy 

"All of us have put in some 
long hours, but our work has 
really paid off. We are proud of 
this book, and we hope you 
like it," said Short. 

Mb \W ■ 

-- m 

al^fc 1&, <»i i '\w*#*i 




In m 

Photo by Billy Suratt 
From left, clockwise, Sara Kapp, Andy 
Rocha, Lori Short and Holly Matney dis- 
cuss yearbook matters in the Office of 
Public Relations and Marketing. 

Maple Trail 


Wilson represents Champions 

Champions Against 
Drugs is advised by 
first-year faculty mem- 
ber Etienne Qibbs, in- 
structor in social work. 
The officers for Champions 
Against Drugs are Karla Burton, 
president; Jason Keith, vice 
president; Marsha Coffey, secre- 
tary/treasurer, and Lynette Pick- 
erill, publicity officer. 

Champions Against Drugs be- 
gan scheduling speakers for the 
next academic year. The organ- 
ization hosted a bake sale at 
Wal-Mart and participated in na- 
tional Red Ribbon Week in Octo- 

Heather Wilson represented 
the Champions in the 1997 Val- 
entine Pageant and was crowned 
Valentine Queen. She represen- 
ted Campbellsville University in 
the Mountain Laurel Festival in 
Pikeville in May. 

mChristi Thomas 


60 I Champions Against Drugs 

Photo by Billy Sura 
Heather Wilson performs a vocal presentation of My Quy for the Valentin* 
Pageant. She represented Champions Against Drugs and was crowned Valentin* 

Photo by Sara Kaf. 
Champions Against Drugs members are from left: Lynette Pickerill, Jason Keitr 
Etienne A. Qibbs and Karla Burton. Marsha Coffey is also a member of thl 



/ n 1 

li * ife\. 



mp HTl 

1 mj- ■ 1 1 B 

i .^M 



Photo 6ty George /Wen 

A view of the campus community can be seen from the 
renovated Carter Hall. 

Bell Bakery gives students 
'somewhere to go' 

f y think it's great that 

' I (university students 

m come here/' said 

M. Wanda Osbourne, 

an employee at Bell 


Osbourne works at the bakery 
when most students usually vis- 
it, which is between midnight 
and 5 a.m. 

v, It gives (students) some 
where to go and get good dough- 
nuts/' she said. 

Osbourne said if the students 
are there, people, such as their 
parents or the police, probably 
know where they are. 

"It keeps (students) out of 

Bell Bakery is located just off 
the comer of Lebanon Avenue 
and Broadway and is in walking 
distance of the university. 

mAngela L. Geralds 

Photo by Angela L. Geralds 
Brock Shoulders, right, purchases a bag of pastries from Bell Bakery employee 
Wanda Osbourne. 

Photo by Angela L. Gerald^ 
Steve Smith sits on the steps of thd 
Campbellsville Christian Church, 
across Lebanon Avenue from the bak 
ery, and finishes his snack. 


162 I Community 

Solid as a rock 


Photo by Cindy Tucker 

Dave Levee hammers out a chord on lead rhythm guitar during a Plumblyne 
concert at Solid Rock. 

Photo by Cindy Tucker 
Plumblyne lead vocalist Adam Lewis, left, and drummer Chad Floyd goof off 
during one of their concerts. 

or several years, Janice 
and Jerry netherland 
had a vision of a Chris- 
tian club where teens 
could relax, hang out 
and have fun in a safe environ- 

This vision was shared by Cur- 
tis and Shelly Barnes, who Jan- 
ice netherland said were instru- 
mental in beginning what has 
become the Solid Rock Cafe. 

Located at 195 City Park 
Road, the cafe is open for univer- 
sity students on Thursday nights 
from 9 p.m. until 1 a.m. and 
open to area high schoolers on 
Friday and Saturday nights. 

At the Solid Rock, students 
can play games, dance and eat 
free food — all activities which 
appeal to university students. 
The Solid Rock also hosts con- 
certs by popular local Christian 
bands like Plumblyne, Lift and 

"It's about having fun and pro- 
claiming the Gospel,'' said Or- 
nella St. George, a sophomore 
from Albania. "I just think Camp- 
bellsville needs more places like 
that. I love it and can hardly wait 
for Thursday nights.'' 

"I think it's a great ministry," 
said Tennessee senior Will Hol- 
land, a volunteer chaperone on 
Friday and Saturday nights. 

"God's behind it; it's not 
something man did alone," said 
sophomore Kevin Bailey, a senti- 
ment shared by Janice nether- 

"It has really been an experi- 
ence for us, faithwise," Janice 
rietherland said. She said God 
has really opened doors for both 
her and Jerry and helped pro- 
vide for them financially, proving 
you don't have to be a million- 
aire to start a Christian club and 
minister to young people. 

•Billy Suratt 

Solid Rock Cafe 


Fiesta Mexico links university and 


Campbellsville Uni- 
versity students have 
always been involved 
in the community and 
likewise several of the 
local merchants in the communi- 
ty have been involved in the ac- 
tivities of the campus. 

One of those merchants, Fies- 
ta Mexico, is a popular place to 
hang out with friends and to grab 
an authenic Mexican meal. 

fiesta Mexico has been in 
Campbellsville two years and 
has quickly become, not only a 
favorite place of students, but 
faculty and staff as well. Many 
students, faculty and staff can be 
found at the standing room only 
restaurant on Tuesday nights 
when the restaurant offers a 
community wide discount. In ad- 
dition to the Tuesday night dis- 
count, university students get an 
every-day discount if they pre- 
sent their university ID. 

'George Allen 

Photo by George Allen 
Karen Lynema, assistant director of li- 
brary services, munches on a chip 
while waiting to order. 




Photo by George Allen 
The Fiesta Mexico sign lights the way to authentic food and an atmosphere for 
university students, faculty and staff to unwind after a hard day at school or work. 

Photo by George Allem 
Dr. Robert Qaddis, chair of the Division of Fine Arts, and his wife, Jeanne, wait for 
their server. The couple can be seen from time-to-time with students. 

Photo by George Allen 
Above, from left, baseball players Chris Morris, Joe Beyer, Mike Reynolds and 
Jimmy Westwood grab a bite to eat before a Lady Tiger basketball game. 


64 I Community 

* Let's all go down to Dumas 


Photo by Billy Suratt 
| This poster board, on display in the establishment, contains pictures of Camp- 
bellsville University students who visit. 

jk graduation party was a 

M% year-ending activity for 
XJ students who visit the 
JL JL home of the "slaw burg- 
er, fries and a bottle of 
Ski" made famous by country 
music's Kentucky Head Hunters. 

Dottie Lyle, an employee of 
the establishment referred to as 
Dumas Walker's on campus, sa- 
id she and the other employees 
really enjoy the students. 

"We're real proud of them," 
said Lyle. 

Lyle and the other employees 
take pictures of the students 
who visit and display them on a 
poster board that reads 
"Welcome Back Campbellsville 
College," with "Now a Universi- 
ty" recently added. 

Ryan Poore said it's a "cool 
place to hang out." He said stu- 
dents like it because it's open all 

"The hospitality is excellent," 
said Seth McCarty, a sopho- 
more. He said the employees are 
"really nice," and the, atmos- 
phere is "homey." 

The establishment is located 
on the square in Qreensburg, 
Ky., about 10 minutes south- 
west of Campbellsville on High- 
way 68. 

•Angela L. Geralds 

Photo by Billy Suratt 

The home of the "grammy winning Dumas Walker slaw burger" is located on the 
square in Qreensburg, Ky. 

Dumas Walker 


Students sell movies, bag 

v^ rom flipping burgers to 

^* selling shoes, students 

g* at Campbellsville Univer- 

^ sity have a diverse range 

of part-time jobs that 

help make their ends meet, or 

simply to fill in extra time. 

Students work in a variety of 
places which include depart- 
ment stores, restaurants, gro- 
cery stores and several others. 

Students have to be well or- 
ganized and have to plan ahead 
when they know they have to 
work the night before an assign- 
ment. Students also have to rely 
on co-workers to help them out 
when making it to work just 
doesn't fit into their schedule. 

Working off campus also gives 
students an opportunity to inter- 
act with people other than stu- 
dents, staff and faculty. 

•Dana L. O'Daniel 


Photo by George Allen 

Tom Scott checks a customer out at 
Video Vault. Scott is employed at the 
Video Vault in Lebanon, which is his 


Photo by Oeorge Allen. 
Daniel Blankenship slices meat at the comer food mart, Jeffs. Blankenship works ; 
on weekends and on Wednesday nights. 


Photo by Oeorge Allei 
Ryan McDowell bags groceries as his part-time job. McDowell is employed at tht 
Kroger in Green River Plaza. 

166 1 Student Jobs 






Photo by George Allen 

A print by Ron Coleman reflects Tigers' spirit. 

Finley leads Tigers to a 6-4 
season; named co-Coach of Year 

mm he 1996 Campbellsville 

m University Tiger Foot- 

m ball team had a 6-4 sea- 
M. son with a record of 4-3 
in the Mid-South Con- 
ference, and Coach Ron Finley 
was given the Co-Mid-South 
Coach of the Year Award. 

Brent Thompson made Mid- 
South Conference Team First Of- 
fense, and sophomore Billy 
Troutman and junior Kerry Over- 
felt made Second Team Offense. 
Joe Don Looney, Tim Mays, 
Marc Cundiff, Chris Finch and Er- 
ic Lookadoo made Honorable 
Mention for Offense. 

For defense Brian Turpin, 
Chris Gust and Marc Carroll 
made Mid-South Conference 
First Team Defense. Junior de- 
fensive back Reggie Boggs was 
named Second Team Defense. 
Shawn Stephens, Dan McQill, 
Todd Darland and Michael Black- 
bum made Honorable Mention 
for Defense. 

The Tiger offense gained a to- 
tal of 3,360 yards this season. 
Sophomore Looney led the Ti- 
gers in passing with a total of 
500 yards, and he also rushed 
for the most on the team with 
688 total yards on the ground. 
Freshman Tim Mays was second 
on the team in rushing with 633 
total yards. 

The defense was led by Chris 
Gust, who is the all-time sack 
leader at Campbellsville Univer- 

For the first time in six years, 
the Tigers beat Georgetown Col- 
lege with a score of 24-20. 

■ Kenneth Lawson 

Photo by Billy Suratt 
Eric Lookadoo, 4, catches a touchdown pass from Joe Don Looney over a north 
Greenville opponent during the Homecoming game. 


Tiger Football 

Photo by George Allen 
[he 1996 Tiger Football Team consists of from left: Front row — Jeremy McGuire, Jonathan Kidwell, Dwayne Ellison, Marc 
xindiff, Todd Darland, Chris Gust, Jerry Gray, Chris Morgan, Shawn Stephens, Will Burton, Brian Eaton, Ernie Garrison, 
ason Radford, Mark Carroll, Brian Whitlock and Brent Thompson. Second row — Bob Thompson, Bronnie Jeffries, Willie 
■oyatt, Daman Mayes, Joe Ferguson, Jeremy Dale, Brian Turpin, Chris Ballard, Eric Lookadoo, Brad Knight, Jimmy Jones, 
teve Jude, Dan Hinshaw and Jon McGill. Third row — Chris Wright, Darrick Briscoe, Michael Blackburn, Chad Lane, Kerry 
)verfelt, Tim Green, Reggie Boggs, Greg Crutcher, Daniel Brummett, Tyrone Waldon, Jeff Riley, Bryan Hoffman and Dan 
IcGill. Fourth row — Brad Holbrook, Chad Lane, Brock Shoulders, Steve Burton, Josh Anderson, Chris Finch, Billy 
routman, Chad Ledington, Robbie Fox Jr., Matt McCoy, Seth Stephens, Joe Ramsey (did not play) and Nathan McCurry. 
ifth row — Kelly Perry, Brandon Sidwell, Ashley Pensinger, Joe Don Looney, Jason Thornsberry, Chris Cowger, Tim Mays, 
>yan Powers, Daniel Foster, Ben Schultz (did not play), Jonathan Thompson and Byron Kennedy. Sixth Row — Matt Combs 
did not play), Jason Green, Marshall Vanhook, Jamie Webster, Jerry Gray, Chad Ashley, Shawn Williams, Daryl Mason, 
>ennis Howard, Jim Hardesty and Israel Slinker. Seventh row — Jeremy Blair, Ken VanHoose, Mike Brown, Chad Wilson, 
psh Lovell, Corey Holman, Max Chaney, Travis Pickett, Micah Jones, Matt Scheibert and Dan Judd. Eighth row — Chuck 
. effew, Bryson Mullis, Kevin Atwell, Brad Hood, James Finch, Bill Stouffer, Jeremy Ramey, Brian Cook, Anthony Whitted, Jeff 
f/hitlock and Richard Bowman, ninth row — Robby VanCleave, William Shuffett, Matt Grant (did not play), Blaine Hampton, 
Lndy Caldwell, Terrell English, Brian Wigglesworth, Jason Weinrich, Billy Treis and Travis Willett. Coaching Staff — Jim 
ftrange, manager; Tim Rogers, student coach; Phil Sullivan, student coach; Sam Wickliffe, Lynn Taylor, Herb Wiseman, Mike 
Ihomas, Ron Finley, Dave Fryrear, Eric Graves, Haywood Riner, Greg Bridges, Bryan Cross, Brad Crow, student coach; and 
Ion Anderson, manager. 

Photo by Billy Suratt Photo by Troy Costisick 

[ason Kidwell, 12, is on his way to Brad Knight, 34, sacks the quarterback, as Chris Morgan, 37, and Brian Turpin, 
nake the tackle on the University of 55, are on their way to help. 
Indlay football opponent. 

Tiger Football 


Photo by Angela L. Geralc ■ 
This year's seniors are from left: Front row — Ernie Garrison, Chris Morgan, Mark Carroll, Jeremy McQuire, Jason Radfor! 
and Chris Ballard. Second row — Jonathan Kidwell, Marc Cundiff, Jeremy Dale, Brent Thompson, Brian Turpin and Bria' 1 
Whitlock. Third row — Marty Higdon Jr., Dwayne Ellison, Brian Eaton, Shawn Stephens, Will Burton, Todd Darland and Chri> 


Opponent THEM 

University of 



Sue Bennett 


Bethel College 






Kentucky Wesleyan 



north Greenville 






Lambuth University 



Union College 





1 70 f j Tiger Footba ll 

Photo by Troy Costisl 
Tigers Nathan Mayes, 79, Steve Jude, 6, Jonathan Kidwell, 12, and Micha- 
Blackburn, 11, tackle a University of Findlay running back for a loss. 

Photo by Troy Costisick 
Morgan, 37, and Chris Gust, 40, congratulate Michael Blackburn, 11, on a job well done during the Homecoming game 
against Morth Greenville College. 

Photo by Troy Costisick 
Freshman running back Tim Mays, 10, runs for a first down against north 

Photo by Troy Costisick 
Tiger head coach Ron Finley gives his 
team a word of encouragement. 

Tiger Football 


Soccer has winning season 

^^pjhe Campbellsville Uni- 

m versity Men's Soccer 

m Team, for the first time 

M. in its six-year history, 

ended the season with 

a winning record, 8-7-3. 

Head coach Dean Brownley 
said at the annual Fall Sports 
Banquet that the team's first 
goal was to have a winning sea- 
son, and they did that. 

The team defeated Brescia 
College for the first time in histo- 
ry with a score of 4-1, as well as 
opening the season with a victo- 
ry for the first time in team histo- 
ry, defeating Hanover College 2- 

This season has been a rec- 
ord-breaking season," said 
Brownley. "We learned a lot 
about our team. A lot of second 
string people stepped up and 


Opponent THEM 


Hanover College 


Missouri Valley 



Lincoln University 



Berea College 


Union College 






Milligan College 






Temple College 





Spalding University 


Brescia College 



Asbury College 


St. Francis College 




Kentucky Christian 

Lambuth University 





played first string roles. 

"I'm really happy with the way 
everyone adapted,'' he said. 

Sophomore forward Joey Far- 
mer of Paducah, Ky. was named 
Mid-South Player of the Week for 
the week of Sept. 28, and Mike 
Keeney became the first goal- 
keeper in the school's history to 
score a goal. 

Keeney, a sophomore out of 
Antioch, Calif., scored the goal 
against Spalding University and 
assisted in the 4-0 win over Spal- 

This year's club is a "true 
team in every sense of the 
word,'' said Brownley. He said 
there are no superstars on his 
team. Any one person, at one 
point, could be replaced, he sa- 

"There's a big difference in 

this year's team as opposed tc 
teams in the past.'' He said this 
year's team has stuck togethe 
for two or three years. 

"When four or five (players; 
stay, it's hard to build continue 
ty," he said. 

This year's 22-man roster con 
sisted of 17 returning players 
two of whom are seniors and wil 
be lost next year. 

The Tiger Soccer season en 
ded when the team lost theiij 
first-round Mid-South Confer! 
ence playoff game to Cumber 1 ! 
land by a 5-1 score. 

At the Fall Sports Banquet! 
Brownley presented Kris Swifi 
with the Most Valuable Playei 
Award, and Lee Brothers rei 
ceived the Most Improvec 

mAngela L. Geraldi 

Photo by Billy Sural 
Senior midfielder Scott necessary attempts to get the ball downfield against i 
Hanover College player, necessary is from Elizabethtown, Ky. 

Photo by Billy Suratt 
lihaun McMulkin tries to steal the ball in 
a game against Cumberland University. 
jlcMulkin is a junior midfielder from 
Jristol, England. 

Photo by Sara t\app 

Kris Swift moves the ball against an 

Photo by Sara liapp 
Goalkeeper Mike Keeney kicks the ball 
into play. 


\4 f 


Photo by Wesley Bezuidenhout 
Clayton Bezuidenhout moves the ball against his opponent. 

Photo by Angela L. Geralds 
Members of the Men's Soccer Team are from left: Front row — Chris Sanders, 
Jesse Medden, Ashley Hook, Joey Farmer, Warren Bezuidenhout, Chris Thurman, 
Matt Maloney, David Criscola, Mark Damron, Scott Mattingly and Sparky Marbell. 
Back row — head coach Dean Brownley, Mike Keeney, Shaun McMulkin, Scott 
necessary, Lee Brothers, Kris Swift, Mauro Cavassana, James Johnson, Brian 
Garrett, Clayton Bezuidenhout, Mate Barnett, David Richels and Jennifer Hayden, 

Men's Soccer 



Women's soccer established 

^^^ he Campbellsville Uni- 
m versity Women's Soc- 

m cer Team ended its in- 
JL augural season with a 
record of 2-13. 

Micky Connell, who was 
named the Lady Tiger's Most 
Valuable Player this season, said 
this season was "a lot of fun'' for 

Connell said she was "really 
happy and surprised'' about be- 
ing named MVP. "It was an hon- 
or being our first year. It was 
really nice." 

Connell said the team made a 
pretty good name for them- 
selves, and, normally, when 
teams start out, they don't win 
any games. 

"We actually won two, which is 
quite amazing. 

"This is the closest team I've 

ever had. We really worked to- 
gether as a team, and, even 
though we lost, we still had the 
best time. It was the best team 
I've ever played on as far as per- 
sonality goes,'' said Connell. 

Connell, of British Columbia, 
said the team accomplished its 
goal of winning two games this 
season and to come together as 
a team. "That's exactly what we 
did,'' said Connell. 

"I think it was good, very 
good/' said head coach Van- 
deson Ximenes about the sea- 

Other Lady Tigers who re- 
ceived awards at the Fall Sports 
Banquet were Marci Smith, who 
received the 110 Percent Award, 
and Rainey Johns, who was the 
team's Most Improved Player. 

•Brian Couch 

Photo by Richard RoBards 
Above, Tina Clark defends against a Cumberland College player. At right, Aman- 
da Keck passes the ball against Cumberland. The Lady Tigers lost to Cumberland 


Women's Soccer 


Opponent THEft 

Union College 








Union College 


Huntington College 



North Greenville 




College of Mt. Saint 


northern Kentucky 





Lambuth University 


Midway College 



Berea College 





College of Mt. Saint 


Photo by Richard RoBan 

Photo by Richard RoBards 

taptain of the women's soccer team Marci Smith, 14, a junior from Wilmore, Ky., advances the ball for Campbellsville, as 
[arah Dill, left, a sophomore from Evansville, Ind., comes to assist her teammate. 

Photo by Billy Suratt 
Members of the women's soccer team are, from left: Front row — Jessica Lane, 
Missy Bell, Tina Clark, Brandon Boyatt, Rainey Johns, Marci Smith, Miranda 
Kassin, Annie Whitley and Kellie Williams. Back row — Abbie Whitley, Nicky 
Connell, Sarah Dill, Jeanne Benskin, Angie Ryles, Ashley Knott, Shannon Stagg, 
Amanda Keck, riola Fromm and head coach Vandeson Ximenes. 

Defore a 

Photo by Richard RoBards 
Boyatt, 16, a freshman from 
Tenn., tries to get to the ball 
Cumberland player. 

Women's Soccer 



Lady Tiger Volleyball Team is 
rebuilding for the future 

^W^f he Campbellsville Uni- 
m versity Lady Tiger Vol- 
m leyball Team had a 
M. "good season" under 
the second year coach- 
ing of Beauford Sanders. 

The Lady Tigers finished with 
a 12-18 overall record. The cap- 
tains for this year's volleyball 
team were juniors Crissy Ernst 
and Sharon Ishmael, who 
helped the team tremendously, 
Sanders said. Ernst led the team 
in passing and defense, and Ish- 
mael was third in assists. 

The team leaders also helped 
the team. Junior Melanie 
Weilmuenster led the team in 
kills with 122. Freshman Tasha 
Tanner led the team with a total 
of 647 assists, junior Ashley 
Cook led with 29 aces, junior 

Crissy Ernst led with 229 digs, 
and freshman Nicky Wilkerson 
led with 58 solo blocks, 70 assist 
blocks and 52 block errors. 

This year the team started 
Nicky Wilkerson and Tasha Tan- 
ner. Tanner was the team's best 
setter, and 6'0 Wilkerson was the 
best defensive blocker. Next 
year should be an even better 
year for the Lady Tiger Volleyball 
Team since they will be returning 
all of their players, Sanders said. 

After finishing with a 12-18 
overall record, the Lady Tiger 
Volleyball Team finished the sea- 
son with a 2-6 overall record in 
the Mid-South Conference. 

■ Kenneth Lawson 

Photo by Angela L. Geralds 


^HVf - ^ 

Photo by Angela L Qera 
At left, head coach Beauford Sande 
has his Lady Tigers huddle in prepai 
tion for their game. Above, Tasha Tc 
ner is ready to serve the ball to t 

Lady Tiger Volleybal 



Y J 

Photo by Bobby Brockman 
The volleyball team includes from left: Front row — Crissy Ernst, Melanie 
Weilmuenster, Dicky Wilkerson, Mandy Search and Tasha Tanner. Back row — 
Eliane DaSilva, Amy Heim, Mindy Zirnheld, head coach Beauford Sanders, Sharon 
Ishmael, Kim Adkisson and Ashley Cook. 

Sharon Ishmael is awaiting the serve from the opponents. 

Photo by Billy Suratt 


Opponent THEM 


Spalding University 



Sue Bennett 



Berea College 









Kentucky State 



Midway College 



Lindsey Wilson 



Midway College 



Sue Bennett 



north Greenville 



Kentucky State 



Kentucky Christian 



Indiana Wesleyan 



Spalding University 



Berea College 






Union University 



David Lipscomb 



Midway College 



Trevecca Nazafene 



Free Will Baptist 
Bible College 



David Lipscomb 



Asbury College 









Lambuth University 



Lindsey Wilson 



Trevecca nazarene 





Lady Tiger Volleyball 


Cross Country takes top honors 

^^^^he Campbellsville Uni- 
m versity Cross Country 

m Team began their sea- 
JL son "pretty good," ac- 
cording to Brenda 
Dowell, captain of the women's 

"We learned a lot," said 

The women's team lost three 
of their top runners, Sheri 
O'Leary, Shana Wheeler and 
Jackie Crowder, early in the sea- 
son to injuries. 

The team consisted of "quite 
a few freshmen,'' said Dowell. 
Four of the women's runners 
were returning team members. 

The men's cross country team 
took first place at the Chris 
Jones Invitational meet, placing 
five runners in the top 15. Their 
first runner was sophomore Will 
Hodges of Qreensburg, f\y., who 
had an "impressive debut for 

Campbellsville University,'' said 
Tom McDowell, cross country 

Other runners scoring in the 
Chris Jones Memorial were Dar- 
ren Childers, Barry McCubbin, 
Ryan McDowell and Jason Clark. 

The team also ran at Carson- 
Newman in Jefferson City, Tenn., 
where they placed seventh out of 
16. Hodges was, again, the 
team's top runner. Clark also 
had a personal best time at Car- 

The women's team finished 
fifth Sept. 7, where top runner 
O'Leary dropped out due to an 
ankle injury. 

The women's team also ran at 
Carson-Newman where they fin- 
ished sixth out of 17 teams. 
Crowder finished first for the Ti- 
gers. Sarah Fischer, a freshman, 
finished second for the team. 

'Angela L. Geralds 

Berea College Photo 
From left, Shana Wheeler and Kristen 
Mendrix take a walk after their run at 
Berea College. 

Photo by Angela L. Geralds 
Members of the women's cross country 
team are, from left, Leslie Fegenbush, 
Jackie Crowder, Shana Wheeler, Sarah 
Fischer, Brenda Dowell, D'Ann Meu- 
meister and Sheri O'Leary. 


Cross Country 

Berea College Photo 
Jason Clark, a senior and a co-captain 
for the men's team, runs at Berea Col- 

Berea College Photc 
Ryan McDowell tries to catch a Cumber 
land runner. 

Photo by Angela L. Geralds 
Members of the men's cross country 
team are, from left, Will Hodges, Ken 
Blough, Barry McCubbin, Ryan McDow- 
ell, Darren Childers, Jason Holland, Ja- 
son Clark, Chavi Muniz and Wes Page. 

Jason Holland runs for the Tigers at the Berea meet. 

Berea College Photo 

Cross Country I 1 79 


Cheerleaders take it to the top 


__ ^^^^his has been a 

// m great season. It 

m started out being a 

M. rebuilding year 

and finished with 

great accomplishments,'' said 

seven-year Head Cheerleading 

Coach Donna Pierce. 

The first weekend in April the 
squad showed their talent and 
their spirit by finishing second 
out of seven teams in the first- 
ever Mid-South Conference 
Cheerleader Championship. 

Squad members Marissa Hall 
and Clint Poore took first place 
in the partner stunt event of the 
championship. Campbellsville 
took several other conference 
honors, including all three of this 
year's All-Conference Cheer- 
leaders who are Poore, Jason 
Morris and Aimee' Bolin. 

Jennifer Smith received the 
Academic All-Conference award. 
In addition to his All-Conference 
award, Poore also received 
Cheerleader of the Year. Coach 
Pierce was awarded Coach of the 

"I feel we have accomplished 
so much this year; we had a lot 
of new teammates so we had to 
get to know each other's ac- 
tions,'' said Poore, a senior. 

The team was made up of men 
and women athletes who were 
selected in the fall. These men 
and women had many responsi- 
bilites including leading the fans 
in support of the football and 
basketball teams. 

Poore said, "I can't believe 
this year is already over. I have 
had lots of fun this year, and I 
feel this team has a lot of fresh 
talent to be used successfully for 
the years to come.'' 

m Aimee' n. Bolin 


Photo by Daniel R. Pantoja 
Clint Poore lifts Brandon Hazzard while supporting Aimee Bolin, left, and Amy] 
Vaughn in the squad's diamond head pyramid during a timeout. 

Photo by Daniel R. Pantoja 
Showing school spirit are, from left, Stephanie Mills, Brandon Hazzard, Amy 
Vaughn, Clint Poore and Deana Frasier. 

Photo by George Allen 
Senior Clint Poore, left, Cheerleader of 
the Year, and Coach Donna Pierce, 
Coach of the Year, pause for a hug to 
congratulate each other on their hon- 

Photo by Daniel R. Pantoja 
Performing chairs at a basketball game are, from left: Top — Jennifer Smith, 
Aimee Bolin, Amy Vaughn, Heather Cunningham and Marissa Hall. Bottom — Jim 
Finch, Chris Finch, Brandon Hazzard and Clint Poore. 

Photo by Aimee' M. Bolin 

| Jennifer Smith, left, and Brandon Hazzard perform a Saturday night Live skit to 
I entertain the crowd at the Mid-South Cheerleading Championship. 




Photo by Wesley Bezuidenhout 
The Campbellsville University Cheerleaders include, from left: Front Row — 
Deana Frasier, Aimee Bolin and Amy Vaughn. Second Row — Heather Cun- 
ningham, Jennifer Smith, Marissa Hall and Stephanie Mills. Third Row — Brandon 
Hazzard, Jason Morris, Chris Finch, Jim Finch and Clint Poore. 

Photo by Beth Wise 
Flying high above the crowd, Aimee 
Bolin shows off a tuck basket toss at 
the Mid-South Conference Champion- 
ship thrown by, from left, Clint Poore, 
Jason Morris, Jim Finch and Brandon 



Tigers advance in Mid-South 

/■^F^ he Campbellsville Uni- 
m versity men's bas- 

m ket±>all team ended its 
M. season with a disap- 
pointing 69-74 loss to 
Georgetown College in the semi- 
finals of the Mid-South Confer- 

Campbellsville, seeded fourth 
in the tournament, defeated 
Cumberland University in the 
first round of Mid-South action, 
95-79. Van Berry was named to 
the Mid-South All-Conference 
Team. Ricardo Curry from Nas- 
sau, Bahamas was honorable 
mention. Berry was also tabbed 
Mid-South Player of the Year. 

In his 25th year of coaching, 
Lou Cunningham led his team to 
a 16-13 record and 6-6 in confer- 
ence play. According to Cun- 
ningham, he was pleased with 
his team's play this year consid- 
ering some recruiting disap- 
pointments and key conference 
losses at home. "Everyone step- 
ped up at tournament time,'' sa- 
id Cunningham. 

Three players remained na- 
tionally ranked the entire sea- 
son. Berry finished the season 
ranked fourth nationally in scor- 
ing averaging 25 points per 

Junior Ricardo Curry was 15th 
nationally in individual field goal 
percentage, shooting 61 percent 
from the field. 

Freshman point guard Mon- 
trelle Irvin ranked 11th national- 
ly in assists. The Campbellsville 
native averaged 6.5 assists per 

next year, the Tiger team will 
suffer the loss of senior Ail- 
American Van Berry and senior 
Larry Haralson. 

mChristi Thomas 


Photo by Billy Suratt 

Head coach Lou Cunningham, right, assistant coach nelson Moore, center, and 
student assistant Jered Myers keep an eye on their Tigers during a home tilt with 
Georgetown College. 

Photo by Billy Suratt 
Danny Edelen brings the ball up the 
court. Edelen is fifth in the conference 
in assists, averaging 3.4 per game. 

Photo by Billy Surat 
Ricardo Curry powers up for two. He is 
a junior transfer from Itawamba Junioi 
College in Miss. 

182 Men's Basketball 

Photo by Billy Suratt 

Senior Van Berry shoots over a defender from behind the three-point arc. He was 
first in the conference and fourth in the nation in scoring average with 25.23 
points per game. Berry also averaged 8.2 rebounds per contest and shot 76 
percent from the charity stripe. 

Berry breaks all- 
time scoring 

5enior Van Berry has 
made his presence 
known in the Mid- 
South Conference and 
in the riAIA. 
A Bryan Station product, 
Berry has become the all-time 
leading scorer at Campbell- 
sville University. He scored 
716 points this season to give 
him 2,615 total career points. 
Berry was named the Mid- 
South Player of the Year this 
season averaging 25 points 
and eight rebounds per con- 
test. For the week of Feb. 6, 
Berry was named Mid-South 
Player of the Week. 

The All-American will be 
tough to replace next season. 
Coach Lou Cunningham said, 
"It will take a collaboration of 
everyone to step up and pick 
up the slack." 

Berry, a sociology major, 
hopes to pursue a career in 
correctional systems. 

mChristi Thomas 

Photo by Billy Suratt 
Van Berry fights back tears in the locker 
room after a disappointing 92-93 home 
loss to Georgetown College. 

Men's Basketball 






Sue Bennett College 



Freed Hardeman 



Transylvania University 



East Coast Bible 



Pikeville College 



Brescia College 



Freed Hardeman 



Murray State University 



Brescia College 



Transylvania University 



Lindsey Wilson College 



Georgetown College 



Pikeville College 



Cumberland University 



Lambuth University 



Union College 



Cumberland College 



North Greenville 



Lindsey Wilson College 



Spalding University 



Georgetown College 



Lambuth University 



Cumberland University 



Sue Bennett College 



Cumberland College 



Union College 



Morth Greenville 



Lambuth University 



Georgetown College 


Photo by Billy Suratt 
Montrelle Irvin applies defensive pressure to a Georgetown point guard. The 
Taylor County High School graduate is first in the conference averaging 6.5 
assists per game as a freshman. 


Photo by Wesley Bezuidenhout 
Members of the Tiger basketball team are from left: Front row — Jared Whitworth, Toby Curry, Ricardo Curry, Buddy Grant, 
Larry Haralson, Steve Mattocks, Van Berry, Cedrick Tenner and Justin Huff. Second row — Montrelle Irvin, Danny Edelen, 
student assistant Jered Myers, head coach Lou Cunningham, assistant coach Nelson Moore, graduate assistant Marcelo 
Almeida, manager Jeff Smith, Michael Stringer and Andy Rucker. 

Mens Basketball 

Photo by Billy Suratt 
lead Coach Lou Cunningham draws up a play in the huddle during a time-out. 
poach Cunningham completed his 25th year as head coach at Campbellsville. 

Photo by Billy Suratt 
Jared Whitworth exhibits good shoot- 
ing form against Cumberland. 

Photo by Billy Suratt 

ove, Larry Haralson shoots a fade- 
away jumper. The senior from Yazoo 
City, Miss, averaged seven rebounds 
per contest. Left, Ricardo Curry mus- 
cles up for two. 

Photo by Billy Suratt 

Men's Basketball 


Lady Tigers capture Mid-South 
title; undefeated in conference 


Campbellsville Universi- 
ty's Lady Tiger Basket- 
ball Team finished the 
regular season unde- 
feated in Mid-South 
Conference action and won the 
conference title by defeating 
Georgetown University 88-65. 

The team ended regular and 
post-season play with a record of 

Mead Coach Donna Wise said 
she was "especially proud'' of 
her squad for doing so well with 
the limitations the team had to 
face, including not having many 

The team will be losing senior 
Christi Thomas, who led the 
team in scoring in nine games 
and tied for high points in one 
game. She also led her team in 
rebounds in three games and 
tied for the most rebounds in 
three more. 

"We will miss her leadership,'' 

said Wise. 

Wise also said Thomas was a 
hard worker, who contributed 
"not only in the area of scoring,'' 
but also on defense and in pass- 
ing, where she has great depth. 

Wise said that what Thomas 
had contributed to the team 
would need to be replaced, and 
she said the Lady Tigers had a 
good recruiting year. 

The Lady Tigers also had two 
players who earned spots on Ail- 
American teams returning to the 
line-up for the 1997-98 season. 
Shannon Wathen was named to 
the Kodak Ail-American Team, 
and Wathen and Julie Jeffries 
were second team MAIA Ail- 

Wathen broke five single-game 
records with the most free- 
throws made, against Lindsey 
Wilson College; the most defen- 
sive rebounds, against Cumber- 
land University; the most assists, 

having 11 against more than on 
opponent; the most blockei 
shots, with three against mult 
pie opponents; and the mos 
free-throws attempted. 

Wathen led the team in sco 
ing in five games, and tied for thj 
most points in two games. Sh 
had the most rebounds in te 
games and tied for that spot i 
one game. 

Jeffries broke two single-gam 
records, both against George 
town. Jeffries had the mos 
points in one game, and th 
most field goals made durini 
one game. 

Jeffries led the team in re 
bounding in 16 games and tie< 
for the most rebounds in two. 

The team also made thei 
eighth consecutive trip to th* 
MAIA national Tournament. 

•Angela L. Gerald 

Photo by Richard RoBards 
Christi Thomas, left, and a Simon Fraser player push for position while waiting for 
a rebound. 

Photo by Richard RoBardt 
Farrah Sullivan takes on an opponent! 
at the national tournament. 


Women's Basketball 

Photo by Angela L. Geralds Photo by Billy Suratt 

ulie Jeffries prepares to grab the pass Shannon Wathen, right, goes for the ball during a game versus Cumberland, 
ind go for the hoop. 

Women's Basketball 187 


Photo by Billy Sun 
Members of the Lady Tiger Basketball Team are, from left, Kristen Simmon:* 
Stacy Squires, Julie Jeffries, Christi Thomas, the Tiger mascot, Shannon Wathei 1 
Carrie Johnson, Tessa Tenpenny, Jenny Teater and Farrah Sullivan. 

Photo by Billy Suratt 
Julie Jeffries, a junior forward from 
Qlendale, Ky., prepares to put up the 
shot from under the basket as the Lady 
Tigers face Cumberland. Jeffries was a 
leading rebounder, pulling down 16 
against Spalding University and 14 
against North Greenville College. 

Photo by George Allen 
Kristen Simmons checks the score- 
board during a game. Simmons is a 
junior from Byrdstown, Tenn. 

Photo by George Allen 
Stacy Squires, a freshman guard, blows fans a kiss, as she takes a piece of the net 
after the Lady Tigers capture the conference championship by defeating George- 
town. Squires is from Radcliff, Ky. 


Women's Basketball 


Opponent THE! 


Shawnee State 



Pikeville College 



Lindsey Wilson College 



Huntington College 



Lipscomb University 






Bluefield College 



Southern Nazarene 






Dillard Univeristy 



Loyola University 



Transylvania University 



Cumberland University 



Lambuth University 



Pikeville College 


Union College 


Cumberland College 



Spalding University 



North Greenville 

4 'j 


Lindsey Wilson College 



Georgetown College 



Belmont University 



Belmont University 



Lambuth University 

?i \ 


Cumberland University 



Cumberland College 



Union College 



Georgetown College 



North Greenville 



Cumberland University 

6fc ; 


Georgetown College 



Oklahoma Christian 



Simon f raser 



Photo by Billy Suratt Photo by Billy Suratt 

|rrah Sullivan, left, goes up for two against a Cumberland defender. Julie Jeffries plays defense against 


Women's Basketball 


I i 

Lady Tigers make it eight in a row 

^^^^he Lady Tigers earned 
m their eighth consecu- 

m tive trip to Jackson, 
M. Tenn., by knocking off 
Georgetown College to 
gain the title of Mid-South Con- 
ference Champs. 

They defeated Georgetown 88- 
65 at J.K. Powell Athletic Center. 

In the first round of the NAIA 
national Tournament, the Lady 
Tigers met the Oklahoma Chris- 
tian Lady Eagles. 

Julie Jeffries' 18-point, 11 re- 
bound game, and Shannon 
Wathen s 13 points and 14 re- 
bounds put Head Coach Donna 
Wise's squad on top 75-72. 

The Lady Tigers as a team re- 
bounded 55.3 percent against 
the Lady Eagles. 

Farrah Sullivan and Christi 
Thomas, both of Campbellsville, 
were the other two Lady Tigers 
scoring in double digits against 
Oklahoma Christian. Sullivan 
ended the game with 14 points 
and Thomas with 10. 

The team then advanced to 
the second round, where their 
tournament visit would end. 

The Lady Tigers faced Simon 
Fraser The Clan and lost by a 
score of 71-44. Wathen and Sulli- 
van led scoring for the Lady Ti- 
gers against Simon Fraser, scor- 
ing 12 and 10, respectively. 

Thomas, the team's only sen- 
ior and only departing member, 
put in 15 points and grabbed six 
rebounds in her final tourna- 
ment appearance with the 

mAngela L. Geralds 

Photo by Richard RoBards 
Shannon Wathen makes her move as 
she begins to drive down the lane 
against Simon Fraser. Wathen scored 
25 points during the tourney, pulled 
down 19 rebounds and handed out 
nine assists. 

Photo by Richard RoBarf 
Farrah Sullivan of Campbellsville i 
takes the ball down the floor to begins 
a play. Sullivan had 24 points in thai 
NAIA tournament. She also led the! 
team in points in seven regularjt 
season games. 

Photo by Richard RoBards 
Christi Thomas posts up under the bas- 
ket and awaits a pass from a team- 

Photo by Richard RoBarc 
Jenny Teater defends an opponent o\'. 
the perimeter. Teater is a junio 
guard/forward on the team. 


190 Women's Basketball 

Photo by Richard RoBards 
[junior forward Julie Jeffries moves for 
(the ball against Simon Fraser. Jeffries 
Scored 18 of the Lady Tigers' 75 points 
jagainst Oklahoma Christian to ad- 
vance the team to second-round play. 

; r^*. 

I C 


'. I * 

W w^'^ * jO 

Photo by Richard RoBards Photo by Richard RoBards 

Carrie Johnson, a freshman forward Senior Christi Thomas attemps to pass the ball to a teammate during the NAIA 

Irom Mt. Washington, Ky., fights for po- national Basketball Tournament. Thomas reached double digits in scoring in the 

sition during second-round action. tourney's first round. 

Women's Basketball 191 


Baseball has winning season 

/■W^ he Campbellsville Uni- 
m versity Baseball Team 

m ended its season in the 
JL semi-final game of the 
winners' bracket in the 
Mid-South Conference Tourna- 

The Tigers defeated George- 
town College 4-3 in the first 
round of the tournament and 
north Greenville College 11-8 in 
the second round of the tourna- 
ment to advance to the third- 
round game against Lambuth 

Lambuth defeated the Tigers 

Jay Thompson, a catcher, and 
Josh Samas, designated hitter, 
were named to the All Mid-South 
Conference first Team. Short- 
stop Bobby Wise was chosen as 
a second team All-Conference 

A highlight of the season, ac- 
cording to head coach Beauford 
Sanders, was when the Tigers 
defeated a top-ranked team. 
They beat University of North Al- 
abama. The team defeated the 
Lions two times, 3-2, and 9-6. 


A «*' ^ 


Photo by Billy Suratt 
Greg Newman takes a pitch attempting 
to bunt. He is an outfielder and pitcher. 

Both games were played in Ala- 

The Tigers defeated confer- 
ence rival Cumberland College 
16-0 and 4-3. They defeated 
north Greenville in regular sea- 
son play 10-2 and 2-0. Bellar- 
mine fell to the Tigers in a dou- 
ble header played at home, with 
the scores 6-5 and 5-3. 

Other wins for the team in- 
clude Lindsey Wilson College by 
a score of 5-2 and Sue Bennett 
College 12-2 and 20-3. 

Sanders said the team hadn't 
played as well this season as in 
the past, but they were "coming 
out of it." 

Some losses the team faced 
were against Cumberland Uni- 
versity. Cumberland was un- 
defeated in the three-game se- 
ries 5-8, 4-10 and 3-12. The 
team also faced losses against 
Georgetown College in the regu- 
lar season with the scores 10-11 
and 11-14. 

The Tigers finished the season 
with a record of 28-25. 

■Angela L. Geralds 

Photo by Billy Sural 

Marc Brock, a pitcher for the Camp-; 
bellsville University Tigers, prepares 
to release a pitch. 


Photo by Samuel Yodt I 
Members of the 1996-97 Taseball team include from left: Front row — Setlj 
Hammontree, Todd Gutermuth, Chris Gonzalez, Mike Torres, coach Beauforl 
Sanders, Jimmy Westwood, Greg Newman, Joe Beyer and Josh Samas. Middl< 
row — student assistant coach Tyson Lodge, Galen Euting, Marc Brock, Chri: 
Morris, Jay Thompson, Jimmy Stout, Josh Eley, Darian Gray, Mike Reynolds anc 
student assistant coach Jason Milburn. Back row — Gene Edwards, Les Kirkpa 
trick, Bobby Wise, John Gibson, Jason Smith, Josh Biven, Mick Berry and Dav< 

1 92 I J Tiger Baseball 

Photo by Billy Suratt 
Shortstop Darian Gray heads for first base as he tries to beat out a throw for an 
infield hit. 


Opponent THEM 

Bellarmine College 


Lipscomb University 



Lipscomb University 



Lipscomb University 



Lipscomb University 



Berea College 



Berea College 


Bellarmine College 



Bellarmine College 



Kentucky State University 



Indiana University-Southeast 



Indiana University-Southeast 



University of North Alabama 



Delta State University 



Delta State University 



Belmont University 



University of North Alabama 



Lambuth University 



Lambuth University 



Lambuth University 



Lindsey Wilson College 



Morehead State Unversity 



Bowie State University 


Bowie State University 


Kentucky State University 



Union College 



Union College 



Union College 



Berea College 



Bellarmine College 



Bellarmine College 



Cumberland University 



Cumberland University 



Cumberland University 



Lindsey Wilson College 



Sue Bennett College 



Sue Bennett College 



Cumberland College 



Cumberland College 

Cumberland College 


Lipscomb University 



Lipscomb University 



Georgetown College 



Georgetown College 



Georgetown College 



Indiana University-Southeast 



Indiana University-Southeast 



Lindsey Wilson College 



North Greenville College 



North Greenville College 


Georgetown College 



North Greenville College 



Lambuth University 


Tiger Baseball 




®m B 







Photo by Billy Suratt 

Photo by Billy Suratti 

Student assistant coach Tyson Lodge waves Les Kirkpatrick home to score. Beauford Sanders coaches the Tigers. 

• - -''X 

— ^jHF ■ ' ~^^^ i^^P 

^\ s4^^ 

Photo by Billy Suratt 
Kenny Lawson, a freshman from Louisville, works on stats in the dugout. Lawson 
was the team statistician for the year. 


Photo by Billy Suratt 
Jimmy Stout, a third baseman for the 
Tigers, tracks down a ground ball. 


194 (Tiger Baseball 



jjHj^ ^ 

H 4 

W ^ £i 


fefe^- ** ) 

mf - 1 ■ 

Photo by Billy Suratt 
Jason Smith, left, and John Gibson celebrate a late game comeback for the Photo by Billy suratt 

Tigers,who were 28-25 on the season. Smith is a second baseman for the Tigers; Celebrating a Tiger rally are from left: 
Gibson is a pitcher, named to the All Mid-South First Team were Jay Thompson, Joe Beyer, Josh Eley, Greg Newman 
catcher, and Josh Samas, designated hitter. and Dave Lococo. 

)ave Lococo, an outfielder for the Tigers, hits one of his nine home runs on the season. 

Photo by Billy Suratt 

Tiger Baseball 


Softball program gets new coach 

Campbellsville Universi- 
ty Softball players may 
be able to play home 
games on a new field 
soon, according to Di- 
rector of Athletics Don Bishop, 
who said progress would be 
made on the field by next sea- 

"Getting a new field will be an 
improvement in team recruit- 
ment," said Marci Smith, an out- 
fielder for the team. 

The team finished its first sea- 
son under the direction of Head 
Coach Sarah Hillyer with a 10-29 

Three of their wins came 
against rival Lindsey Wilson Col- 
lege, who finished fourth in con- 
ference play. 

Freshman Jill Qoff pitched a 
no-hitter against Lindsey Wilson. 

The team finished its season 
losing their first two games in the 
conference tournament, the first 
to Cumberland College and the 
second to Lambuth University. 

Smith and Heather Nunn were 
named All-Conference. 

•Angela L. Geralds 

Photo by Samuel Yoder 
Nembers of the softball team are, from 
left: Front row — Suzy Howard. Second 
row — Nicole Marlette and Marci 
Smith. Third row — Stephanie Lucas 
and Heather Sandefur. Fourth row — 
Amy Carney, Heather nunn, Tiffany Al- 
len and Jill Qoff. Back row — Jennifer 
Hayden, Alison Foreman, Tammy Akin, 
Teneeshia Bruton, Rainey Johns and 
Sarah Fischer. 

Photo by Billy Sural] 
Graduating senior Rainey Johns slides into home plate, attempting to score a rurl 
for the Lady Tigers. Johns plays first base and catcher for the Lady Tigers. 

Photo by Billy Suratt Photo by Billy Suratt' 

Amy Carney, shortstop, tries to stay in riikki Ripberger releases the pitch for 
front of the ball and keep it playable. the Lady Tigers. 

s ijJ 

96 Softball 

mAfc-tL.-l^yf.- ..,. ■• ■" 

Photo by Billy Suratt 
|Stacy Squires rounds third base hoping to score against Cumberland College. 

1111 Goff, at short stop, stretches to make the play. 

Photo by Billy Suratt 


Opponent THEM 


Asbury College 


Asbury College 


Lipscomb University 



Lipscomb University 



Lambuth University 


Lambuth University 


Lambuth University 


Lambuth University 



Brescia College 


Brescia College 



Cumberland University 



Cumberland University 



Cumberland College 



Cumberland College 


north Greenville College 



North Greenville College 



Georgetown College 



Georgetown College 



Union College 



Union College 



Lindsey Wilson College 



Lindsey Wilson College 



Cumberland University 



Cumberland University 



Cumberland College 


Cumberland College 



Brescia College 



Brescia College 



Union College 



Union College 



Asbury College 



Asbury College 


Georgetown College 



Georgetown College 



Sue Bennett College 



Sue Bennett College 



Lindsey Wilson College 

Cumberland College 


Lambuth University 




Golf team makes x great strides' 

WW A ltnou 9 n we su ^" 

It yi fered a rough 

^J start (in the sea- 

-Z M. son), we made 

great strides, and 

closed the season being a 

much improved competitive 

golf team," said men's golf 

captain Danny Edelen. 

The team, comprised of two 
freshmen, two juniors and two 
seniors came into its own this 
inaugural season in the Mid- 
South Conference. 

The team placed fifth in this 
year's championship, held in 
Sevierville, Tenn., with team 
captain Danny Edelen placing 
seventh overall, and Andy 
Hartman taking the Academic 
All-Conference award. In addi- 
tion to his accolades within 
the conference, Edelen also 
swept a Lindsey Wilson tour- 
ney, breaking a Campbellsville 
record with a score of 69. 

According to Edelen, sec- 
ond year coach Dr. Ted Taylor 
has created a team that will be 
a force to be reckoned with in 
upcoming years. "With such a 
young team, if everyone re- 
turns, we should be ready next 
year to be serious contenders 
in the Mid-South Conference," 
Edelen said. 



Photo by George Allen 
Team Captain Danny Edelen pitches 
onto the green from the fairway. 

Men's Golf 

Photo by George Allet 1 

Team captain Danny Edelen blasts his way out of a sand trap. 

, r m 

ckH^SBhhmA%E "timvmsLJ.'Y 

Photo by George Alle 
Golf Team members are from left: Front row — Coach Dr. Ted Taylor, Adan 
Lawson, Bobby Thompson, team captain Danny Edelen and Matt Allen. Back rov 
— John Mays, Mark Carroll and team captain Andy Hartman. 

Photo by Ted Taylor Photo by George Allen 

Team Captain Andy Hartman studies the hole as he waits to tee up. Matt Allen focuses on making this putt 

for par. 

Men's Golf 199 


x Young' Men's Tennis Team 
comes together 

__ "W" enjoyed coaching this 

Ff I great team of young 

I men," said men's ten- 

Anis coach Nelson 


The team ended the season 
with a record of 2-8, finishing 
fifth in the Mid-South Conference 
All Conference. 

Kent Whitmer received All- 
Conference and won the num- 
ber-two singles in the Mid-South 
Conference Tournament, and 
Vladimir Zerjavic received hon- 
orable mention. 

With only one senior, Zerjavic, 
on the team, Moore said, v We 
were young this year and had a 
lot to learn, but I am very proud 
of this team. We took a step up 
in competition from KIAC to Mid- 
South and everyone on the team 
improved with each step we 
took. I am looking forward to 
coaching next year's team with a 
good nucleus to start next sea- 
son so we can be even more 
competitive next year.'' 

mAimee Bolin 

Photo by Billy Suratt 

Andy Rocha runs across the court to 
make a forehand save. 

Photo by Billy Suratt 
With intensity, Brock Loy serves the 


Photo by Billy Suratt 
Men's tennis team members are, from left: Brock Loy, James Brown, Andy Rocha, 
Vladimir Zerjavic, Kent Whitmer and Bogdan Ratiu. 


200 I Men's Tennis Team 

Photo by Billy Suratt 
Kent Whitmer, who made Mid-South » 
All-Conference, steps back to make this 
forehand shot. 

Photo by Billy Suratt Photo by Billy Suratt 

3ogdan Ratiu keeps his eye on the ball as he returns a ground stroke volley. Vladimir Zerjavic, the number one 

seed, pounds down a serve against his 
opponent in a home match. 

Men's Tennis I 201 


Women's Tennis swings into action 

^^^y he Campbellsville Uni- 

m versity Lady Tiger ten- 

m nis team started their 

M. season at Georgetown 

College March 24. 
The Lady Tiger Tennis Team 
finished its season with a record 
of 3-12 in regular season games 
and 1-5 in the Mid-South Confer- 
ence. The Lady Tigers placed 
fifth in the Mid-South Conference 
championship, which was held 

April 17-19 at Nashville Centen- 
nial Park. Tammy Akin and 
Jenny Teater received honorable 
mentions, and Akin made the 
Academic All-Conference Team. 
Team member Michelle Ro- 
man said, "We were young and 
inexperienced, but I feel we star- 
ted to learn from each other to- 
ward the end of the season." As 
all current team members will be 
returning, Roman said, "I am 

looking forward to doing bet-i 
ter next season." 

uAimee N. Boliw 

Photo by George Aller 
Tina Bracket* returns the ball with a 
forehand when received from her opi 

Photo by George Allen 
Judy Benningfleld of Campbellsville 
performs a dropshot to return a ball to 

Photo by George Allen 3 n opponent. 
Jenny Teater of Lancaster, Ky. performs a backhand across the net to her 


202 I ' Women's Tennis 

H -U 

Photo by George Allen 

Michelle Roman, left, and her doubles partner, Corrie Riner, wait for the serve 
from their opponent at a Georgetown game. 

Photo by George Allen 

Jenny Williams forcefully smashes the 
ball across the net. 

Photo by George Allen 

Campbellsville player Jenny Williams, right, reaches across the net to greet a 
Georgetown player. 

Photo by George Allen 
Corrie Riner, a Campbellsville resident 
pauses for a second between matches 
for a short water break. 

Photo by George Allen 
Members of the 1996-97 Women's Tennis Team are, from left: Front row — Jenny 
Teater, Judy Benningfield, Corrie Riner and Tina Brackett. Back row — Tammy 
Akin, Becky Coffey and Rebecca Foster. Not pictured are head coach Britt 
Blanton, Bethney Turner and Michelle Roman. 

Women's Tennis I 203 


Photo by George Alter ', 

Erica Gammel competes in Indianapolis. She was named an All-American. 

Tiger Sharks accomplish goals 


w w ^e have only 
\ mm / scratched 
IX IX the surface 
F r of the talent 
pool/' said 
Swimming Mead Coach Dean 
Brownley, "and with hard work 
from the current swimmers, my- 
self and a little luck from recrui- 
ting, we can better ourselves on 
the national scene.'' 

Brownley said his goal at the 
beginning of the season was for 
his "men and women to finish in 
the top 10 at nationals/' and 
that goal was obtained. 

The Tiger Sharks also de- 
feated Centre College and Tran- 
sylvania University during the 

"These meets were highly 
competitive and huge victories 
for us, because in recruiting, 
these schools are the ones who 
got local swimmers, and maybe 
now we can/' said Brownley. 

Brownley said a significant 
part of the team's training was 
the opportunity they had to train 
in Florida over Christmas break. 
"We had some quality 
workouts... all the swimmers had 
to concentrate on was swim- 
ming," he said. 

fie said the season was "very 
successful'' and most of his 
goals were achieved. 

•Angela L. Geralds 

Jill Halligan competes in a backstroke event for the Tiger sharks. 

Photo by Billy Suratt 



Photo by Billy Suratt 

Wesley Bezuidenhout, a freshman from 
Pretoria, South Africa, finishes an event 
for the Tiger Sharks. 

Photo by Billy Suratt 
Tiger Shark Head Coach Dean Brownley looks things over at the meet in Indianap- 

Photo by Billy Suratt 

Wil Miley checks the results after a race. 

Photo by Billy Suratt 
Above, from left, Chuck Cisney and Wil 
Miley help their teammate Jon Tel- 
genhof, as Telgenhof competes. Bot- 
tom left, members of the swim team 
are, from left: Front row — Danielle 
Ingram, Nola Fromm, Erica Gammel, 
Nicky Connell, Jenny Page, Dana 
O Daniel, Sara Kapp, Melissa Craig, Jill 
Halligan and Kim Burton. Second row 
— Scott Lee, John Kaddatz, Chuck Cis- 
ney, John Hayes, Jon Telgenhof, Wes 
Luther, Wesley Bezuidenhout, Mickey 
Lilintahl, Keith Brown, Wil Miley, Nate 
Wineriter, Jon Swisher and Head Coach 
Dean Brownley. 

Photo by Billy Suratt 



Tiger Sharks take a national title 

Campbellsville Universi- 
ty Tiger Shark Brendan 
Ward captured the first 
national title in the 
swim team's history 
and the institution's first national 

The win was March 7 at the 
MAIA national Swimming and 
Diving Championship in Taco- 
ma, Wash. 

Ward, a freshman from Zim- 
babwe, placed first in the men's 
100-yard butterfly with a time of 

"Brendan was seeded first go- 
ing into the race," said Head 
Coach Dean Brownley. "I knew 
he had the capabilities of win- 
ning.'' He was named an Ail- 

The men's team finished 
eighth with 193 points, and the 
women finished ninth with 136 

Brownley said the trip to na- 
tionals was Very much a suc- 

Also, in the men's 100 butter- 
fly, Wil Miley came in fifth for the 
Tiger Sharks. 

In the men's 100-yard free- 
style, Mickey Lilintahl finished 
seventh with a time of 47.68, 
and Miley finished ninth with a 
47.10. Lilintahl finished ninth in 
the 200-yard freestyle. 

In the 50-yard freestyle, fresh- 
man Miley of Clemson, S.C., fin- 
ished ninth, and Lilintahl of Ven- 
ezuela finished 15th. 

Jon Swisher, a freshman from 
St. Petersburg, Fla., finished 
eighth in the 1,650-yard freestyle 
and ninth in the 200-yard back- 

John Hayes of Campbellsville 
finished 15th in the men's 400- 
yard individual medley, and 
Keith Brown, a sophomore from 
Memphis, Tenn., came in 16th in 
the 100-yard breaststroke. 

Freshman Erica Qammel, 
from Canada, placed third in the 
women's 100 backstroke with a 
59.98 and came in sixth in the 

women's 200 backstroke with 
2:09.42. Qammel was named ai 

Also in the women's 200 back 
stroke, Jill Halligan, a junio 
from Canada, came in 11th anc 
13th in the women's 100 butter 


Women's relay teams placincj 
in final events were the 400-yarc 
freestyle relay, which finishec 
seventh, and the 200 freestyle 
which finished ninth. 

The 200-yard medley relay foi 
the women finished eighth, anc 
the 800-yard freestyle relay pla| 
ced 12th, as did the men's 80C| 
freestyle relay. 

Also for the men, the 200 free 
style relay finished sixth, the 40C 
freestyle relay finished 10th, anc 
the 200 medley relay finishec 

Brownley said the team mel 
their expectations and swam 
"either at or above what was ex j 

•Angela L. Geralds 

Photo by George Allen Photo by George Allen 

Jill Halligan watches her team after fin- Erica Qammel takes in a breath while competing for a national title, 
ishing an event. 


Swimming nationals 

Photo by George Allen 
left, Erin Gammel, swimmers Mo- 
Fromm of Phoenix, Ariz., Chuck Cis- 
ley of Greenville, Ky., and Melissa 
Iraig of Shelbyville, Ky., cheer as a 
Steam member competes for the Tiger 
Sharks at the national meet. Erin Gam- 
mel is Erica Gammers sister. 

Photo by George Allen 

jjohn Hayes of Campbellsville com- 
petes at nationals. 

Photo by George Allen 
Head Coach Dean Brownley celebrates p noto t>y George Alien 

after his team finishes well. Brendan Ward accepts recognition for finishing first in the 100 butterfly from Head 

Coach Dean Brownley. 

Swimming nationals 

(r 107 

Photo by Joan C. NcKinney 
Lou Cunningham, right, was honored 
April 25 by Campbellsville University 
President Kenneth W. Winters for his 25 
years of service to the university. Cun- 
ningham had colon surgery April 29 
and died May 13 at University of Louis- 
\ille Hospital due to septic shock, when 
the body's organs shut down due to 

Photo by Joan C. McKinne 
Lou Cunningham, left, gives Lady Tiger Basketball Coach Donna Wise a kiss a 
they celebrate their teams both going to nationals in 1991. Cunningham was als< 
1990-91 NAIA and KIAC "Coach of the Year.'' 


208 Sports 






Photo by Billy Suratt 

Jama Watts was among the many seniors to be 
honored by Dr. Kenneth W. Winters at honors day. 


CU's largest graduating class 

ampbellsvile Universi- 
ty's largest graduating 
class of 202 seniors 
was urged to "make a 
difference'' at com- 
mencement Nay 10 in the Powell 
Athletic Center. 

The Rev. John Chowning, pas- 
tor of Saloma Baptist Church in 
Taylor County and chair of the 
Campbellsville University Board 
of Trustees, told the graduates 
"Making a difference is a part of 
our American heritage, and it is 
certainly a part of our Christian 

"God wants us to win," 
Chowning said. "Me wants us to 
fight the good fight. Me wants us 
to stay to the end in order to 
make a difference.'' 

He urged the seniors to be 
challenged with the words: "The 
world has yet to see what God 
can do through a man who is 
completely committed to Him.'' 

At commencement, Dr. Forest 
F. Shely, a Campbellsville physi- 
cian, was presented an honorary 
doctorate for public service de- 

Dr. Kenneth W. Winters, presi- 
dent of Campbellsville Universi- 
ty, and Dr. Robert S. Clark, vice 
president for academic affairs 
and dean, made the presenta- 
tion to Shely and to the gra- 

Seventeen students received 
master's degrees. Twenty-eight 
bachelor of arts degrees were 
awarded with 140 bachelor of 
science degrees given. Eight 
bachelor of music, six bachelor 
of social work and three associ- 
ate of science degrees were 

There were six valedictorians 
of the 1997 graduating class, all 
with 4.0 grade point averages. 
They include: Amy Lawson Gard- 
ner of Magnolia, Ky.; Rainey 
Alexis Johns of nicholasville, 

210 1 Commencement 

Ky.; Marcia Faith Smith of Wil- 
more, Ky.; Jama Lee Watts of 
LaCrescenta, Calif.; Jason Riley 
Whited of Liberty, Ky., and Mary 
Ann Jarboe Yates of Lebanon, 

Rebecca Lynn Owens of Rus- 
sell Springs, Ky., was the saluta- 
torian with a 3.975 grade point 

Winters said this senior class, 
the largest in the school's histo- 

ry, was "one of the best.'' 

Sharla Pochodzay of Paris, I 
Ky., president of the senior 1 
class, told the graduates that I 
"each of you has made a mark | 
on Campbellsville University." 

She said, "My prayer as we 
leave is that you will make a 
mark where God has called 

mjoan C. McKinney 

Photo by Joan C. McKinney 
From left, reminiscent of the movie St. Elmo's Fire, graduates Angie Geralds, 
Jama Watts, Joe Witherspoon and Beth Foster celebrate graduation. 

Photo by Billy Suratt 
Master's graduate Rick Davis, husband 
of Dottie Davis, executive secretary, 
laughs during the graduation celebra- 

Photo by Joan C. McKinney 
Robert Flood Jr. signs "Joyful, Joyful, 
We Adore Thee" during commence- 
ment. Flood is a graduate of the Camp- 
bellsville University Extension at the 
Southern Baptist Theological Semi- 

urged to 'make a difference' 

Photo by Joan C. McKinney 

Valedictorian Jason Whited waits in the 
Annex to line up before walking into the 
gym for the graduation ceremonies. 

Photo by Billy Suratt 

Graduates Christi Thomas and Demond Thomas chat while they wait to receive 
their diplomas. 

it n/r emories will be built 
"* around the persons 
you're sitting by today.'' 

uBennie Keen 
President of Alumni Associ- 

Photo by Lynne Pendygraft 
Don Bishop waits to give the invocation 
at commencement. Bishop is the assis- 
tant professor of physical education 
and athletics and the director of athlet- 
ics. He is retiring after 29 years of ser- 

Photo by Joan C. McKinney 
Cindy O'Banion, left, and Stacey Sapp 
watch fellow graduates receive their di- 

Photo by Joan C. McKinney 
Leigh Neat, left, and Stacey Davenport 
hold their hats as they walk to Powell 
Athletic Center to participate in the 
graduation ceremony. 



Seniors honored in 

Photo by Billy Suratt 
Above, Alumni Association President Bennie Keen presents Dawn Richardson the 
Don Doyle Spirit Award. Heather Slack, at right, was given the Outstanding Senior 
Award, the English Divisional Award and graduated summa cum laude. 

H 1 

Special Awards 

Rotary Award — George 

Maxwell Wise 
Marshall Lyon Award — 

Brian Dean Clifford 

Business & Professional 

Women's Award — Laura Sue 


Ms. Campbellsville 

University — Shelly Renee 

Barnes and Valerie Leigh Owens 

Mr. Campbellsville 
University — George Maxwell 


Salutatorian — Rebecca Lynn 


Valedictorians — Amy 

Lawson Gardner, Rainey Alexis 

Johns, Marcia Faith Smith, 

Jama Lee Watts, Jason Riley 

Whited and Mary Ann Jarboe 


Honors and Awards Day 

Alumni Association Awards 

Talent — Valerie Leigh Owens 

Athletic — Van Mantell Berry 


Achievement — Eduardo 


Leadership — George 

Maxwell Wise 
Outstanding Senior — 

Heather Sue Slack 

Double A (Academics & 

Athletics) — Christine Michele 


Don Doyle Spirit — Dawn 

Marie Richardson 

Divisional Awards 

Biology — Stephanie Nicole 

Chemistry — Lori A. nation 

Photo by Billy Suratt 

Computer Information 
Systems — Jerad Blane Rose 

and Christal Lee Stooksbury 
Mathematics — Lori A. nation 
and Marcia Faith Smith 
Office Management — 
Connie Perkins Wilson 
Wall Street Journal Award- 
Business Administration — 

Lori Ann Fain 
Accounting — Amy Lawson 


Business and Economics — 

Eric Matthew Wheatley 

Art — Jama Lee Watts and 

James Allen Powell 

Outstanding Senior Music 

Student — Ginger Thomas 

Fuller and Sharla Marie 


special awards ceremony 

£5) i 

© r £} 

2T / ^^^ 

Mum .^1 li 

k^ai H- 

#81 /■ 

if ill [ ^1 

^ _ ...» ggSlll mB^WBBWHW 

■ftfi * v<* 

Pftoto £>y BH/ty Suratt 
From left, Chuck Fuller, Dr. Ted Taylor, Brennen Searcy and Jason Clark share a moment together at Honors and Awards 
Day. Fuller and Clark received the Christian Studies Award and Searcy was given the religious education divisional award. 

William K. Pennebaker 
Education Award: 

K-4 — Linda Joyce Cable 
5-8 — Karen Mechelle Wisdom 

9-12 — Laura Dawn Flinchum 

SKATE Professional 
Development Award — Dawn 

Michelle Porter 

English — Heather Sue Slack 

and Jennifer Elaine Vaughan 


Electronic Media — Christine 

Michele Thomas 

Journalism — Bethney Jo 


Outstanding Health & 

Physical Education Major — 

Bobby E. Hart 

Outstanding Recreation 

Major — David James Levee 

Christian Studies — Jason 

Wayne Clark and Charles 

William fuller 

Religious Education — 

Brennen Hollis Searcy 

Political Science — Warren 

Mark Bezuidenhout 
Psychology — Regan LaNaye 


History — Laura Michele Bell 

Social Work — Deborah Ann 

Winkler McMahan 

Social Science — Laura 

Dawn Flinchum 

Who's Who Among Students 

in American Universities 
and Colleges — 1996-1997: 

Laura Michele Bell 

Warren Mark Bezuidenhout 

Steven Ray Bowling 

Jason Wayne Clark 

Olivia Marie Coleman 

Margaret Bailey Compton 

Brian Allen Couch 

Joanna Ruth Cowen 

Michelle Lynette Creason 

Kelley Lynn Dameron 

Johna Lynn East 

Alison Nicole Foreman 

Charles William Fuller 

John Mark Gaddis 

Russell Wade Goff 

Jillian A. Halligan 

Laura Sue Humphress 

Rainey Alexis Johns 

Ryan Thomas McDowell 

John D. Neal 

Kevin Doyle Propes 

Rebecca Lynn Purdue 

Jason Thomas Radford 

Jenny Marie Teater 

Christine Michele Thomas 

David L. Walters 

Eric Matthew Wheatley 

Melissa Anne Wyatt 

Honors and Awards Day 


1 \ 

Class of 1997 

Associate of Science 

May 10, 1997 

Robert Randolph Bivens 
Gregory Lynn Roberts 

July 25, 1997 

Mary Ellen Mabin 

Bachelor of Arts 

Dec. 20, 1996 

***Laura Michele Bell 
*Vanda Jean Parson 

May 10, 1997 

**Jason Wayne Clark 

*Brian Allen Couch 

Kimberly Nicole Dalton 

Robert Edwin flood Jr. 

Bethney Jo Foster 

Charles William Fuller 

Angela Lynn Geralds 

Tracie Jo Wright Hoskins 

*Christal Lee Stooksbury 

^Jennifer Lynn Talley 

**Jennifer Elaine Vaughan 

Mark W. Wakefield 

***Jama Lee Watts 

*George Maxwell Wise 

July 25, 1997 

Jacalyn Kelly Brenner 

Mark Flores 
***Tara Lizabeth Greer 

Beverly Jean Cox 

Sharla Marie Pochodzay 

***Heather Sue Slack 

William Lindsay Wamsley II 

Bachelor of Music 

Dec. 20, 1996 

Kenneth Floyd Dillingham 

"Amy Carol Blakeman Durham 

**Ginger Thomas Fuller 

May 10, 1997 

Brian Dean Clifford 

*Cicely Eileen Maggard 

Rebecca Lynn Purdue 

Boyd Wayne Rexroat 

July 25, 1997 

*Heidy Kiepper Ximenes 

Bachelor of Science 

Dec. 20, 1996 

Suzanna Joyce Baker 

Jennifer Dee Bethel 

***Eduardo Bocatto 

Steven Ray Bowling 

*Howard Neal Bradshaw 

Martha Francis Cox 

Kimberly Denelle Dowell 

Mary Lora riewton 

*Michelle L. Hamilton 

**Angela Paulene Holmes 

Jeanne Aileen Jones 

***Karen Mechelle Wisdom 


Billy J. Miller 

Ronna Michelle Mills 

Jerry Lynn Shacklett 

Corey Patrick Williams 

*Connie Perkins Wilson 

May 10, 1997 

*Larry Duane Ashlock 

*Comfort Arinlade Ayanrinola 

*Shelly Renee Barnes 

**Jamie Lee Basham 

Linda Diane Brady Beard 

Van Mantell Berry Jr. 

Kelley Allyson Black 

Margaret Malone Blackburn 

William Lionel Burton 

***Linda Joyce Cable 

Mary Regenia Quisenberry Clark 

Isaac Comett 

**Cortney Neal Cowan 

Carol Sue Hill Cravens 

Patricia L. Crockett 

Eric Wayne Cruse 

Ann Eden Dabney 

Jeremy Keith Dale 

Stacey Renee Davenport 

*Emily Rhea Davis 

Michael Shane Davis 

Podgaiskaya Guillermina 


John Wesley Depew 

David Christopher DeWitt 

Kristi Renee Dillingham 

James Richard Dix Jr. 

Richard Lee Dooley 

Michael Dwayne Doty 

*Angela Kaye Dye 

Brian Lee Eaton 

*Lori Ann Fain 

***Laura Dawn Flinchum 

Tara A. Ford 
***Amy Lawson Gardner 
Jennifer Suzette Gardner 

Ernie Garrison 
Marchetta Dawn Garrison 

Alex Bart Gibson 

Elizabeth Ann Miller Goode 

Chastity Jean Yarberry Gosser 

Keena Jo Grant 

Tara Beth Grant 

Laura Ellen Hagan 

Jonathan Micheal Hansford 

***Kristal Shana Stafford Hame 

**Bobby E. Hart 

**Laura Sue Humphress 

***Rainey Alexis Johns 

Kevin Edward Johnson 

**Mary Louise Jones 

Roy Edgar Kanode 

Jonathan Cass Kidwell 

**Keisha Shae Landis 

David James Levee 

Amarylis Renee Bell Lobb 

*Tyson Jay Lodge 

***Christian Anthony Mach 

Christopher John Marcum 

Carrie Lynne Marrett 

William C. Mason 

Debbie Marie Mauk 



Class of 1997 

Jason Allen Milbum 

Charles Douglas Miller 

**Johnna Jannette Montgomery 

Christopher George Morgan 

*Regan LaNaye Mott 

Sada Sheila Mwachiru 

***Lori A. nation 

Deborah Leigh Heat 

***Rebecca Lynn Owens 

**Valerie Leigh Owens 

***Rita Fay Beard Parsons 

Phillip Dean Pennington 

Clint Donald Poore 

James Allen Powell 

Christopher Ray Quinn 

April Sunshine Raley 

Dawn Marie Richardson 

Jason Keith Richerson 

Steven Nolan Robinson 

Timothy Edward Rogers 

Jerad Blane Rose 
*Brennen Hollis Searcy 

Otha Joe Shive 

Christine Janette Borger 


**Anita Leslie Sims 

Christopher Lynn Smith 

Jennifer Lynette Smith 

***Marcia Faith Smith 

Tammy Lynn Smith 

**Stephanie Nicole Southard 

Jeremy M. Suchman 

Phillip Wayne Sullivan Jr. 

James W. Taylor 

Winfield Stephen Thatcher 

Christine Michele Thomas 

Demond Tysae Thomas 

*Christopher Edward Tincher 

Christopher Brett Underwood 

Kyle Wade Wall 

Shawn Ray Walston 

***Eric Matthew Wheatley 

*** Jason Riley Whited 

*Brian Keith Whitlock 

Mary Carmel Williams 

Elmore Alexander Wilson III 

Sarah Gray Wilson 

Stephen Christopher Woodell 

***Mary Ann Jarboe Yates 

Vladimir Zerjavic 

July 25, 1997 

Matthew Wayne Beal 

**Warren Mark Bezuidenhout 

**Joseph R. Bland 

Charles Darren Childers 

Lisa Jane Criswell 

Marcus Daniel CundifF 

Michael Todd Darland 

Stacey Leahann Elliott 

Leslie Elaine Fegenbush 

Banford Keith Hill 

Letitia Annette Holland 

David Joseph Lococo 

Jeremy Anderson McGuire 

*Dawn Michelle Porter 

Jennifer Dawn Shoemaker 

***Judith Buckman Spalding 

Brian Ray Turpin 

Joseph Hendrix Witherspoon Jr. 

Bachelor of Social Work 

Dec. 20, 1996 

Shawn Sovel Stephens 

May 10, 1997 

Barbara Jacquelyn Kinser- 


Deborah Ann Winkler McMahan 

Cynthia Ann Cox O'Banion 

Stacey Denise Sapp 

July 25, 1997 

Sabrina Sue Walker 

Master of Arts in Education 

May 10, 1997 

Karen Lanham Cobb 

Rick D. Davis 
Pamela Sharpe Gowin 
Peggy Taylor Hubbard 
Jeana Ann Collins Pike 

Michelle Lee Sego 
Melissa Rosanna Terhune- 

Robin Johnson Underwood 

Ann Ballou Young 

July 25, 1997 

Deborah Maupin Burdette 

Carlotta Davidson Johns 

Leah Noe Magers 

Gale Mitchell Perry 

Judy Gayle Phillips 

Kevin DeWayne Rafferty 

Lisa Dawn Stubbs 

Dana Rachelle Price Young 

Honorary Doctorate for 
Public Service 

May 10, 1997 

Forest F. Shely 

* Cum Laude 
** Magna Cum Laude 
*** Summa Cum Laude 

Photo by Billy Suratt 
Marci Smith is clad in valedictorian en- 
semble of black Hike shorts, matching 
T-shirt, pantyhose and pumps. 

Class of 1997 



Aaron, Peggy D 61 

Abbott Kurt 100 

Adams, Billy 90 

Adkins, Heather 82 

Adkisson, Kim 90 177 

Akin Stephanie J 72 

Akin Tammj 82, 196, 203 

Akridge Billi'e J 90 

Akridge, Todd .27, 28, 82 
Alcantara, Karine . 100, 157 
Alexander, Victoria 27, 28. 
35, 90, 131, 141 
Allen, Brenda 10, 61 

Allen. Cori 100 

Allen, Marcia L 61 

Allen, MarkS 61 

Allen, Matt . . . 100, 198, 199 

Allen. Tiffany 90, 196 

Allen Jr., George H 27, 

28, 36, 40, 72, 159, 221 
Almeida, Marcelo 71, 184 

Alves, Emerson 100 

Ambers Carey 90 

Anderson, Jonathan 101, 

125, 136, 169 

Anderson, Joseph S. . . . 173 

Anderson, Joshua 91, 

156, 169 

Andrews, Jeffrey 101 

Andrews, Joey 117 

Argo. R. Trent . .34. 61, 141 

Amett. Amy 101 

Arroe, Catherine 35, 36 

Ash, Anna 101 

Ash, Jason 101, 143 

Ashley, Chadwick . .82, 169 
Ashlock, Gary . 28, 31, 101 

Ashlock, Nathan 101 

Atwell, Josh 101 

Atwell. Kevin 101, 169 

Atwell. Kimberly 101 

Atwood. Kim 101 

Azuma, Celso 101 



Babb, Michelle 101 

Bagby. Kalon E 72, 142 

Bagby, Tina 82 

Bailey, Bowling 101 

Bailey, Kevin ... 36, 37, 91 

Bailey, Kim 101 

Baker, Suzanna J 72 

Balasa, Michelle 101 

Baldwin, Amy 82 

Baldwin, Shirley M 61 

Ballard, Chris 24, 83, 136, 

169. 170 

Balreira. Eduardo 101 

Barker, Danielle 91 

Barnes, Curtis .61, 128, 


Barnes, Shelly R. 72, 120, 

132, 220 
Bamett, Darel 28, 30, 31, 

101, 143 

Bamett, Nate 91, 173 

Bamsfather, Samantha 36, 

101, 152 

Barrett, David 101 

Barroso, Leony . ... 31, 38, 

101, 141 
Basham, Megan 41,101 

Bastos, Camila . 101, 141 

Bates, C.B 101 

Bauermeister, Amy 2, 101 

Baxter, Jeremy 91 

Beal, Matthew W. 72, 154 

Beard, Bobbie 101 

Beard, Linda D 73 

Bechtold, Amber 101, 

129, 136 

Beck, Robyn . . 2B, 23, 32, 

91, 141 

Beckley, Jonathan 91, 130 

Beeler, Anthony 91 

Belcher, Teresa 101 

Bell, Latasha 101 

Bell. Laura M. 73.124 

Bell, Missy 101, 175 


Bell Walter L 43, 61 

Bender, Jennifer 102, 135 

Bennett, Carla 45 

Bennett, Jeremy 91 

Bennett, Jodie . 69, 89, 91, 


Bennett, Monica 102 

Bennett, William E. . 56, 57 

Benningfield, C. Rick . . . 2A, 


Benningfield, Judy 91, 

136, 202, 203 
Benningfield, Lea Ann 83 

Benov, Ivaylo 102 

Benskin, Jeanne 85, 175 

Benskin, Judy 102 

Berry, Mick 192 

Berry. Richard 102 

Berry, Van M. . . 73, 183, 184 

Bethel, Benny 91 

Beumel, Amanda 91 

Beyer, Joe . . 91, 164, 195 
Bezuidenhout, Clayton 91, 

Bezuidenhout, Warren M. 

73, 173 

Bezuidenhout, Wesley 

102, 159, 205 

Bishop, Baerette 102 

Bishop, Don 211 

Bishop, Jeremiah 91,136 
Bishop, Mandy Underwood 


Bishop, Ronnie C 61 

Biven, Josh 91, 192 

Black, Kelley A 73 

Black, Tara 102 

Blackburn, Michael .... 83, 
128, 136, 154, 169, 170, 


Blair, Bryan F 18, 61 

Blair, Chasity L 73 

Blair, Jeremy 102, 169 

Blair, John Paul 132 

Bland, Amy 91 

Bland, Christie 83, 151 

Bland, Joseph 71 

Bland, Mary Crowder . 73, 


Blankenship, Daniel .40, 

73, 150, 166 

Blough, Ken 102, 179 

Boatman, Julia 102 

Bocatto, Eduardo 73 

Boggs. Reggie 91, 169 

Bolin. Aimee . 83, 159, 180, 


Bolin, Jeff 102 

Boling, Todd 90, 91, 128, 


Bonatti, Angelica 102 

Bond, Carol .91, 129, 151 

Bonds, Brad 83 

Borger, C.J 2B 

Bosse, Michelle 102 

Bourne, Leigh Anne 83 

Bowen, Carrie 91 

Bowen, Katheryn 102 

Bowling, Cindy 102 

Bowling, Steven R. . . 28, 73 
Bowman, Richard .... 102, 

Boyatt, Brandon 102, 136, 


Boyatt. Willie 83, 128, 

132, 169 
Brackett, Tina . 102, 202, 

Bradley, C. Mark . . 49, 58 
Bradshaw, Howard N. .73 

Brady, Mikki 151 

Brashear, David C. 36, 73 

Breeding, Connie 56 

Brennan, Molly .83, 145 

Brenner, Jackalyn K. 73, 

144, 146, 158 

Brickner, Fran 43 

Bridges, Greg 169 

Bright, Jaimie 91 

Bright, Rodney 83 

Bright, Tony E 61 

Briscoe, Darrick 83, 169 

Brock, Marc 102, 192 

Brothers, Lee 102, 173 

Brower, Cara 102 

Brown, James 90, 91, 

131, 136, 200, 201 

Brown, Keith 205 

Brown, Mike 102, 169 

Brown, Scott 28, 29, 102 

Brown, Terri 83 

Brownley, Dean 13, 81, 

173, 205, 207 

Brummett, Daniel . 91, 132, 

136, 169 

Bruton, Teneeshia 102, 


Bryan, Kelly 102, 136 

Bryan, Shelby 102, 136 

Bryant, Krista 91 

Buckler, Michael A. "Tony" 


Budlove, Michael 83, 136 

Bunch, Josh ... 11, 36, 37, 

40. 91, 131. 143, 148 

Bunch, Teresa . . .27, 28, 91 

Burkhead, Carrie 102 

Bums, Scotty J 27, 28, 

31, 73, 150 

Burress, Misty 91 

Burress, Scott . . 11, 36, 40, 

41, 102 

Burton, Karla 91, 136, 

152, 160 
Burton, Kimberly . .92, 205 

Burton, Krystal E 62 

Burton, Melisha 102 

Burton, Paula 59, 92 

Burton, Steve . . 92, 136, 

151, 169 
Burton, William L. 73, 149, 

169, 170 
Bush, Melissa ... 28, 31, 92 

Butler, Erica 103, 136 

Byrd, Kevin 83 

Cable, Linda J 73 

Caetano, Patricia 103 

Cahal, Jennifer 92 

Calder, Jason .14, 103, 


Caldwell, Andy 103, 169 

Caldwell, Julie G 62 

Campbell, Karen 103 

Campbell, Rodney 92 

Cannon, George . . 103, 129 

Carl, Julie 103 

Carney, Amy . . 83, 89, 136, 
142, 196 

Carrazza, Luis 103 

Carrico, Amy 83 

Carroll, Mark 83, 169, 

170, 198 
Carroll, Misty Sandefur 73 
Carter, Cynthia . 23, 28, 31, 

Carvalho, Wesley . . 103, 141 

Cassady, Hope 103 

Cassell, Beth 103 

Castle, Annette 92 

Castro, Daniel . . 103, 141 
Castro, George 103, 141 

Caulk, Karyn 103 

Cavassana, Mauro .... 103, 


Cecil, Karen 92 

Chaffee, Mary Jane 52 

Chaney, John 103 

Chaney, Max 136, 169 

Chartisathian, Chani .92, 

131, 135 

Cheatham, Franklin D . 54, 


Chelf, Amy 103 

Childers, Charles D. . . 73, 


Chowning, Kacey 92 

Christerson, John . . 5, 103, 


Cintra, Addison 103 

Cintra, Marcos . . 103, 141 
Cisney, Chuck 92, 205, 


Clark, Charles 59 

Clark, Fred 83 

Clark, Jason W. 73, 178, 

179, 213 

Clark, Judy B 62, 68 

Clark, Mary Quisenberry 

Clark, Roberts. 14,44,80 
Clark, Tina 83,174,175 

Clark, Tommy R. . . 49, 50, 


Clarkson, Eric 103 

Claycomb, Scott 103 

Claywell, Becky 92 

Clifford, Brian D. 'B.C." . . . 

Clifford, Scott 92,151 

Coatney, Raina 103 

Coelho, Damans P 73 

Coffey, Becky 103, 203 

Coffey, Janet L 62 

Coffey, Marsha 103 

Coker, Cindy L 62 

Cole, Jeremy ... 2D, 27, 28, 
31, 36, 41, 92, 150 

Coleman, Olivia 83, 

131, 132, 153, 154, 155 
Collins, Jason . . 27, 28, 31, 


Collins, Shea 100, 103 

Colvin, Rebecca A 62, 

159, 222 

Compton, Margo . 5, 6, 23, 

40, 83, 130, 132, 136, 

147, 154 

Conceicao, Lucianna . . 104 

Conceicao, Martha . . . 104, 


Conco, Diana 58 

Conco, Jessica 92 

Conco, Paul W. . . 9. 44, 59, 
80, 118, 139 

Connally, Gregory 83 

Connell, Nicky .... 83, 175, 


Cook, Ashley 83, 177 

Cook, Brad 136 

Cook, Brian 103, 169 

Cook, Faith ... 15, 28, 31, 
37, 82, 83, 129, 150 

Cook, Nanetta 104 

Coomer, Tiffany 92 

Copley, Jonathan . 83, 124, 
145, 147, 152, 153, 154 

Copley, Michael 152 

Corbin, Glenn A 62 

Cordell, Jason .36, 104, 


Comelison, Ron .27, 28, 


Comett, Alican 69, 89, 


Comett, Isaac 73 

Costisick, Troy 104 

Couch, Brian A 14, 31, 

73, 146, 158 

Couch, Rheba 36, 83 

Coulter, Mary T 73 

Cowan, Cortney McGowan . . 


Cowen, Joanna .23, 36, 

40, 83, 130, 136, 141, 142 

Cowger, Chris 92, 169 

Cowherd, Patricia H 45 

Cox, Anthony 104 

Cox, Martha F 73 

Cox, Mary 104 

Coy, Buddy .... 11, 28, 29, 

31, 36, 40, 104 

Craig, Melissa . ... 92, 136, 

205, 207 

Cravens, Carol Hill 73 

Crawhom, Lisa 104 

Creason, Michelle 69, 84, 
89, 136, 151 

Creason, Rita A 62 

Creech, Carrie .27, 28, 29, 

Creech, Kelly D 73, 151 

Criscola, David 104, 173 

Criswell, Lisa J 73 

Crockett, Carla J 74 

Crockett, Patricia L 74 

Cross, Bryan 169 

Cross, Nannette ... 36, 84 
Crowder, Jackie 92, 136, 


Crowe, Brad 84, 169 

Cruse, Eric W 74 

Crutcher, Greg 169 

Cundiff, David E 47 

Cundiff, Linda B. .47, 120 

Cundiff, Marcus D 74, 

169, 170 

Cunningham, Heather 

104, 181 

Cunningham, Louis T. . 47, 

59, 182, 184, 185, 208 

Curry, April . . 104, 152, 154 

Curry, Derek 104 

Curry, Gena 104, 131 

Curry, Jada 84 

Curry, Ricardo .... 84, 182, 
184, 185 

Curry, Toby 92, 184 

Curtis, Shala 104, 154 

Custodio, Ana Carolina . 50, 


Dabney, Ann E 74, 145 

Dabney, Neil .... 28, 31, 92 

Dabney, Traver 152 

Daffron, Jan . 27, 28, 104 

Dailey, Amy 2C, 23, 24, 

82, 84, 131, 144, 152 
Dale, Jeremy K. . . . 74, 169, 

Dalton, Kimberly Brown ... 

Dameron, Kelley . . 84, 129, 


Dameron, Paul A 62 

Damron, Mark 173 

Darland, Michael T 74, 

169, 170 

Darnell, Julia 104 

DaSilva, Eliane ... 10, 104, 


Dattilo, Jennifer 92 

Davenport, Stacey 211 

David, Elaine 56 

Davis, Adrienne 104 

Davis, Dottie 62, 122 

Davis, Emily R 74 

Davis, Joshua 104 

Davis, Lanetta 71 

Davis, Marsha L 62 

Davis, Michael S 74 

Davis, Rick 210 

Davis, Tamera 104 

Dawson, Bridgette R. . . . 74, 


Dawson, Grant 5, 104 

Decker, Denise 104 

Deener, Jennifer ... 23, 92, 


DeMurray, Tony L 74 

Denham, Terri 104 

Denney, Carlotta ... 92, 139 

Denney, Chris 92 

Detterick, Diana . . . . 2C, 28, 
31, 90, 92, 129, 151 

DeVore, Connie 92 

DeWeese, Lisa K 63 

Diaz, Bernadette 104 

Dichiara, Darrell 104 

Dill, Sarah .84, 129, 142, 


Dillingham, Kenneth F. .74 

Dillingham, Kristi Graves . . . 


Dockery, Angela .28, 31, 


Dooley, Richard L 74 

Dooley, Tracy 92 

Doom, Rocky 21, 92 

Doty, Michael D. ... 74, 145 

Doty, Robert L 158 

Douglas, Chad 104 

Dowell, Brenda ... .84, 178 

Dowell, Kimberly D 74, 

145, 155 

Druen, Thomas 63 

Drury, Michael 84 

Duka, Veronica ... 2D, 16, 

Dukes, Alicia 36, 105 

Duncan, Angie . . 27, 28, 84, 

Duncan, Lisa . . 84, 132, 134 
Dunn, Brittyne . . 105, 131 

Duplantis, Renee 105 

Durbin, David 47 

Durbin, Margaret 105 

Durham, Amy Blakeman . . . 
74, 148 

Durham, Brent 93 

Durham, Jamie . ... 36, 40, 

100, 105, 136 

Durling, Kevin 84 

Durrett, Andrea 93 

Dye, Angela K 74 

Dyer, Andrew 105, 125 

Eads, David . . 7, 28, 31, 105 

East, Johna ... 23, 84, 130, 

132, 152, 154, 155 

Eastridge, Darlene . . 56, 142 

Eastridge, Jessica 71 

Eaton, Brian L. . . 74, 169, 


Edelen, Danny 81, 84, 

182, 184, 198 

Edwards, Damn 93 

Edwards, Gene . . 8, 93, 192 
Eich, Rebecca . . 7, 93, 129, 


Elam, Brett 105 

Eley, Josh . . . 105, 192, 195 

Elliott, Jennifer .... 27, 28, 

105, 129 

Elliott, Stacey Leahann C. . . 

2D, 74, 137 

Ellison, Dwayne H 74, 

169, 170 

Elmore, Teresa M 63 

Elrod, Rachael . 93, 99, 136 
England, Trisha . . 28, 31, 93 

English, Daniel 84 

English, Terrell . . . 105, 169 

Ennis, Jaclyn 105 

Ernst, Crissy 93, 177 

Ervin, Curtis ... 28, 30, 31, 

36, 84, 150 

Esters, Brian ... 28, 31, 105 

Estes, Dale 105 

Eubank, Damon . . 120, 124 
Eubank, Lori . .47, 120,151 

Euting, Galen 84, 192 

Evans, Alitta B 93 

Ewing, Sam 105 

Fain, Lori A. . . 74, 129, 134 

Fare, James V 45, 46, 

126, 145, 153, 154 

Farmer, Joey 105, 173 

Farris, Natalie 105 

Fearn, Bryan . . 28, 105, 137 

Fegenbush, Leslie E. . . . 74, 

134, 178 

Fenwick, Georgianne . . 105, 


Ferguson, Joe .... 84, 149, 


Ferreira, Kenneth 105 

Ferreira, Marcos 105 

Ferren, Leigh A 27, 28, 

Finch, Chris . . 105, 169, 181 
Finch, Jim .... 93, 169, 181 
Finley, Ronald M. ... 14, 63, 
169, 171 
Fischer, Sarah . . . 105, 136, 
178, 196 

Fitch, Jason 51, 105 

Flewwellin, Connie J. . . . 40, 


Flewwellin, Sarah .... 7, 27, 

28, 29, 36, 40, 41, 70, 105 

Flood, Robert Jr 210 

Floyd, Chad .... 27, 28, 30, 
31, 36, 40, 41, 93, 163 

Foley, Amanda 105 

Foley, Sheryl 105 

Ford, Tara A. . . . 21, 36, 74, 


Foreman, Alison .18, 27, 

28, 82, 84, 129, 140, 196 

Foreman, Terrie 129 

Forrest, Matthew 84 

Forsythe, Janet 93 

Foster, Bethney J 74, 

146, 158, 210, 221 

Foster, Daniel 169 

Foster, Joseph D 45 

Foster, Margaret W 63 

Foster, Paula 63, 118 

Foster, Philip 105 

Foster, Rebecca . . 105, 203 

Foster, Robert 93 

Fowler, Jaimie 106 

Fox, Allison 106, 129 

Fox, Donna 106 

Fox, Robert 93, 136, 169 

Frasier, Deana .84, 180, 


Frazier, DeWayne 84 

Fromm, Nola 93, 175, 

205, 207 

Fryrear, Dave 169 

Fuller, Charles W. . 74, 125, 

139, 213 

Fuller, Ches 93, 154 

Fuller, Ginger Thomas ... 74 
Funk, Russ 106 

Gabehart, Aaron 93 

Gabehart, Jennifer 71 

Gabehart, W. Paul 63 

Gabhart, Leeann 93 

Gaddis, J. Robert . 30, 49, 

121, 148, 150, 164 

Gaddis, John .18, 28, 31, 

84, 130 

Gaddis, Nathan . . 5, 18, 24, 

33, 35, 36, 40, 106 

Galdino, Rodrigo 106 

Gallimore, Damion .... 106 

Gammel, Erica . . 106, 204, 

205, 206 

Garcia, Leticia 106 

Gardner, Amy L 74 

Gardner, James 106 

Gardner, Jennifer S. 75, 


Gardner, Jonathan S. . . 11, 

24, 36, 40, 74 

Gargalaca, Talita . 106, 141 

Garrett, Brian 84, 173 

Garrison, Amy 84 

Garrison, Carolyn A 47 

Garrison, Ivan Ernest ... 75, 
169, 170 
Garrison, Marchetta D. .75 
Garrison, Shane .27, 28, 
31, 93, 132, 140 
Gebrekidan, Daniel D. 75 

Gentz, Barbara 106 

George, Lou Ann 71 

Geralds, Angela L 75, 

146, 158, 159, 210, 221 
Gibbs, Charles . 106, 143 
Gibbs, Etienne A 124, 


Gibson, Alex B 75 

Gibson, John .... 84, 192, 


Gibson, Misty 106 

Giles, Dwight S 63 

Giles, Melissa .... 106, 154 
Givens, Brandon .28, 31, 


Gnagie, Craig 93 

Gnagie, Elisia Watson . 84, 


Goff, Jill 106, 196, 197 

Goff, Russell W 75 

Gonzalez, Chris 192 

Goode, Elizabeth Miller ... 

50, 75 
Goodin, Eddie . . .28, 31, 84 

Gowin, Amanda 106 

Gowin, Sharon L 63 

Graham, Brian 106 

Graham, Jerry T 63 

Grant, Buddy 184 

Grant, Keena P 75 

Grant, Matt 106, 169 

Graves, Eric M 14, 63, 

136, 169 

Graves, Mary L 75, 135 

Gray, Darian . 93, 192, 193 

Gray, Jerry 106, 169 

Green, Angela M. . . 75, 145 

Green, Jason 106, 169 

Green, Timothy 93, 154, 

Greer, Natasha M 75 

Greer, Tara L 41, 75 

Gribbins, Jennifer 106 

Guerra, Ofelio 93 

Gust, Chris . . 85, 169, 170, 


Gutermuth, Todd . . 93, 192 


Hadley, Tina L 75, 149 

Hagan, Laura Ellen 75 

Hager, Dana 71 

Hager, Misty 106 

Hahn, Jim 93, 136 

Hale, Jessica 106 

Hall, Courtney 106, 136 

Hall, Ernest R 63 

Hall, Frank 85 

Hall, Holly 36, 106 

Hall, Julia 85 

Hall, Marissa 106, 181 

Hailigan, Jill 85, 204, 205, 


Hamilton, Michelle B 75 

Hammons, Cynthia 85 

Hammontree, Seth . . . 106, 

Hampton, Blaine . . 106, 169 

Hancock, Ira 85 

Haralson, Larry E 75, 

154, 184, 185 

Harbolt, Aaron 93 

Hardesty, Jim ... 107, 169 
Hardin, Todd .39, 85, 132 

Hardin, William C 75 

Hardy, J. Alvin 58, 64 

Harmon, Lindy 71 

Harmon, Robbie .93, 137 

Hame, Kristal S 75 

Harris, Bill 2D, 43 

Hart, Bobby E 75 

Hart, Robin .85, 129, 145 

Hartman, Andy .85, 154, 

198, 199 

Hash, Donna 85 

Hatchett, Carolyn 71 

Hatfield, Sumer . 6, 32, 36, 
40, 93, 148 
Hawkins, Halona . 107, 117 
Hayden, Jennifer .89, 93, 
173, 196 
Hayden, Robby .... 27, 28, 


Hayes, Adam 85 

Hayes, Amy 31, 107 

Hayes, Chelley 129 

Hayes, Christa A 75 

Hayes, John . 93, 205, 207 

Hayes, Michelle 94 

Hazzard, Brandon 94, 152, 
154, 180, 181 

Hedden, Jesse 94, 173 

Hedrick, Carrie 64 

Hedrick, Charles .64, 125 

Heim, Amy 94, 177 

Henderson, Dafphine 107 

Hendrix, Kristen ... 4, 36, 

107, 178 

Henry, Laticha 85 

Hensley, Brian 70, 107 

Henson, Hope ... 129, 134 

Henson, Tara 94 

Hester, Nicole 107 

Hettinger, Deborah .... 107 

Hicks, Aaron 107 

Hicks, Christina . . 107, 151 

Hicks, Lucinda 107 

Hicks, Sommer 70, 94 

Higdon, Marty J 170 

Higginbotham, Sandra ... 71 

Hill, Corey 107 

Hill, Jay 94 

Hillyer, Sarah 89 

Himes, Bobby R. . 56, 58, 

124, 152 

Hinkle, Tammy . 27, 28, 31 

Hinshaw, Dan ... 85, 131, 

Hinton, Jessica .28, 107 

Hodges, Will 94, 179 

Hoffman, Bryan . ... 85, 89, 


Hogsed, Carl 46 

Holbrook, Brad 169 

Holland, Jason .94,179 

Holland, Will 9, 51, 85, 

136, 137 

Holman, Cory 107, 169 

Holmes, Angela P 75 

Holmes, Angie 107 

Holmes, Ronnie 94 

Holt, Daniel 107 

Holt, Jeremy 107 

Hood, Bradley 107, 136, 


Hook, Ashley 94, 173 

Hoskins, Trade Wright .75 

Hounshell, Charity 27, 28, 

94, 151 

Howard, Dennis 85, 169 

Howard, James L 48 

Howard, Suzy ... 107, 196 

Howell, Susan 56 

Huddleston, William 94 

Huff, Justin 107, 184 

Humes, Melissa 107 

Humphress, Laura Sue 58, 

Hunt, Kristie 107 

Huntsman, Mary 64 

Hurtgen, Melissa . 36, 107, 


Hutchens, Andrea 107 

Hutcherson, Connie . . 107 
Hutchins, Mary 85 


Ingram, Danielle .94, 205 

Irvin, Montrelle 184 

Ishmael, Sharon 85, 136, 


Jeffries, Bronnie 85, 169 

Jeffries, Camille 94 

Jeffries, Julie 85, 187, 

188, 189, 191 
Jeffries, Thomas V 54, 

118, 123 

Jewell, Stacey 107 

Johns, Briana 85 

Johns, Rainey A. 75, 175, 


Johnson, Amie .8, 107, 

127, 136 

Johnson, Annette 94 

Johnson, Carrie . 107, 188, 

Johnson, Jane 107 

Johnson, Jim 94, 173 

Johnson, Joshua 36, 108 

Johnson, R. Leroy .64, 67 

Johnson, Shannon . 27, 28, 


Jones, Jimmy 94, 169 

Jones, Mary L 75, 145 

Jones, Micah . 2A, 108, 169 

Jones, Patricia 71 

Jones, Tracy 108 

Judd, Christy . . .36,40,85 

Judd, Dan 169 

Judd, George 108 

Jude, Steven 94, 136, 

169, 170 


Kaddatz, John 108, 205 

Kalkhof. Tonya . ... 94, 154 

Kapp, Sara 108, 159, 205, 


Kardosh, Marcio 108 

Kassin, Miranda .108,175 

Keck, Eli 126, 154 

Keck, Mandy 94, 174, 175 
Keeling, Robert 108 

Keeney, Mike 94, 173 

Keith, Jason . 94, 142, 160 
Kelley, Sandra 69, 89, 

108, 136 
Kelty, Shannon 27, 28, 30, 
31, 36, 85 
Kemper, L. Beth ... 10, 52 

Kendall, John 108 

Kendrick, Lee . 11, 36, 37, 


Kennedy, Byron 108, 169 

Kenney, Shaun 31, 36, 

Kephart, Jane Clay 76, 81, 


Kessler, Peggy 94 

Kessler, Richard 149 

Kessler, Valerie .10, 52, 


Kibbons, Jerry 57 

Kidd, D. Denise DeBoard 


Kidwell, Betty J 64, 68 

Kidwell, Jason 169 

Kidwell, Jonathan C. 76, 

169, 170 

Kilby, John 108 

Kincade, Tammy .4, 94, 

99, 129, 136 

Kirkpatrick, Leslie 94, 192, 

Kirkwood, Jared 28, 94, 


Kirtley, Jennifer K 76 

Knifley, Chanci 108 

Knifley, Michelle 94 

Knifley, Rebekah 108 

Knight, Brad 85, 169 

Knight, Sarah 34, 108. 


Knott, Ashley 94, 175 

Kponyoh, Stephen 108 

Lander, Jessica . 28, 31, 

38. 108 

Landis, Keisha S 76 

Lane, Chad . .85, 151, 169 
Lane, Jessica . . 90, 95, 175 

Lane, Tammy 95 

Lanning, Anthony 95 

Laugherty, Kevin 108 

Lawson, Adam . . 108, 198 
Lawson, Kenny 108. 194 

Layer, Michelle 85 

Ledington.Chad 108, 169 

Lee, Kelly 95 

Lee, Philip M 45 

Lee, Scott 108, 205 

Lee, Stewart 95 

Leffew, Chuck 108, 169 

LeMonds, Chris 108 

Levee, David J 76, 163 

Lewis, Adam ... 7, 85, 163 
Lilintahl, Mickey 2B, 108. 


Lima, Raphaella 108 

Lindsey, Dustin 108 

Livers, Connie 108 

Lobb, Amaryllis 76 

Locke, Darrell 109 

Lococo, David J. 76, 192. 


Lodge, Tyson J. 76, 147, 

192, 194 

Lofald, Daniel R. .48, 120 

Logsdon, Elizabeth . . . .109 

London, Daniel 109 

Lookadoo, Eric 95, 168, 

Looney, Joe Don 109, 169 
Loss, Ariadne 109, 141 

Lovell, Josh 109, 169 

Lowe, Billy Joe 64 

Loy, Brock 109, 200 

Lucas, Stephanie .95, 196 

Luther, Wes 109, 205 

Lynema, Karen J. 64, 68, 


Lyra, Carlos A 76 

Lyra, Juliana 109 

Lyvers, April 95 




Ma. Lin 109. 154 

NacDonald, Mike 7. 95 

Mach, Christian A 76 

Machines, Heather .... 95, 


Maggard Ciceh 24,56, 

40, 41, 76, 80 

Malonex Mathew J 76, 


Mann. Tonya 145 

Marcum, Angie . 95, 151 
Marcum. Benjamin D. 76, 

Marcum, Christopher J. 76 
Marcum, Karen Wisdom . . . 

Mardis, Eric 


Mardis. Kim 


Mariette, Melissa 


Mariette, Nicole . . 



Marrett. Kenneth 


Martin, Anthony . . 


Martin, Ben 25, 2 



Martin, J. Kenneth 

. 40 



Martin, Nancy . . . 


Martin. Susie 


Mason, Dale 


Mason, Darvl 



Mason, U illiam C. 



Masterson, Theresa 


Matheus, Luciano 


Mathis, Holly 


Matney, Holly 95, 159, 222 
MattingK, Benji . .24, 59, 85 
Mattingly, Scott .... 95. 175 

Mattingh, Shannon 95 

Mattingly, Sharon 109 

Mattocks, Steve 184 

Mauk, Debbie M 76 

May, Patty 54, 86 

Maves. Nathan ... 95. 169, 

Mays, John 95, 198 

Mays. Tim . . 109, 169, 171 
McBryar, Tracey 109 

McCarty, Seth 


McComas, Tonia . 

. 28, 51, 


McCoy, Matt 


McCoy, Phillip 


McCoy, Wilbem L. 


McCreary, Emil> 


McCubbin, Barry . 

109, 179 

McCubbin, Kimberl) 


McCubbins, Qena 


McCullough, David M. 28, 


McCurry, Leslie . . 

. . 4, 109 

McCurry, Nathan 

95, 169 

McDowell, Patty . . 


McDowell, Ryan . . 

86, 166, 

178, 179 

McFarlin, Jessica 

. 7, 28, 


109, 145 

McQill, Dan 95, 

156, 162, 


McGill, Jon 86, 

156, 169 

McQuire, Jeremy A. 

... 76, 


169, 170 

Mclntyre, Tammy L. 


McKinney, Joan C. 

... 64, 

122, 146, 

159, 221 

McKinney, Stan 

. 52, 53, 


146, 158 

McMahan, Deborah A. 76, 


McMahon, Ginger 


McManaway, Delana 



Mc.Mulkin, Shaun 

. 86, 175 

McQuaide, Glenn 

54, 124, 


McQueary, Beverly S. 76, 


McQueary. Paul 


Meadows, Allison 


Medley, Beth 


Medley, Kelly 


Medley, Mark 

... 125 

Meers, Brian 


Melvin, Guy 95, 

119, 128, 


Metzmeier, Clara L. 


Milbum, CaroKn 56, 5/, 

86, 142 

Milbum, Jason A. . . 76. 192 

Milby, Laura 86. 151 

Milby, Phyllis 110 

Milby, Stacy 110 

Miles Uil 205 

Miller, Billy J 76 

Miller, FredL 64 

Miller, Janet L 54 

Miller, Matt 53. 70, 95 

Miller, Rebecca 110 

Mills, Neil . . . 2A, 27, 28, 31, 
70, 110 

Mills, Ronna M 76 

Mills, Stephanie .95, 180, 

Mings, Beverly 144 

Mitchell, Justin ... 40, 41, 


Mobley, Russ 50, 58, 121, 


Moldoveanu. Roxana 95 

Money, Missy 86 

Montgomery, Johnna "J.J." 

76, 120 

Montgomery, Sarah . 28. 

51. 86, 150 

Moore, Bonnie A. 25, 56, 

40, 41, 76, 151, 155, 145, 

150. 152 

Moore, James W. 56, 50, 


Moore, Nelson . ... 65, 182, 


Moore. Nevalyn P. 13. 36, 

41, 50 

Moran, Marcie 110 

Moreira, Barbara 110 

Moreira, Fabio 110 

Morgan, Christopher G 

76.81, 128, 136. 169, 
170, 171 

Morgan, Jennifer 95 

Morgeson, Annie 86 

Morgeson, Tammy . . . .110 

Morris, Ann M 76 

Morris, Chris . 86, 164, 192 

Morris, Frankie 110 

Morris, Jason . . 110, 152, 

Morris. Stephen R 65 

Morris, Sylvia L 65 

Morrison, Lydia C 76 

Moss, Katie 151 

Mott, Regan L 76 

Mueller, Jessica 28, 31, 

110, 131 

Mulhall, Landon 86 

Mulhall, Lyndsay .36, 95, 

129. 130 

Mullis, Bryson .110, 169 

Muniz, Chavi ... .6, 95, 179 

Murphy, Amy 110 

Murphy, Angie 71 

Musselwhite, Jessica 70, 


Myers, Jered M. 77, 182, 


Myers, Travis 110 





Nalley, Penny 95 

Nallia, Sabrina 65, 157 

Nascimento, Fernando 


Nation, Lori A. 2A, 28, 77, 

149, 152 

Neal, John 50, 77 

Neal, Michael 110 

Neal. William R. 52. 144 

Neat, Leigh 211 

Necessary, Christopher S. 

77, 81, 172, 175 

Necessary, Jeffrey 110 

Neil, Michael 28 

Nelson, Debbie 110 

Nettey-Marbell, Joseph 

Neumeister, D'ann ... 95, 


Newcomb, Angela 12,28, 

31,38, 110 

Newman, Greg 

110, 192, 


Newton, Connie 

. . 86, 145 

Newton, Zandell D 



Nogueira, Katia B. 

. . 28, 77, 


Nunes, Juliana 

. 110, 141 

Nunes, Marcus 

. 110, 141 

Nunes, Roberto . 

. 110, 221 

Nunn, Heather . . 

. 110, 196 



O Banion, Cindy . . 142, 211 

O Brien, Robert 110 

O Daniel, Dana . 110, 159, 
205, 222 

O Daniel, Tiffany Ill 

O Leary, Sheri 12, 96, 

150, 156, 140, 178 

Okada, Seiko 56, 86 

Olive, Don H 54, 55 

Oliveira, Jackelyny .... 36, 

111, 141 

Ortolani, Ricardo 111, 141 

Osboume, James 86 

Osboume, Matt Ill 

Ottoni, Marcus Ill 

Overfelt. Kerry J. 77, 169 

Ovesen, Dawn Ill 

Owen, James . 27, 28, 31, 
86, 139 

Owen, Tracy Ill 

Owens, Rebecca L 77 

Owens, Valerie L. 2A, 6, 

12, 13, 28, 30, 77, 129, 


Padgett, Shannon S 77 

Page, Jenny . ... 8, 86, 136, 


Page, Wesley 96, 179 

Parish, Todd Ill 

Parker, Barbara 41, 96 

Parker, Brent 96 

Parker, Maria C. 77, 142 

Parrish, Alex . .96, 141, 14f 

Parrott, Larry Ill 

Parson, Vanda J 77 

Partlow, Catherine .23, 96 

Patton, Heath 96 

Pausen, Valeria 111, 141 

Pavy, Ed 9, 65, 138 

Payton, Stacia .36, 111, 


Pelletier, Cara . . . 7, 28, 31, 

40, 111 

Penick, Tiffany Ill 

Penick, Tonya A 65 

Penix, La'Toria 96 

Pennington. Phillip D. 77 

Pennington, Tabitha 111 

Pensinger, Ashley . 96, 169 
Pereira. Peterson . Ill, 141 

Pereira, Thiago Ill 

Perkins, Allison 96 

Perkins, Lisa Ill 

Perreira, Geiordane . . . Ill, 

Perry, Kelly . . 70, 111, 156, 


Phelps, Josh 96 

Phillips, Damian 36, 70, 


Phillips, Jeffrey T 77 

Pickerell, Beth Ill 

Pickerill, Lynette 96, 131, 
136, 154, 160 

Pickett, Ashley 96 

Pickett, Chris 86 

Pickett, Travis . . . , 111, 169 

Pierce, David S 65 

Pierce, Donna L. 65, 181 

Pike, Jennifer 86 

Pinkston, Jennifer 24, 96, 


Pirouz, Donna K. . . . 53, 122 

Pochodzay. Sharla M. . 11, 

23, 36, 40, 41, 72, 77, 80, 

131, 148 

Pollock, Jennifer Ill 

Polston, Heather Ill 

Poore, Clint D. . . 2, 77, 180, 


Poore. Ryan .28, 31, 111 

Pope, Fay 126 

Porter, Michelle 77 

Porter, Jody Ill 

Posey, Danielle . 27, 28, 41, 

Potter, Sam Ill, 154 

Powell, James A 77 

Powers, Robert 86 

Powers, Ryan 96, 169 

Pratt, Mike 28, 51, 86, 

128, 137, 151, 156 
Price, Darrin . 96, 154, 155 
Price, Ross P. . 2A, 65, 224 

Price, Shawn 96 

Price, Tori Fox ... 27, 28, 96 

Prichard, Jared 31 

Prince, Denise 65 

Proctor, April . 12, 111, 134 
Propes, Kevin . . 26, 27, 28, 
30, 31, 86, 150 
Pruitt, Connie J. . 15, 28, 
31, 77 
Purdue, Rebecca 36 


Quarles, Anne .7, 27, 28, 

29, 31, 86, 150 

Quinn. Christopher R. .77 


Radford, Jason 86, 140, 

169, 170 

Rafferty, Ron 48 

Raganas, John 65 

Rainwater, Regina 96 

Ramey, Jeremy . . . Ill, 169 

Rangel, Flavia Ill 

Rangel, Vitor Ill 

Ratiu, Bogdan .... 96, 143, 

200, 201 

Redmon. Samantha . . 112 

Reeder, Tera 96 

Renfro, Jaime 96, 131 

Renn, David 112 

Rennirt, Carrie 96 

Rexroat, Boyd W. . 27, 28, 

Reynolds, McCall 112 

Reynolds, Mike . . 164, 192 

Reynolds, Olivia M 77, 


Rice, Brittany Nicole R. . 36, 

40, 77 

Rice, Tiffany 112 

Richardson, Dawn M. . . . 12, 

28, 31, 77, 137, 212 

Richardson, Jessica . . 112 

Richardson, Lori 112 

Richels, Dave 86, 173 

Richerson, Crystal 112 

Richerson, Jason K 77 

Richerson, Valerie 112 

Riley, Constance L 66 

Riley, Jeff 86, 169 

Rinehold, Naomi . . 14, 100, 
112. 143, 152 
Riner, Corrie .... 100, 112, 
156, 203 
Riner, Haywood B. . 66, 169 
Ripberger, Nikki .... 96, 196 

Risch, Tamara 28 

Roach, Jim . . 54, 123, 124, 

Roark, Larry 112 

Roark, Samantha 151 

Robbins, Gary 96 

Roberts, Erica .28, 31, 96 
Roberts, Jill C 45,126 

Roberts, M. Wesley . 38, 50, 


Robinson, Holly . ... 23, 72, 

86, 151, 156, 154 

Rocha, Andy .... 112, 159, 


Rocha, Elder 112 

Rocha, Luciane 112 

Rockhold, Susanna ....112 
Rocon, Edgar A. . 112, 141 
Roddy, Vernon E. . 46, 120 

Rodgers, Danny J 66 

Rogers, Anna 112 

Rogers, Matthew .5, 112 

Rogers, Milton A 55 

Rogers, Timothy E 77, 

Roman, Michelle . . 112, 205 

Roney, Dana 112 

Rose, Jerad B 77, 81 

Rouse, Patricia 71 

Rubis, KimberlyA 66 

Rucker, Andy 112, 184 

Rucker, Arletia 112 

Russell, Adam 112 

Russell, Jenny 96 

Rust, Joy .... 6, 28, 51, 36, 

40, 96, 141 

Ryles, Angie 86, 129, 131, 

139, 175 

Samas, Josh 87, 192 

Sandefur, Heather 87, 

140, 196 

Sanders, Beauford W. . . 66, 

176, 177, 194 

Sanders, Chris ... 112, 140, 


Sandidge, Carl 112 

Santanna, Gleidson . . . 112, 


Santos, Fabio 141 

Sapp, Stacey 211 

Sapp, Tamara 87 

Sartin, Tonya ... 27, 28, 96, 

Scheibert, Matt . . . 112, 169 
Scheirmann, Lindsey 112 

Scherer, Shaun 112 

Schmitt, Brian 96 

Schuhmann, Jeffrey .... 97, 
118, 152, 154 

Scott, Caroline 112 

Scott, Cheryl 97 

Scott, Natasha 23, 31, 36, 

37, 40, 41, 87, 150 

Scott, Rebecca J. 27, 28, 

31, 97, 131, 151 

Scott, Tom .27, 28, 115, 


Search, Mandy . . . 113, 177 

Searcy, Brennen H. . 24, 36, 

40, 41, 77, 81, 125, 128, 


Sears, Billy 113 

Sears, Lisabeth 113 

Servis, Bridget 113 

Sewell, Allison N. . . . 36, 40, 
41, 77, 148 

Sharpe, Jenny 97 

Shely, Ginger .... 4, 28, 30, 

31, 34, 35, 90, 97, 139, 

151, 154 

Shengjergi, Omela 97 

Shewmaker, April 151 

Shields, Amy 113, 131 

Shires, V. Jeff 10, 53 

Shive, Otha J 77 

Shoemaker, Jennifer D 

72, 77, 129 

Shofmer, Tiffany 97 

Short, Lori . . . 2B, 113, 159, 

Shoulders, Brock . 97, 162, 

Showen, Kris 19, 87 


Shuffett, William 

. 113, 169 


Sidwell, Brandon 

. . 97, 169 

Silva, Alecksey 

. 113, 141 

Silva, Alinne . . 36, 113, 141 

Silva, Emerson 

. 113, 141 

Simmons, Kristen 

. 87, 136, 


Simpson, C.J. . . 

. . 78, 137 


Simpson, Ricky . 

7, 28, 31, 


Simpson, Royce Q 

.... 57, 


Simpson, Stacy L. 


Simpson, Stephen 


Sims, Anita L. . . 


Sims, Stephen . 

. . .36,87 

Singleton, Steven 

. . 36, 113 

Skaggs, Denise . 


Skaggs, Paula . . 

. . 97, 145 

Skaggs, Phyllis . 


Skupinski, Sabrina 

.... 70, 


Slack, Heather Sue 

.... 78, 

132, 141, 143, 144, 212 

Slinker, Israel . . 

. 113, 169 

Smith, Christopher 

L. ... 78 

Smith, Clay .... 36, 40, 113 

Smith, Debbie . . 


Smith, Heather . 

27, 28, 97, 


Smith, Jason . . 87, 192, 195 

Smith, Jeanne M. 

. 78, 151 

Smith, Jeffrey . . 

. . 87, 184 

Smith, Jennifer A. 

. . 39, 97, 

144, 181 

Smith, Jennifer L. 

. . 23, 50, 


Smith, LaTonya 


Smith, Leslie . . . 


Smith, Lewanda 


Smith, Marcia . . 

175, 196, 


Smith, Steven C. 

. . 2D, 27, 

28, 31, 40, 41, 78, 150, 


Snow, Anita .... 8, 113, 117 

Son, April 


Southard, Stephanie M 

78, 134, 149 

Souza, Patricia 

. .36, 113 

Souza, Wilselena 

. 113, 141 

Spalding, Charles 


Sparks, Jenny . . 

. 97, 154, 


Spencer, Tammy 


Sprowles, Beth 


Sprowles, Eric . . 


Sprowles, Victoria R 66 

Squires, Stacy . . 

113, 188, 


Stafford, Melissa 


Stafford, Robert 


Stafford, Sarah J. 

. . 53, 122 

Stagg, Shannon . 

. . 97, 175 

Stallings, Chris . 


Stanbery, Bonnie 


Stanford, Jeremy 


Stanford, Lindsay 

. . 97, 151 

Stansbury, Joan C 

.... 66, 


Stansbury, Vic . . 


Starr, Sebrina . . 


Stayton, Carol . . 

. . 97, 151 

Stearman, Jennie 


Steams, Heather 

. . 28, 31, 

97, 137 

Stephens, Angela 

. . 36, 97, 


Stephens, Seth . 

. . 97, 169 

Stephens, Shawn 5 


169, 170 

Stevens, Shawn . 

. 87, 130, 

154, 155 

Stewart, Deana T. 

... 7, 72, 


Stickle, Jody . . . 

28, 31, 97, 

129, 136 

Stiles, Sonja . . 


Stokes, Libby . . 


Stone, Kim .... 


Stooksbury, Christal L. . 30, 


Stotts, Cheryl . . 


Stouffer, Bill ... 

. 114, 169 

Stout, Jimmy . . 

114, 192, 


Strange, Jim . . . 

. .97,169 

Street, Jim 114 

Street, Mary E 66 

Street, Robert 55 

Stringer, Michael ... 87, 184 

Struwe, Jessica 87 

Sublett, Peggy 71 

Suchman, Jeremy M 8, 

78, 131, 135 

Sullivan, Farrah .97, 186, 

188, 189, 190 

Sullivan, Phillip W. . . 78, 169 

Suratt, Billy . . 97, 146, 158, 

159, 222 

Suratt, Steven H 66 

Sutton, E. Kay 55, 149 

Swan, Melissa 87 

Swift, Kris 97, 173 

Swisher, Jonathon . . . 114, 

Tabor, Maria 97 

Talley, Jennifer L. . 78, 131, 


Talley, Sara .... 27, 28, 87, 

129, 131, 149 

Talley, Susan 114 

Tanner, Tasha . . . 136, 176, 


Tapscott, Lisa K 6, 36, 

78, 134, 151 

Tassell, Amy 97 

Taylor, Amanda 36, 97 

Taylor, Ashley . . . 100, 114, 


Taylor, Brad 114 

Taylor, Q. Ted 20, 51, 

198, 213 

Taylor, Jack Daniel . . . . 2B, 

114, 137, 159, 222 

Taylor, Jeanne . . 7, 19, 28, 

31, 36, 114 

Taylor, Kathy A. ... 78, 145 

Taylor, Lynn 2C, 169 

Taylor, Michelle 97 

Taylor, Ryan 114 

Taylor, William 98 

Teague, Bethany 98 

Teater, Jenny .87, 187, 
188, 190, 202, 203 
Telgenhof, Jon . ... 98, 205 
Tenner, Cedrick ... 87, 184 
Tenpenny, Tessa . . 114, 188 

Terry, DeAnna 114 

Tesseneer, Laura . . . 60, 66 

Tesseneer, Ralph A. ... 44, 


Tharp, Kelly 114 

Thatcher, Deborah 98 

Thatcher, Winfield S 78 

Thomas, Christine M. . . 78, 

159, 186, 188, 190, 191, 

211, 222 

Thomas, Demond T. . . . 78, 


Thomas, Karen 98 

Thomas, Lisa 87, 145 

Thomas, Mike 169 

Thomas, Rhonda 114 

Thompson, Bobby .... 128, 

169, 198 

Thompson, Brent T. ... 78, 

128, 169, 170 

Thompson, Jason 98 

Thompson, Jay 192 

Thompson, Jonathan . 114, 

152, 169 

Thomsberry, Jason .... 169 

Thurman, Chris ... .98, 173 

Tilsley, Chris 98, 131 

Tincher, Christopher E. .78 

Tindall, Amy 114, 139 

Tinnell, Jennifer 148 

Tomes, Brooke .... 27, 28, 


Tomes, Rachel 114 

Torres, Mike 87, 192 

Tracy, Kelly 98 

Treis, Billy 114, 169 

Troutman, Billy . . . 114, 169 

Tubbs, Wynne 114 

Tucker, Cindy 31, 114 

Turco, Priscilla 114 

Turner, Bethany 98 

Turner, Tasha 114 

Tumey, Bonnie 114 

Turpin, Brian 169, 170 


Underwood, Christopher B. 


Underwood, Mandy 98 

Underwood, Rita 115 

Underwood, Robin 71 


VanCleave, Robby .... 115, 

Vanhook, Marshal .... 115, 

VanHoose, Kenneth . . 115, 


Vaughan, Jennifer E 78 

Vaughn, Amy . . 98, 180, 181 

Vaughn, Patricia B 66 

Veatch, Travis 115 

Villaraza, Jerome 115 

Vitalis, Christina 87 

Vitoria, Marcelo ... 31, 115, 

Vogt, T.J 98 


Wakefield, Mark W 78 

Waldon, Tyrone . . . 115, 169 

Walker, Amy 115, 136 

Walker, Sabrina Anderson 


Wallace, Samuel 115 

Walston, Shawn R 78 

Walters, David L. . . 4, 5, 67, 

Walters, nancy L 67 

Wamsley, William L. ... 72, 

78, 137 

Ward, Brendan . . 115, 207 

Ward, Kim ... 2A, 7, 27, 28, 

29, 31, 115, 143 

Ward, Mike 7, 51, 98 

Wamer, Stacy 115 

Warren, Brandon .27, 28, 

31, 36, 82, 87, 141 

Warren, Johnny .... 15, 27, 

28, 31, 82, 87, 150 

Wasson, Joe 115 

Waters, Tonya 115 

Wathen, Shannon 98, 187, 

188, 189, 190 

Watson, Jacki Lynn .... 98, 

129, 130, 134 

Watson, Sheri 115 

Watson, Tonia 115 

Watson, Tonya 87 

Watts, Jama L 78, 80, 

131, 135, 152, 209, 210 
Webster, Jamie .... 98, 169 

Weddle, Gordon K 55, 

123, 149 

Weddle, Leanne .98, 145, 


Weilmuenster, Melanie 98, 

136, 177 

Weinrich, Jason . . 115, 169 

Wells, Johnny 115 

Wells, Nicole ... 24, 36, 40, 
115, 136 

Westwood, Jimmy 87, 

128, 164 

Wheatley, Chad 115 

Wheatley, Eric M. . . . 15, 28, 

31, 78, 145 

Wheeler, Shana . . 115, 136, 


White, HarlieT 55 

Whited, Jason R. . . . 78, 211 
Whitley, Abbie ... 115, 175 
Whitley, Annie . 115, 136, 


Whitlock, Brian K. 79, 128, 

149, 169, 170 

Whitlock, Jeff 115, 169 

Whitmer, Kenton 98, 200 

Whitmore, Jessica 88, 


Whitt, Marc C 67, 159 

Whitted, Anthony . 115, 169 

Whitworth, Jared 115, 

184, 185 

Wickliffe, Sam 169 

Wigglesworth, Brian . . 115, 


Wilcher. Scott 115, 136 

Wilcoxson, Jason 88 

Wilhoit, Brad 115 

Wilkens, Monica 88 

Wilkerson, Dawn 116 

Wilkerson, Micky .70, 177 
Wilkins, Monica ... .21, 154 

Willett, Travis 116, 169 

Willhite, Laura 67, 129 

Williams, Chris 33 

Williams, Corey P 79 

Williams, Jameson . 2B, 11, 
27, 28, 31, 40, 88, 128, 

Williams, Jenny 116, 203 

Williams, Kelly J 116, 

136, 175 
Williams, Mary C. . 22, 79, 

Williams, Shawn . . 116, 169 
Willis, Stacey . . .40, 98, 150 

Wills, Adam 116 

Wilson, Andrew 2B, 67, 90 

Wilson, Chad 169 

Wilson, Connie P 67 

Wilson, Elmore A. "Bucky" 

27, 28, 31, 79 

Wilson, Heather L. . 22, 23, 

98, 142, 160 

Wilson, Heather M 98 

Wilson, Michael 98 

Wilson, Sarah G. 27, 28, 

29, 31, 38, 79 

Wilson, Suzanne 116 

Wineriter, Hate ... 98, 205 

Winters, Kenneth W. . 2C, 9, 

11, 13, 42, 44, 80, 208, 


Winters, Shirley 42 

Wise, Bobby 88, 136, 192 

Wise, Donna H 208 

Wise, Gail 98, 129 

Wise, George Maxwell . . 79, 
130, 220 

Wise, Susan 116 

Wiseman, Herb 169 

Witherspoon, Joe 27, 28, 


Wood, Tonya 116 

Woodell, Stephen 79, 152 

Woods, Russell 116 

Wright, Chris . 98, 116, 169 

Wright, Gloria G 67 

Wright, Holly 98 

Wright, Kimberly D 28, 

79, 150 
Wright, Susan 98, 141, 

Wyatt, Melissa A. ... 41, 79, 



Ximenes, Heidy K. 41, 79, 
Ximenes, Vanedson Dos S. 

79, 175 

Yancy, Jennifer 

Yates, Jennifer 27, 28 

Yates, Stacie 98 

Yoder, Sam-e . . 4, 5, 116, 
117, 136, 159, 222 

Young, Kari 88 

Young, Sharon 99 

Yount, Rusty 88, 136 

Zerjavic, Vladimir ... 200, 


Zhu, S. Pamela .48, 120 

Zimheld, Mindy .99, 177 



Mr. and Ms. Campbellsville 

George Maxwell Wise 
was chosen as Mr. 
Campbellsville Univer- 
sity at Honors and 
Awards Day April 30. 
Both Valerie Leigh Owens and 
Shelly R. Barnes received the 
honors of Ms. Campbellsville. 
Each of the three was presented 
a plaque by President Kenneth 
W. Winters. 

Wise said he was "shocked 

and honored at the same time." 

Wise, of Campbellsville, also 

received the Alumni Association 

Leadership Award and gradua- 




"^^1 w^^ 

Photo by Billy Suratt 
Valerie Owens, center, and Shelly Bar- 
nes, right, receive plaques from Dr. 
Kenneth W. Winters at the Honors and 
Awards Convocation. Owens and Bar- 
nes tied for the honor of Ms. Camp- 

Photo by Billy Suratt 
Above, Max Wise, right, receives the 
honor of Mr. Campbellsville from Dr. 
Kenneth W. Winters. At right, Valerie 
Owens, left, Max Wise, center, and 
Shelly Barnes were honored as Mr. and 
Ms. Campbellsville University. 

220 Mr. and Ms. Campbellsville 

ted cum laude with a degree in 
political science and history. 
During his four years at Camp- 
bellsville, Wise has been a Stu- 
dent Ambassador and an assis- 
tant coach for the Lady Tiger 
Basketball Team. 

Owens of Lebanon Junction 
Ky., received the Alumni Associ- 
ation Talent Award and gradua- 
ted magna cum laude. On cam- 
pus, Owens has been involved in 
Chorale and the Handbell Choir 
as well as the marching, jazz, 
concert and symphonic bands. 
She has been a Homecoming 

candidate four years in a row 
and was the 1996 Homecomind 

"I was surprised, honored and 
humbled to receive the award," 
said Owens. 

Barnes of Liberty, Ky., gradual 
ted cum laude. While at Camp J 
bellsville, Barnes has been in 
volved in Student Foundation, 
Baptist Student Union and was 
the 1994 Homecoming queen 

Barnes said she was "honored 
to receive such an award fromi 
Campbellsville (University)." 

mSara Kapp\ 


Photo by George Allen 

Maple Trail: coming of age' 

Rebecca A. Colvin 
Joan C. McKinney 


Samantha Redmon (fall) 

Lori Short (spring) 

Sports Writers 

Aimee Bolin 

Angela L. Geralds 

Kenny Lawson 

Christi Thomas 

News Writers 

Beth Foster 

Sara Kapp 

Dana O'Daniel 

Tonya Sartin 


George Allen 

Wesley Bezuidenhout 

Troy Costisick 

Danny Pantoja 

Billy Suratt 

Jack Daniel Taylor 

Samuel Yoder 

Office Assistants 

Holly Matney 

Roberto Nunes 

Jane Pace 

Andy Rocha 

Photo by Joan C. McKinney 
Sports writer Angie Geralds sleeps on the Office of Public Relations and Marketing 
floor during a long night working on the yearbook. 


L * ■ - 



Photo by Joan C. McKinney Photo by Billy Suratt 

Photographer George Allen models his Yearbook adviser Joan McKiflney looks 
101 Dalmation ears for the office. at instructions for the new computers. 

Photo by Joan C. McKinney 

Mews writer Beth Foster tries on her 
cap for graduation. Foster, along with 
sports writer Angie Geralds, graduated 
in May. 

Photo by Joan C. McKinney 
Surrounded by papers, office assistant Roberto Munes tries to organize Maple Trail | 
the office. 


Photo by Billy Suratt 
Jack Daniel Taylor, a photographer for 
the yearbook, serves at the BSU Dinner 
Theater. Taylor began working on the 
yearbook in January. 

Photo by George Allen 
Office assistant Holly Matney helps 
identify and categorize pictures for the 

Photo by Angela L. Geralds 
Photographers Billy Suratt and Samuel Yoder try synchronized photography. 

Photo by Joan C. McKinney 

Mews writer Sara Kapp practices her 
modeling skills. 

Photo by George Allen 
Sports writer Christi Thomas works on 
a release. Thomas graduated in May. 

Photo by Billy Suratt 
Yearbook adviser Rebecca Colvin takes 
a photograph at Homecoming for the 
Maple Trail booth. 

Photo by George Allen 
news writer Dana O' Daniel goofs off 
while she writes notes for the Office of 
Public Relations and Marketing. 

Photo by Joan C. McKinney 
Tonya Sartin tries on the 101 Dalma- 
tions' ears while working on late dead- 


222 Maple Trail 

A note from the editor 

To the faculty, staff and students 
of Campbellsville University: 

We have reached the end of our first year as a university, and the 
changes that have been brought about are amazing. The campus has 
been moving and changing so fast that it has been hard to keep up 
with everything that is going on, but the yearbook staff and I have 
tried to capture Campbellsville University's "coming of age " for you. 

This past year has been a difficult one for the staff. We've had to 
deal with staff changes from semester to semester and the difficulty 
of training new people. Deadlines and long nights working on year- 
book pages have been something each of us have had to deal with. I 
know that I have put a lot of time and effort into this book as has all 
\the staff. 

I thank each and every one of them who have worked hard to 
| complete the book. I especially want to thank our yearbook advisers, 
Joan McKinney and Rebecca Colvin, for putting up with us when we 
missed deadlines or didn 't do our pages right. They have been a 
great help to all of us. 

I can truly say that the responsibility I accepted when I became 
editor has made me grow up a little, and 1 am very grateful for the 

Well, our work is done. We've put a lot into this book and are very 
proud to give it to you. I truly hope you enjoy our history of 
Campbellsville University's first year. And I hope that in a few years 
you will be able to look back and say that Campbellsville has 
continued to grow and to change and to "come of age. " 




Photo by George Allen 

Lori Short became editor of the year- 
book in January of 1997. 

Lori Short 

Maple Trail 


n~1 he 1997 Mapte Trail is 

m published by Taylor 
m Publishing Company in 
M, Dallas, Texas. One 
thousand and fifty cop- 
ies of the Maple Trail, volume 69, 
were published. The 9 x 12-inch 
book contains 224 pages and 
four tip-in color pages. 

The cover is a quarterbound, 
using maroon lexitone material 
and a green lexitone material. 
The maroon portion includes a 
Cordova grain. The school seal, 
the first as Campbellsville Uni- 
versity, is blind embossed and 
the title, theme and spine are in 
silver foil. The endsheets are 
gray parchment with an em- 
bossed yeardate. 


Body copy is 10-point Mou- 
veau font; captions are 10-point 
Mouveau font; photo credits are 
eight point. Headlines are Mou- 
veau Bold in 30 point except for 
dividers and other special pages 
that are designed for larger 
point. The publication was sub- 
mitted to Taylor Publishing Com- 
pany on disks using Taylor's Ul- 
traVision software. 

Photographs were submitted 
by the photographers in the Of- 
fice of Public Relations and Mark- 
eting, the "Central Kentucky 
Mews-Journal" staff, as well as 
faculty, staff and students from 
Campbellsville University. Class 
portraits were taken by Delmar 
Studios, Bardstown, Ky. 


Photo by Billy Suratt 
Safety officer Ross Price waves to graduates as he works commencement. Price 
and Rick Benningfield, coordinator of campus security, work to keep the campus 


The staff of the Maple Trail i 
composed of two students, a, 
editor and photographer, wh 
are given performance grants fc 
their work. The other writers 
photographers and office assii 
tants are work-study students 
interns and volunteers who wor 
out of the Office of Public Rele 
tions and Marketing. 

Student classifications wer 
determined by records from th 
Office of Student Records. Th 
Office of Computer Services pre 
vided assistance with networ 

We thank the Taylor softwar 
support center in Dallas for help 
ing us throughout the year witl 
our questions and problems an< 
to Jerry Steely, our custome 
service representative at Taylor 
we appreciate their help. 

We would like to also than! 
Sonic and the Campbellsville 
Fire Department for allowing us 
to use their facilities for staff pho 
tographs. Thanks to Jackie Ak 
ridge of Taylor County Higr 
School for helping with comput 
er assistance. 

The Maple Trail is free to al 
full-time undergraduate anc 
graduate students. We appreci 
ate Campbellsville University's ft 
nancial commitment allowing us 
to offer this memory book free tc 
the students. 

Hugh Black, our yearbook rep 
resentative and friend, is always 
available for guidance and sup 
port. We appreciate his hostinc 
of the Taylor Publishing Compa 
ny Yearbook Seminar on cam 
pus each year. Black and his 
wife, Carol, of Louisville, Ky., are 
special people, and we considei 
them part of our Maple Trail staff